5 Best Aircond Service in Shah Alam

Searching for Aircon Service Near Me?

Finding the right contractor that can help you with your needs is difficult. We spent hours to scan through the 5 best aircon service providers to save your time.

All of our recommendations have gone through the detail checks on their service ratings, reputation, reviews, coverage area, price and customer satisfaction.

The article will also highlight the important things to consider when picking the right aircon service provider and the type of services. Lastly, it is essential to understand why you should service your air conditioner regularly.

Let's start with the top 5 aircon service contractors in Shah Alam now.

1. USG Proservice Sdn Bhd

USG Proservice Sdn Bhd provides one-stop air conditioner service including installation, repair and services in Shah Alam. They also provide electrical wiring and CCTV installation. With more than 900 positive reviews, they are highly recommended. Contact them here. 

Total Reviews: 950++

Ratings: 4.6/5  

Top Reviews:


Vendor worked proficiently despite delays from the management on access restrictions.


Fast respond from vendor. He respond almost instantly. Arrive in front of my doorstep exactly the time that we agreed on, punctual. Friendly technician and the work is very clean.Recommended vendor and will repeat! Thank you!


They offer a wide range of home and commercial aircon repair services. CNG different from the other vendor by providing a low price and at the best quality! They also receive more than 800 positive reviews. Find out more here.

Total Reviews: 800++

Ratings: 4.8/5  

Top Reviews:

Chi Khay

The service provided was excellent. It has been more than a month and my AC is still working like a dream. The manager actually made sure his staff was doing their job. I'm definitely recommending this to my friends.


Fantastic service, went above and beyond to get the job done. Really thorough work. Satisfied!


They provide a range of standard servicing, installation, chemical cleaning services, aircon gas top-ups for both non-inverter or inverter air-conditioners since 2013. Their technicians are well trained and experience to ensure always provide reliable aircon services.

Total Reviews: 450++

Ratings: 4.9/5  

Top Reviews:

Nazmico Chong

The best experience on aircond servicing! Immediate response & confirmation on time & date! Servicing guy was professional, quick, polite, friendly & can communicate nicely with u! 5 stars for u! Good job!!


Excellent service, clean and very professional.


They specialise in aircon servicing, installation and repair and around Klang Valley. The lead technician has more than 5 years of experiences. Although the number of reviews is not high, most of the reviews show that they do an excellent job at an affordable price.

Total Reviews: 90++

Ratings: 4.9/5  

Top Reviews:


Raj and his team did a clean&neat job! Within 45mins, my AC has been revitalised, just like new! Love it 😍


Very good, punctual, very friendly and accomodating. Pleasant experience throughout the service. Thumbs up guys!

5. VKL Service

VKL has more than 10 years of experience in servicing various type of aircon brand, including Daikin, Midea, Ascon, etc. Their technicians also obtain NVQ level 4 certificates in air conditioner repair, cleaning and installation. They also attended the CIDB course at Miraj Academy in Shah Alam. With 150+ positive reviews, VKL is selected to be the top 5 aircon company in this area.

Total Reviews: 150++

Ratings: 5/5  

Top Reviews:


This is highly recommended vendor. I've just done an aircond repairing works. They've explained every single detail to me before they started the work and recording video to me even though I wasn't there. This is what consumer wants. Feel secure & not being cheated. The price is reasonable too.

Keng Aik

Well done. Nicely services and make my aircond works like brand new.

Typical Air Conditioning Service in Shah Alam

There are several types of commonly-requested air conditioning services across Shah Alam

AC Routine Servicing & Maintenance

A standard type of air conditioning cleaning is often sought in Shah Alam as a way to keep units running at full strength. Cleaning of this sort typically encompasses work on the fan coil, the air filter, and the blower, and is done with a vacuum tool. The process is quick and uncomplicated and keeps heavily-used air conditioners running well.

Repair and Troubleshooting

If a unit sees a loss on compressor function, a water leak develops, the air is not being cooled, or a fan starts making noise, and air conditioning repair service can come and offer prompt assistance.

AC Chemical Washing

This is a process in which the fan coil and electronic control panels are disengaged so that those elements can be addressed with a unique chemical solution. This provides sanitisation and boosts cold air production.

Gas Check

If air conditioning gas is running low, the unit's performance will begin to decline. An air conditioning professional can come to take a look and provide additional fuel if needed.

Installation Services

When a new air conditioning unit is ready for installation, a professional contractor is prepared to help. Having a skilled technician perform this job is critical to optimal functioning and efficiency of the unit.

5 Tips for Finding The Best Aircon Service Company in Shah Alam

If you want to save time and money, you need to use the best aircon service company in Shah Alam. You also want to think about comfort, because things get really uncomfortable at home when the temperatures cannot be controlled.

Yes, finding the right aircon service in Shah Alam does take a bit of effort. But it is definitely worth it. And to make things a little easier, use the following 5 tips on finding the best aircon service that Shah Alam has to offer.

1. Get Specific About Services

Different aircon companies are going to provide different services. Hence the reason for doing some research beforehand. For instance, do you want to take a proactive approach and maintain the good condition of your aircon system? Or do you need a new one installed? Always take a moment to consider what services the company is offering and if they specialise in it. Then make a comparison and shortlist the companies that stand out.

2. Look At The Level Of Experience

Finding aircon companies in Shah Alam will not be a challenging task. But take note that some companies still have to make a name for themselves. And without much experience, you never know what you are going to get from these specific companies. This is why you might want to go with an aircon service that has been around for some time. Then you can ensure the service you receive is top-quality every time.

3. Get A Few Recommendations

Another great way to track down the best aircon service company in Shah Alam is by talking to friends, family, and co-workers. The fact is many homes feature at least one aircon, which means you are bound to find people who can provide some insight into the services they used. If they were happy with the service they got, take the name of the company and add it to your shortlist.

4. Utilise the Internet

Instead of having to drive from company to company, speed up the process by simply searching online. With a single search, a whole list of aircon service companies will show. From there, you can visit the websites and get more information. So why spend all that time driving when you can just do the search from home?

5. Find Some Customer Reviews

Honest opinions can go a long way when you need a good aircon service company. This is why finding some reviews about the companies before you settle on one. What do others have to say, and is it significant enough to influence your decision? Because it never hurts to learn from the mistakes of others.

Time to Find the Right Company

With the above-mentioned tips, you are now ready to locate the best aircon service company in Shah Alam. More specifically, you can now keep your aircon running for longer.

Top Reasons for Servicing Your Aircond Regularly

Purchasing an aircon is something you do when your goal is to get the best air quality and ideal living conditions for the room. The system is set to keep proper temperatures during all seasons, whether hot or cold and ensure that the room is comfortable to stay in.

To get the maximum benefits of your system for a longer time, it is best to take steps to keep in in the best condition. Proper maintenance is a key part of ensuring the system serves you for a long time.

Here are the top reasons for servicing your aircon system regularly.

Improve the Quality of Indoor Air

If you want to have a better quality of air around your office, you should opt for regular maintenance of your aircon system. The maintenance ensures that the filters are cleaned so that no dust particles or debris are circulating the room. You get to breathe in air that is free from pollutants, dust, and other particles that the system collects during everyday use. Additionally, cleaning it will ensure the system remains in good condition because no dust particles are damaging it.

Save On Energy Bills

Having an aircon system that is functioning right at all times is the best way to maintain lower electricity bills. If your system is full of dust or is damaged, you will have to crank it up to get a better quality of air, which means that you will end up paying more costs. Apart from that, regular servicing promotes better function for longer so you will not end up paying hefty bills for a damaged aircon later.

Increases the Effectiveness of the Aircon

Keeping your system unchecked is dangerous because the more dust it collects, the more the chances that a component will get affected. Eventually, you may end up with a damaged aircon and have to replace it. It is best to have regular maintenance to make sure that all the parts are working as they should. If there is a damaged component, your system will end up working more than it should, and this not only makes you pay higher bills, it also means you will probably be getting poor quality of air.

Prevent Costly Replacements/Repairs

Keeping your aircon system in the best state by ensuring regular maintenance is a good way to avoid costly repairs or having to replace the whole thing. It is best to prevent premature breakdowns and keep the system functional for as long as possible by calling professionals to do regular maintenance. With the right steps to care for it, you could have an aircon that serves you for 10+ years.

Extend the System's Lifespan

Like any machine, an aircon system will benefit from regular maintenance in that it will be capable of running for long hours. It will also serve you for a very long time because you will prevent breakdowns and damages that can cause the whole system to become completely dysfunctional. There is no point in getting an expensive system, then not having it serve you for as long as you intended. A professional can check all the parts and clean them when required to keep the aircon functional for a very long time.

Healthy Quality of Air

Staying with a system that has dust and clogged filters can be a health risk because some respiratory issues can come from too much dust. Regular maintenance ensures there is less dust in the room, therefore reducing the risk of getting respiratory issues such as allergies. If you already have existing conditions such as asthma or hay fever, a dusty aircon system could aggravate them. Keeping clean aircon benefits your health tremendously.

Top Aircond Service Shah Alam Contractor

Now that you know the logic behind AC servicing, you can go ahead and engage a professional aircon servicing company!