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Acson REINO 1.0 HP Inverter Air Conditioner A3WMY10BNF


Acson REINO 1.0 HP Inverter A3WMY10BNF Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are essential for comfort in hot weather. The Acson A3WMYBNF REINO Series Inverter R32 Air Conditioner is a smart choice for those wanting to cool their space efficiently.

It doesn’t just stop at saving energy; this model is also kind to the environment. It uses a refrigerant called R32 that has a low impact on global warming and doesn’t harm the ozone layer.

For its eco-friendly efforts, it even received the MyHIJAU Mark from the Government of Malaysia.

But what sets it apart are two neat features: Filtronz+ technology that fights viruses while keeping bacteria and fungus off your air filter, and iClean+ technology which cleans inside parts using dew water, making sure you breathe clean air while boosting performance.

You can also get accessories like drainage pumps with it. And getting one is easy with options for pick-up or delivery plus flexible payment methods.




* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

Endorsed energy efficiency

The Energy Commission of Malaysia gives a thumbs up to the Acson A3WMYBNF REINO Series Inverter R32 air conditioner for its energy-saving powers. Users can save up to 47% on their electricity bills with this cool machine.

This means more money in your pocket for other fun stuff, while also being kind to our planet.

This air conditioner uses clever technology that needs less power to make your room cold fast. With such smart features, it’s no wonder it got the MyHIJAU Mark, a big deal award from the Government of Malaysia for green and eco-friendly products.

So, you get a top-notch cooler that takes care of both your comfort and the earth.

Environmentally friendly refrigerant

The Acson A3WMYBNF REINO Series Inverter Air Conditioner uses R32 cooling gas. This type of coolant has less harm to the heat cover around Earth and does not harm the ozone layer. It makes air conditioning better for our planet.

Thanks to this, it saves more energy too, up to 47% less power used.

Malaysia’s government gives it a special green sticker, MyHIJAU Mark because it is kind to nature. Using such an air conditioner means helping the Earth stay healthy while keeping homes cool and comfy.

MyHIJAU Mark Recognition

The Acson A3WMYBNF REINO Series Inverter R32 air conditioner has a special green badge called the MyHIJAU Mark. This mark means it’s recognised by Malaysia as being good for our planet.

The government of Malaysia stands behind this, showing everyone that it meets high environmental standards.

This air conditioner doesn’t just cool your room; it does so in a way that saves energy and helps keep nature clean. Because of its design, you use less power, which can cut your energy use by up to 47%.

This is not just great for your wallet but also the Earth. Getting this green recognition shows that when you choose this air conditioner, you’re making a smart choice for both comfort and the environment.

Filtronz+ technology

Filtronz+ technology cleans the air you breathe by breaking down viruses. It also makes less bacteria and fungus grow on your air conditioner’s filter. This keeps the air in your room fresh and healthy.

The Acson A3WMYBNF REINO Series Inverter R32 uses this smart tech to make sure your air is clean.

This feature also boosts how well your air conditioner works. By keeping the filter cleaner, Filtronz+ helps your unit run better and use less power. So, you get cooler air without a big energy bill.

And because it stops germs from spreading, everyone at home can enjoy healthier air flow every day.

iClean+ technology

iClean+ technology in the Acson A3WMYBNF REINO Series Inverter R32 air conditioner uses dew drops to clean the inside cooling coil. This makes sure your air conditioner stays clean and works well.

The Energy Commission of Malaysia likes this tech because it saves up to 47% of energy. It’s good for our planet too, getting a green thumbs up with the MyHIJAU Mark from the Government of Malaysia.

People love it as it means less work for them and fresher air at home.

This smart tech keeps your air cool and fresh without you needing to do much. By keeping itself clean, iClean+ also helps cut down on your power bills. It fits right into homes that care about being green and saving money at the same time.

Plus, everyone enjoys breathing cleaner air thanks to the simple yet powerful cleaning action of dew drops on coils.


The Acson A3WMYBNF REINO Series Inverter Air Conditioner stands out for many reasons. It saves energy, helps the planet, and keeps the air clean with its advanced tech. People can choose from different sizes to fit their space perfectly.

This air conditioner also got a green badge from Malaysia’s government, showing it’s good for our Earth. For folks looking to make their homes cooler and cleaner, this is a smart choice.



Horse Power

1.0 HP

Inverter Type



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