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Last month, we repair and serviced 312 airconds.

Aircon not cold? AC Leaking Water?

Don’t simply spend your hard-earn money again.

At here, we provide 100% reliable aircon services at affordable price.

What we do

We Specialize in All Your Air cond Service Needs in Kajang

For the past 10 years, we have consistently delivered state of the art A/C services to clients located in Kajang. We have a variety of services that are designed to maintain and service A/C units for home residences and businesses.

Our trained technicians and engineers will arrive to perform various services such as installations, repairs, and maintenance for homeowners and corporations. All of our team have been accredited to perform these tasks to the top standards.

Call or email us today so that we can create an inexpensive package that will fit your needs and budget.

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We offer our clients the most competitive rates on all our works around Petaling Jaya. We are constantly improving our repair works, maintenance tasks, and chemical washes for better rates and efficiency.

Quick Facts About HKH Air Conditioner

  • Our chemical cleaning solution kills 99.9% of the bacteria in your aircon.
  • Guarantee follow up service within 7 days.
  • Our technicians have more than 3 years of working experience. We never send a newbie!
  • Our lead technician has more than 10 years of experience.
  • We service and repair more than 1100 aircons every year.
  • We respond to your appointment and enquiry within 24 hours.

Our Works

Aircond Service Price

(* Extra discount if service more than 1 unit at the same location)
Split Unit Type (with Chemical Wash)Rate/Unit
1.0 HP - 1.5 HPRM 150
2.0 HP - 2.5 HPRM 180
3.0 HPRM 200
Top Up GasFREE
Ceilling Unit Type (with Chemical Wash)Rate/Unit
2.0 HP - 3.0 HPRM 250
3.5 HP - 4.0 HPRM 300
5.0 HP - 6.0 HPRM 350
Top Up GasFREE
Cassette Unit (with Chemical Wash)Rate/Unit
1.0 HP - 1.5 HPRM 220
2.0 HP - 2.5 HPRM 250
3.0 HP - 3.5 HPRM 300
4.0 HP - 6.0 HPRM 350
Top Up GasFREE
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Office Phone No: 016-682 7539

What We Do

Aircon Cleaning & Repair

Aircon Installation

Aircon Gas Top-Up

When You Need To Get An Air Conditioner Service Specialist in Kajang

We have staff on hand that monitor all incoming calls and have discovered that the most typical call is that of a complete breakdown of the machine. Many times these calls could be avoided if the system had regular serving and check-ups work done. below you will find several reasons why you want to call in a technician before you have a complete breakdown.

Abnormal machine noise

This is one of the surefire reasons why it is important to get your service looked at. Some of the parts in the machine may have become loose or broken.

Unable to cool

When the system is unable to create the optimal temperature, the fan coil may be dirty or another aspect may be damaged.

Water Leaking

If the systems drainage system has become clogged it may be causing this leaks. A simple cleaning may be all that is required to remove these issues.

Other signs that you want to look out for include odd smells, malfunctioning indicator lights, and a reduced airflow. Our specialized technicians will fix any issue you are having with your AC unit.

Our Air Conditioner Service Checklist

  • Inspection of the panel and filter for signs of damage
  • Full filter deodorization and cleaning
  • Inspection and cleaning of the evaporator and drain tray
  • Thorough cleaning of the drain system
  • Condenser coil inspection for signs of any leaks or holes
  • Inspection to ensure that the lubrication and fan bearing is in working order.
  • Fix electric connections
  • Discharging pressure of AC’s compressor
  • Gas check-up and top-up service
  • Why Us?

    Our company is dedicated to work along with clients and provide solutions to their problems. Contact us today to get the most affordable and high-quality servicing for your air conditioner so it is working in prime order to fully cool your home or business. You don't have to take our word for it, simply look at these reasons:

    • All of our packages are inclusive
    • 10 years of expertise
    • The best rate and the highest quality work.
    • Highly trained professionals

    Your One-Stop Aircon Service Center in Kajang

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