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Sharp Non-Inverter 1.0 HP Air Conditioner AHA9WCD2


Sharp 1.0 HP AHA9WCD2 Air Conditioner

Today, we talk about the Sharp Non-Inverter AHA9WCD2 Air Conditioner. This machine cools your room with a power of 9,000 BTU and uses only 765 watts. It helps you save energy with its yearly use of 1,271 kWh.

The noise it makes is low, making your space quiet and comfy. It’s not too big or heavy, so it fits well in most rooms.

This aircon uses R32 refrigerant, which is good for our planet. It comes packed with cool features like Turbo Mode for fast cooling and Sleep Mode to save energy at night. Cleaning it is easy because it cleans itself! You can also set it to turn on or off whenever you like within a day.

If the power goes out, don’t worry! It starts again by itself when the electricity comes back.

It works smartly too with AIoT tech and makes your air cleaner with Plasmacluster Ions tech.

Find out more as we go along.



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Product Features

The Sharp Non-Inverter AHA9WCD2 Air Conditioner has cool features to make your life easier. It cools fast with Turbo Mode and keeps you comfortable at night with Sleep Mode. It cleans itself, so you don’t have to worry about dirt.

With the 24-Hour On/Off Timer, you can set it to work when you want it to. If the power goes out, Auto Restart gets it running again without touching it. The Dual Drain option lets water flow out better from two sides.

It also connects to the internet with AIoT technology, letting you control it from anywhere. Plus, Plasmacluster Ions clean the air around you for a healthier room. These are just a few things that make this air conditioner stand out.

Keep reading to find out more about these amazing features!

Turbo Mode and Sleep Mode

Turbo Mode and Sleep Mode make the Sharp Non-Inverter AHA9WCD2 Air Conditioner stand out. Here’s how:

Turbo Mode

  • This mode kicks in for rapid cooling. It uses full power to quickly bring down room temperature, making it ideal after coming in from a hot day.
  • Turbo Mode is perfect when you need quick comfort. It works fast so you can relax sooner.

Sleep Mode

  • At night, Sleep Mode helps save energy while keeping you comfortable. It adjusts temperatures to match your sleeping patterns.
  • This mode ensures a good night’s rest without wasting electricity. You wake up fresh and with lower energy bills.

Both modes are designed to improve your air conditioner experience, offering comfort and efficiency.

Self-Cleaning and 24-Hour On/Off Timer

Sharp Non-Inverter AHA9WCD2 Air Conditioner makes life easy. It comes with great tools like Self-Cleaning and a 24-hour On/Off Timer. Here’s how they work:

  • Self-Cleaning: This tool keeps the air conditioner clean inside without extra work for you.

* After turning off, it dries the coil to stop mould growing.

* This means there’s less need for manual cleaning and your air stays fresh.

  • 24-Hour On/Off Timer: Plan when your air conditioner runs with this timer.

* You can set it to turn on just before you come home.

* Or make it stop running after you leave, saving power.

These features ensure your room is always cool and clean while helping save on energy bills.

Auto Restart and Dual Drain Setting

The Sharp Non-Inverter AHA9WCD2 air conditioner comes with smart features to make life cooler and more comfortable. Two of these features stand out: Auto Restart and Dual Drain Setting.

Auto Restart:

  • This means your air conditioner remembers its last settings after a power cut. Once power returns, it starts again without you needing to reset it. This is great for keeping your room at the ideal temperature even when you’re not around to control it.

Dual Drain Setting:

  • Offers flexibility in removing condensed water from the unit. You can choose from two different sides to drain the water, making installation easier and more adaptable to your space’s layout. This feature helps prevent water from getting stuck inside, reducing risks of damage or bad smells.

Both these features come together to offer convenience and efficiency in managing your cooling needs, keeping your space comfortable without extra hassle.

AIoT and Plasmacluster Ions capabilities

The Sharp Non-Inverter AHA9WCD2 Air Conditioner uses AIoT for smart operation. This means it can connect to the internet and learn from your habits. It gets better at cooling your room the more you use it.

You can even control it with your phone, making it easy to turn on before you get home.

It also has Plasmacluster Ions technology. This feature cleans the air in your room by removing bad smells and harmful particles. Your air feels cool fresh and clean, offering a healthier environment for everyone in the house.

Additional features

This air conditioner comes with AIoT and Plasmacluster Ions tech. AIoT lets you control the air conditioner from your phone. You can turn it on before you get home so it’s cool when you arrive.

Plasmacluster Ions clean the air in your room. They break down bad smells and harmful substances flying around, making the air healthier to breathe.

It also has a Dual Drain setup for getting rid of water faster. This means less worry about water building up inside or outside your house. Plus, this setup makes it easier to fit the air conditioner where it works best for you.

The Sharp Non-Inverter AHA9WCD2 Air Conditioner keeps rooms cool and comfy. It uses less power and makes little noise, making it great for your home or office. This air cooler has a strong cooling ability to chill your space fast.

It also doesn’t use much electricity so that you can save on bills.

This machine is not too big and not too heavy, which means it fits well in many places without taking up much room. The stuff inside that helps cool the air is safe for our planet.

Setting it up needs some steps but once done, it works smoothly.

It comes with a mode that speeds up cooling when you want quick relief from heat. A night mode also adjusts the temperature while you sleep for better comfort without using too much energy.

To keep the air clean, this cooler cleans itself and lets you set times to turn on or off automatically within 24 hours.

After a power cut, this air conditioner remembers its settings and starts

Cooling capacity and power input

Exploring the specifics of the Sharp Non-Inverter AHA9WCD2 air conditioner requires a close look at its cooling capacity and power input. These details are crucial for understanding how efficiently this unit can cool a room whilst consuming electricity.


Cooling Capacity9,000 BTU
Power Input765W
Running Current3.3A


This table highlights the core functional aspects of the Sharp Non-Inverter AHA9WCD2. With a cooling capacity of 9,000 BTU, it can effectively lower the temperature in small to medium-sized rooms. The power input of 765W indicates how much energy the air conditioner needs to run. With these specs, users get a blend of efficient cooling and manageable electricity consumption.

Energy consumption and noise level

Understanding the energy use and sound output of the Sharp Non-Inverter AHA9WCD2 Air Conditioner is key. Here’s a concise table detailing these aspects:


Annual Energy Use1,271 kWh
Power Input765W
Running Current3.3A
Indoor Sound Output40.5/27.5 dB(A)
Outdoor Sound Output51.5 dB(A)


This table shows how much power the air conditioner uses and how loud it gets inside and outside.

Dimensions and weight

The Sharp Non-Inverter AHA9WCD2 Air Conditioner has two main parts: the indoor and outdoor units. Each has specific sizes and weights that are important for installation and space planning. Here’s a quick look at these crucial details in a clear table format.


Unit TypeDimensions (Width x Height x Depth in mm)Weight (kg)
Indoor Unit805 x 285 x 1948.3
Outdoor Unit720 x 495 x 27023.1


This information shows the size and weight of each unit. It helps in figuring out where to place both parts of the air conditioner. The indoor unit is lighter and smaller than the outdoor unit. This makes it easier to fit inside your home. The outdoor unit is heavier and a bit larger, needing more space outside. Knowing these details ensures a smooth installation process.

Refrigerant and installation requirements

This Sharp air conditioner uses R32 refrigerant, which is good for the environment. For installation, you will need pipes with 1/4 and 3/8 inches diameters. The pipes can be between 3 to 20 metres long.

You can set up this air conditioner even if there’s an 8-metre height difference between indoor and outdoor units.

Make sure your space meets these requirements before setting it up. Checking pipe sizes and lengths ensures a smooth fit. Using R32 helps cut down on environmental impact while keeping your home cool.


The Sharp Non-Inverter AHA9WCD2 Air Conditioner stands out for its cooling power and efficient use of energy. Its clever design means it fits well in any room, and the smart features like Turbo Mode make it easy to keep cool quickly.

Sleep Mode ensures a quiet, comfortable night. With Self-Cleaning, keeping it clean is hassle-free. The AIoT makes controlling your air conditioner simple from anywhere. This model combines modern technology with great performance to efficiently meet all your cooling needs.



Horse Power

1.0 HP

Inverter Type



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