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Acson REINO+ Inverter Air Conditioner A3WMY10BF


Acson REINO+ InverterĀ A3WMY10BF Air Conditioner

Get to know the REINO+ A3WMY10BF Inverter Air Conditioner, a cooling device that’s not just any unit. This air conditioner is a 1.0HP machine that you can control with WiFi and it hangs on your wall.

It uses R32 refrigerant, which is kinder to the planet. The cooler makes sure you breathe clean air thanks to its iClean+ and iClean Filtronz+ Anti Virus Technology. You can also choose from Turbo Mode for quick cooling, Sleep Mode for quieter operation at night, and Save Mode to help cut down on energy use.

Using an eco-friendly “greenery refrigerant,” specifically R32 refrigerant greatly reduces environmental harm tied to most ACs out there.



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Product Features

The REINO+ A3WMY10BF Inverter Air Conditioner stands out with its top features and tech. It brings together advanced cooling technology, energy-saving modes, and virus protection to make your home more comfortable and safe.

Features and specifications

REINO+ A3WMY10BF Inverter Air Conditioner packs impressive features for comfort and efficiency. This unit offers smart controls and energy savings, making it a great choice for your home. Here are the key features:

  1. WiFi Control: Manage your air conditioner from anywhere using your smartphone. This feature adds convenience and lets you adjust settings on the go.
  2. 1.0HP Cooling Capacity: Perfectly suited for small to medium-sized rooms, providing efficient cooling without using too much power.
  3. iClean+ and iClean Filtronz+ Anti Virus Technology: Keeps your indoor air clean and safe by removing harmful viruses and pollutants.
  4. Turbo Mode: Cools down your room quickly, ideal for instantly getting relief from the heat.
  5. Sleep Mode: Adjusts the temperature through the night for comfortable sleep, ensuring it doesn’t get too cold or too warm.
  6. Save Mode (Energy Efficiency): Reduces power consumption, which leads to lower electricity bills without sacrificing comfort.
  7. R32 Refrigerant Use: This coolant is better for the planet compared to traditional options, reducing environmental impact.

These specifications highlight REINO+’s commitment to quality, performance, and user experience in their latest model A3WMY10BF Inverter Air Conditioner.

iClean+ and iClean Filtronz+ Anti Virus Technology

The REINO+ A3WMY10BF Inverter Air Conditioner brings fresh air into your home with its iClean+ and iClean Filtronz+ Anti Virus Technology. These smart features work hard to keep indoor air quality at its best.

They fight against viruses and clean the air, making your space safer. You get peace of mind knowing that the air you breathe is clear of harmful stuff.

Using this technology means less worry about the air in your home. It’s like having a health guard for what you breathe indoors. This makes life better for everyone, especially if you care a lot about staying healthy.

Trust these features to take good care of the climate inside your house while saving energy too.

Turbo Mode, Sleep Mode, and Save Mode

Air conditioners keep you cool, but the REINO+ A3WMY10BF does more with its special modes. These help you save money and stay comfortable.

  1. Turbo Mode gives your room a quick cool down. It works fast to lower the temperature, making it perfect for hot days when you walk into a warm room.
  2. Sleep Mode keeps things quiet and comfy at night. It adjusts the cooling so you can sleep well without getting too cold or spending too much on electricity.
  3. Save Mode helps cut down your energy bill. This setting manages how hard the air conditioner works, using less power while still keeping you cool.

These features make the REINO+ A3WMY10BF not just any air conditioner but a smart choice for anyone looking to add comfort to their space efficiently.


Refrigerant and Environmental Impact

The REINO+ A3WMY10BF air conditioner uses R32 refrigerant, which is kinder to the planet. This “green” coolant helps cut down on global warming effects. Learn how this choice can benefit you and the earth.

Use of R32 refrigerant

The REINO+ A3WMY10BF Inverter Air Conditioner uses R32 refrigerant. This type of gas helps the planet. It does not harm the ozone layer as much as other gases do. Because it’s a “greenery refrigerant,” it makes air coolers like this one better for Earth.

R32 also needs less power to run, which means you use less electricity and save money on bills. Its design reduces how much gas you need, making it more efficient and kinder to the environment.

This choice by REINO+ shows they care about keeping our air clean while keeping us cool.

“Greenery refrigerant” benefits

Using R32 refrigerant in your air conditioner brings some great perks. R32 is a kind of “greenery coolant” because it is kinder to the planet than other types. It has less impact on global warming, making it a smarter choice for those who care about Earth’s future.

Plus, this coolant helps your air conditioning system run more efficiently. This means you can enjoy cooler air while using less energy and saving money on bills.

Choosing an air conditioner with R32 refrigerant also makes maintenance easier. Since it breaks down faster than other coolants if released into the atmosphere, it poses less risk for long-term pollution.

This feature makes R32 units not only good for the environment but also better for your health since they contribute to cleaner air both inside and outside your home.


Check out the REINO+ A3WMY10BF Inverter Air Conditioner for a smart choice. It keeps your space cool and saves energy with Turbo, Sleep, and Save Modes. The cutting-edge iClean+ technology fights viruses for healthier air.

Enjoy cooler air without harming the planet thanks to its eco-friendly R32 gas. With a nice discount and helpful extras from the Trade-In Program, it’s great value for your home or office.



Horse Power

1.0 HP

Inverter Type



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