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The Differences Between Normal Aircon Servicing, Chemical Aircon servicing And Aircon Overhaul

For many homeowners in Malaysia that require their aircon system running efficiently, the subject of how often their unit should receive maintenance services is quite typical. The most common answer to this question is at least once every year. Doing so ensures that homeowners do not have to experience the dreaded emergency breakdowns as the unit runs efficiently and effectively all year.

Having your aircon maintained at least once every year ensures that the dirt and dust that has accumulated over time is removed, thus negating the possibility of the unit suffering from irreparable damage, which is far more costly. Therefore, it is not only important in ensuring the unit functions as efficiently as possible but also ensures that the return on investment of the aircon is the highest possible.

However, picking the maintenance service to go for can be tricky at best. This is because of the variety of aircon maintenance services provided by professionals. The matter is further exacerbated by the fact that the variety of aircon maintenance services is priced differently. Do you go for the more comprehensive and the most expensive service each year or do you opt for the other option available? Herein we look at some of these services as well as when to opt for each service.

The Normal Service


The normal service is more of a preventive maintenance service. As you can imagine, as the AC operates continuously over a period, it tends to collect dust and dirt in various sensitive parts such as the filters and the condenser coils. Over time dust and as dirt build up, it reduces the efficiency of the unit and thereby affects its performance.

The normal service in this regard involves the inspection of the various parts of the system (the temperature and pressure control and operation parts, the drainage system, the condenser, the fan, the aircon pipes and the compressor system) as well as their cleaning.

Ideally, an expert and licensed experts should be contracted to carry out this task, thus ensuring the best outcome possible. The service should be done every so often, and especially when you start to experience a dip in the performance of the unit.

Chemical Cleaning


Chemical cleaning is a thorough cleaning of the aircon unit. As you can imagine, superficially cleaning dust and dirt as happens during normal AC services does not get rid of the hard to get rid of dirt. Such cleaning is a preserve of a chemical clean. It involves dismantling the entire AC unit and using a chemical reagent to clean the various parts (compressors, drainage pipes, coils, condenser and the air filter).

The AC parts are soaked in the chemical solution for a few minutes to ease the cleaning process. The
reafter, each part is thorough cleaned. Consequently, the AC is returned to nearly utmost efficiency. For the longevity of the unit, homeowners should have this service at least once a year or before using the unit after a long period of inactivity.

Aircon Overhaul

The overhaul service provides a means for homeowners to extend the life of their aircon units by introducing new parts that replace worn out parts. Replacing worn out parts with newer parts improves the efficiency of the unit, thus allowing the unit to perform over an extended period.

However, homeowners should check with aircon expert to determine whether this is service will provide value for money or a replacement is far better. This reduces the chances of incurring the huge expense of buying the parts only for the aircon to fail in the near future.

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