Chemical Air Conditioner Washing

Running an AC unit that's operating at less than peak efficiency can cost you money. Keeping it in good working order is vital if you want to keep your home comfortable without paying sky-high electricity bills. This is why it's always a good idea to address any performance issues you notice sooner rather than later..

How long does it take it to cool down a room when you switch it on? A clean, efficient air conditioning unit should be able to get the job done in ten minutes or less. If it has to work for longer than that, it's burning up excess power and costing you money. It may be in need of a chemical wash.Replacement isn't the only answer when it isn't working the way it used to. A little bit of tender loving care is often sufficient to get it back to its peak performance.

The Advantages Of Chemical Solution

This type of solution can make a huge difference in its performance. They're highly recommended by most of Malaysia's reputable air conditioning companies. Over time, dust and debris inevitably build up in your air conditioner. While ordinary water might be able to get rid of some of the surface dirt, it takes something a little more powerful to completely clean it and eliminate potentially harmful bacteria that may be lurking inside. Here are the key benefits of using this method:

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Most air conditioners need a thorough cleaning every six months. Location, usage, and other factors affect how quickly it gets dirty; many units benefit from more frequent cleaning. We've been maintaining, repairing, and cleaning air conditioners in Malaysia for over 10 years. If you want to make sure that your unit stays in the best possible condition and provides you with cool, clean air for many years to come, give us a call today.


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