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Acson REINO 1.5 HP Inverter Air Conditioner A3WMY15BNF


Acson REINO 1.5 HP Inverter A3WMY15BNF Air Conditioner

Meet the Acson REINO A3WMY15BNF, a smart air cooler that hangs on your wall. This cool machine uses a special gas called R32 that’s better for the earth. It has 1.5HP power to make your room cold quickly.

Imagine controlling it with WiFi, or making it work extra fast with Turbo Mode. At night, Sleep Mode saves energy while you rest. There’s also a Save Mode to use less electricity during the day.

This air cooler comes with clever cleaning tech like iClean+ & iClean and Filtronz+ Anti Virus Technology to keep the air fresh and free from germs.

Other options in this line are also popular so you have choices if this one isn’t available.

Now let’s see what else there is to learn about this amazing air cooler!




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Product Features

The Acson REINO A3WMY15BNF is a wall-mounted air conditioner that uses inverter technology. It has a cooling power of 1.5HP and uses R32 refrigerant to keep your room cool and comfortable.

Type: Wall Mounted REINO (Inverter) Inverter Air Conditioner

This Air Conditioner hangs on the wall. It uses inverter technology to save energy while keeping your room cool. Its cooling strength is 1.5HP, which means it can cool a medium-sized room well.

The cooler inside, called R32 refrigerant, is better for the air outside because it does less harm to the environment.

It comes with smart features too. You can control it from anywhere using WiFi. It has modes like Turbo for quick cooling and Sleep for quiet operation at night. There’s also a Save Mode that helps you use less power.

For cleaner air, it includes iClean+ & iClean and Filtronz+ Anti Virus Technology that fights germs and dirt in the air you breathe.

Capacity: 1.5HP

The Acson REINO A3WMY15BNF has a power of 1.5HP, suited for cooling small to medium rooms efficiently. Its energy-saving features also mean lower electricity bills while keeping spaces cool.

This air conditioner uses R32 refrigerant, which has a lower impact on global warming compared to traditional gases used in AC systems. With this model, you enjoy both cost savings and help reduce harm to the environment.

Refrigerant: R32

The Acson REINO A3WMY15BNF uses R32, a coolant. This substance is better for the planet because it has a lower global warming potential than others. It makes the air conditioner more energy-efficient too.

Using R32 helps keep your home cool while using less power.

R32 also affects air quality less than older refrigerants. It’s part of making AC units safer for our world. Air conditioners like this aim to cut down on harmful emissions and save on energy bills at the same time.


WiFi Control

You get to manage your cooling device from anywhere using WiFi Control. Just connect it to the internet and use your phone or tablet as a remote. This makes changing settings easy without being near the machine.

You save energy by turning it off when you don’t need it, even if you’re not home.

WiFi Control also lets you track how much power your air cooler uses. With this info, you can make smart choices to cut down on electricity bills. It’s handy for keeping your place comfy while taking care of the planet and your wallet.

Turbo Mode

Turbo Mode in the Acson REINO A3WMY15BNF Inverter Air Conditioner is a game-changer. It cools rooms down fast, making it perfect for hot days. This feature brings an instant chill, cutting through the heat right away.

It’s smart too; while cooling quickly, it keeps energy use low. This means you can enjoy a cooler room without worrying about high power bills.

This mode also boosts the air conditioner’s performance. With Turbo Mode on, you get rapid temperature drops that make any space comfy quickly. It works well in homes or offices, offering an efficient way to beat the heat while saving energy.

Plus, it makes your cooling experience better by giving quick comfort when you most need it.

Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode makes sure you have a cool and comfy sleep without using too much power. It changes the air conditioner’s temperature during the night. This feature keeps your room at a steady, cool temperature so your sleep isn’t disturbed.

You just press a button on the remote control to turn it on. This also means less noise, making your sleeping space quieter.

This smart mode is all about giving you comfort while saving energy after dark. It takes care of both keeping you at ease and cutting down on electricity use, making it good for both your wallet and the planet.

With Sleep Mode, rest easy knowing you’re enjoying optimal comfort with efficient energy usage throughout the night.

Save Mode

Save Mode on the Acson REINO A3WMY15BNF Inverter Air Conditioner helps you use less power. It makes cooling your home more energy efficient, saving money on bills. This feature is great for people who want to keep their house cool without spending a lot of energy or cash.

The air conditioner was sold at RM1,750.00 with Save Mode included. Sadly, this model is now out of stock. If you’re looking for ways to save energy and costs in keeping cool, Save Mode was a key part of this deal.

Keep an eye out for similar options if you need an air cooler that’s good at conserving power while providing comfort.

iClean+ & iClean

iClean+ & iClean are smart parts of the Acson REINO A3WMY15BNF Inverter Aircon. They help make the air in your room clean. These systems use Filtronz+ Anti Virus Tech to catch and kill germs.

This means you breathe better air inside, which is good for your health.

These cleaning features also improve how well your aircon works. They keep dust away from important parts inside the machine. Because of this, your aircon does not have to work as hard.

This saves energy and money on power bills over time. You enjoy cool, fresh air without worrying about harmful particles or high costs.

Filtronz+ Anti-Virus Technology

Filtronz+ Anti Virus Technology in the Acson REINO A3WMY15BNF Inverter Air Conditioner cleans the air by killing viruses and bacteria. This makes the air in your room cleaner and healthier.

The technology stands out because it’s not something you find in every air conditioner. It aims to give you a safer place to live or work.

This feature is a big reason why people want this air conditioner. It shows that the Acson REINO A3WMY15BNF cares about more than just keeping you cool; it wants to improve your indoor environment’s quality.

If clean, fresh air matters to you, then this technology adds great value to your choice of cooling device.


The Acson REINO A3WMY15BNF Inverter Air Conditioner stands out for its energy-saving features and advanced tech. With a mix of WiFi control, turbo mode, and unique air purification systems like Filtronz+ Anti Virus Technology, it promises both comfort and health benefits.

Despite being sold out at a lower price than its original RM2,000.00, its demand speaks volumes about its quality and performance. Whether you need to keep your space cool or want cleaner air to breathe, this model proves to be a smart pick in home climate control gadgets.



Horse Power

1.5 HP

Inverter Type



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