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Acson AVORY 1.0 HP Premium Inverter A3WMY10APF


Acson AVORY Premium Inverter A3WMY10APF Air Conditioner

Meet the Acson AVORY Premium Inverter Aircon A3WMY10APF, a top-notch air conditioner that keeps your space cool and fresh. This unit is smart with R32 WiFi, making it easy to control from anywhere.

With tech like FILTRONZ+ Anti Virus Technology and a HEPA filter, it cleans the air you breathe by getting rid of smells and germs.

Plus, its use of R32 Refrigerant means it’s kind to our planet.

It also comes with fancy features like iSenz+ for changing settings over Wi-Fi using iTurbo+ and iSave options for more comfort without wasting energy. The cool part? It swings both ways – vertical and horizontal – ensuring every corner gets chilled evenly thanks to its 3D airflow design.



* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

The Acson AVORY Premium Inverter Aircon A3WMY10APF packs smart tech and eco-friendly features. It cools rooms fast, keeps the air clean, and uses less power.

1.0HP wall-mounted air conditioner with R32 WiFi

This aircon packs a 1.0HP power, perfect for cooling your room. It comes with R32 WiFi, letting you control it from anywhere using your phone or tablet. This feature makes it easy to turn on before you get home, ensuring a cool space upon arrival.

Its smart design fits well in any room without taking up much space.

With this model, you also get eco-friendly benefits thanks to its use of R32 refrigerant. This choice helps cut down on harmful emissions to the environment, making it a greener option for air conditioning.

Plus, its Wi-Fi connectivity offers convenient controls through iTurbo+ and iSave settings for better energy efficiency and quicker cooling when needed.

iSenz+ for smart control

iSenz+ changes the game for how you handle your indoor unit. This smart feature lets you control your inverter technology air conditioner from anywhere with Wi-Fi. You can use a mobile device to tweak and keep an eye on settings, making life a breeze.

It brings modern ease into managing comfort at home.

With iSenz+, adjusting the cooling capacity or monitoring air quality doesn’t require being in the same room as your indoor unit. Just tap a screen and it’s done. This innovation offers convenience and makes sure you always come back to a perfectly cool space.

Vertical and horizontal swing

This feature lets you choose which way the air moves. You can make it go up and down or side to side. This means cool air reaches every corner of your room, making sure it feels nice everywhere.

The Acson AVORY Premium Inverter Aircon A3WMY10APF does a great job at spreading the cold air around because of this.

It doesn’t just throw air in one direction. It mixes up and down and side-to-side movements to cover large areas better. Your space gets cooler faster and more evenly, thanks to this smart movement.

Plus, you get to set it as you like for the most comfort. This makes cooling efficient and keeps everyone happy no matter where they are in the room.

3D airflow for efficient cooling

The Acson AVORY Premium Inverter Aircon A3WMY10APF makes rooms cool fast and keeps them that way. Its 3D airflow means air goes up, down, left, and right. This spreads cool air everywhere in the room.

So no hot spots stay. Everyone feels comfy.

This aircon cuts energy use by making sure the temperature is even all around. Since the air moves in all directions, you don’t need to turn it up high to feel cooler quickly. It’s smart like that – saving power while keeping you cool.

FILTRONZ+ Anti-Virus Technology

FILTRONZ+ Anti Virus Technology keeps your air clean and safe. It works hard to remove bad smells, kill germs, and clear the air from harmful stuff. This means you breathe in fresh and healthy air at home.

With this technology, your place becomes a safer spot for everyone.

This feature comes with the Acson AVORY Premium Inverter Aircon A3WMY10APF. For RM2,060.00, you can get this cool tech in your air conditioner.

HEPA Filter for deodorising, sterilising, and purifying the air

The HEPA filter in the Acson AVORY Premium Inverter Aircon works wonders for your air. It takes out tiny dirt pieces and smells, making the air clean. This filter is great because it makes inside air healthier to breathe.

This magic filter not only cleans but also kills germs. It has a big job, ensuring that your home stays fresh and germ-free. With this amazing technology, you enjoy cooler and pure air every day.


Use of environmentally friendly R32 Refrigerant

The Acson AVORY Premium Inverter Aircon A3WMY10APF uses a special type of gas called R32. This gas is good for the earth because it does not harm the layer around our planet that keeps us safe from the sun’s strong rays.

Many air conditioners use gases that can damage this layer, but R32 is different. It helps keep your room cool without causing trouble to the environment.

R32 also makes this air conditioner work better. It needs less energy, which means your electricity bills can be lower. Using R32 shows that Acson cares about giving you cold air in a way that is also kind to nature.

So, choosing an air conditioner with R32 not only saves you money on energy but also does its part in protecting our planet for future generations.

Wi-Fi control with iTurbo+ and iSave features

Control your air conditioner from anywhere with Wi-Fi. Use the iTurbo+ for fast cooling and iSave to cut down on power use. This makes it easy to keep your home comfortable while saving money.

You just need a smartphone to adjust settings, turn it on before you get home, or make sure it’s off when you leave. These features help manage energy better, making them both smart and eco-friendly options for any user.

Product price: RM2,060.00

You can get the Acson AVORY Premium Inverter Aircon A3WMY10APF for RM2,060.00. This price makes it an option worth considering if you need a new air conditioner that comes with advanced features.

It’s quite a deal when you think about all the technology and comfort you’re getting.

For this cost, you’re not just paying for the unit itself but also for its efficient cooling system, smart controls via Wi-Fi, and air purifying abilities that help keep your space cool and clean.

Investing in this model means investing in quality living at home without breaking the bank.


Choosing the Acson AVORY Premium Inverter Aircon A3WMY10APF means picking a top-notch cooler for your space. It’s smart, thanks to iSenz+, and cools efficiently with its 3D airflow tech.

Plus, it keeps your air clean using FILTRONZ+ and a HEPA filter. With Wi-Fi control, managing temperature becomes easy from anywhere. For RM2,060 and an extra RM320 for fitting, you get eco-friendly cooling at its best.

Ready your home for comfort with this advanced air conditioner that promises both freshness and savings on power bills.



Horse Power

1.0 HP

Inverter Type



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