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Hisense Inverter 1.0 HP Inverter Air Conditioner AI10KAGS


Hisense Inverter 1.0 HP AI10KAGS Air Conditioner

Let’s talk about a cool way to beat the heat with the Hisense Inverter AI10KAGS Air Conditioner. This piece of tech is not just any air cooler; it’s a smart choice for keeping your place cold while saving energy.

his machine can chill your room fast with its 9,200 BTU/H capacity and does so efficiently thanks to an energy rating of 4.10 W/W. It uses R32 refrigerant, which is kinder to our planet compared to old-style refrigerants.

Plus, it won’t disturb your peace with an outdoor noise level of only 49 DB (A).

You’ll find some serious specs under the hood like a rotary compressor that makes sure everything runs smoothly and features that fit right into your smart home setup including washable filters and clever functions like a sleep timer.



* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

The Hisense AI10KAGS Air Conditioner stands out with its advanced cooling system and power-saving features. It uses smart tech to keep your space cool while being kind to your wallet, making it a top pick for homes in hot places like Petaling Jaya and Ara Damansara.

Pricing and delivery details

Discover the Hisense AI10KAGS air conditioner, offering great value and convenience. Here are the pricing and delivery details, clear and straightforward:


ModelHisense AI10KAGS KAGS Series 1.0HP Auto Clean Smart Inverter Golden Fin 4D Airflow R32 Aircond
Original PriceRM 1,779.00
Discounted PriceRM 1,169.99
Delivery AreaWest Malaysia
Delivery FeeRM 116,999.00


Enjoy efficient cooling without breaking the bank with the Hisense AI10KAGS air conditioner.

Cooling capacity and energy efficiency ratings

The Hisense AI10KAGS air conditioner offers a range of cooling powers from 9,200 to 22,000 BTU/H. This means it can cool rooms of different sizes efficiently. Its energy efficiency is quite high, with ratings between 4.10 and 4.60 W/W.

This shows how well the air conditioner uses power to cool a space.

This model also keeps your bills low by using energy smartly. Over a year, it only uses about 969 to 2,358 KWH of power on average. So you get great cooling without spending too much on electricity.

The air conditioner makes sure you stay comfortable while being kind to your wallet and the planet.

Refrigerant and noise levels

The Hisense AI10KAGS air conditioner uses R32 refrigerant. This type of coolant is not only efficient but also has a lower impact on the environment compared to other gases used in air conditioning systems.

It helps your unit work well while keeping energy use down.

This model keeps noise low, too. The sound from the outdoor part of the unit stays between 49 and 56 decibels (DB). That means it’s about as loud as a quiet conversation at home. You get cool air without much noise, making it easier to relax or work when the air conditioner is on.


Technical Information

This air conditioner uses a special kind of compressor that can change speed to save power and keep your room at just the right temperature.

Its smart design means it fits in most spaces without taking up too much room.

Power supply details

The Hisense AI10KAGS air conditioner needs specific power to work right. It uses a certain voltage, frequency, and phase. You’ll also need to know the current rating it requires. This info helps make sure your air conditioner runs smoothly and doesn’t face any electric issues.

Plus, understanding the maximal pipe length and height difference is key for setting it up in your space without trouble.

For this model, knowing the LRA (Locked Rotor Amps) is crucial, too. It tells you how much current the motor draws when starting up but can’t turn. This detail ensures your electrical system can handle the initial power surge without problems.

With these specifics in mind, installing and operating your new Hisense air conditioner becomes easier and more efficient.

Compressor type and features

The Hisense AI10KAGS air conditioner has a rotary compressor. This type makes it work well and saves energy. It stays quiet so that you can have peace in your room. The air conditioner comes with many features to make life easier.

You can control it from far away with a wireless remote with an LED or LCD screen.

It also has washable filters to keep the air clean. You can set a timer for 24 hours and auto swing louvers to spread cool air evenly. For nighttime, a sleep function keeps things quiet and comfy.

Plus, smart functions adjust cooling based on how you use it, making sure it starts again after power cuts without hassle. Brightness controls let you dim the display if needed, and there are two ways to remove water collected inside.

Lastly, an ionizer filter helps freshen your room’s air by removing unwanted particles.

Dimensions and weights

Hisense AI10KAGS air conditioner sizes vary. For each model, the net dimensions are different for indoor and outdoor pieces. This makes it easy to fit in your space whether big or small.

Indoor units are compact, saving room inside. Outdoor units might be larger but still manageable.

Weights also differ between models, with indoor and outdoor parts having their own gross weight. This means some parts are heavier than others, so think about this when installing.

Knowing these weights helps decide the best spot for each part of your air conditioner.


The Hisense AI10KAGS air conditioner packs a punch with its cooling power and smart features. It comes at a great price, especially for the tech it offers. With energy efficiency in mind, it saves on bills and is kind to the planet.

Plus, its design means you get cool air without all the racket. This model proves that top-notch comfort doesn’t have to cost the earth or disturb your peace.




Horse Power

1.0 HP

Inverter Type



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