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Hisense Inverter 1.5 HP Inverter Air Conditioner AI13KAGS


Hisense Inverter 1.5 HP AI13KAGS Air Conditioner

Meet the Hisense 1.5HP R32 INV Wall Split AI13KAG, a cutting-edge air cooler that makes your room cool and comfy. This device is special because it uses smart tech to give you the best cooling feeling with less power used.

Priced at RM1,199.00 and ready to buy in Malaysia, it’s a wise choice for those who care about the environment and save money.

The Hisense model has a strong promise: a 3-year warranty for most parts and even longer, 7 years for its heart – the compressor. It’s built to last! With its clever features like Smart Mode and Super Cooling Button, plus an ability to remember where you like your air blown, this machine aims to please.

What sets it apart? It uses less harmful refrigerants and has high-tech designs that make it work better without using as much electricity. Plus, it keeps things quiet enough not to disturb your peace.




* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

The Hisense 1.5HP R32 INV Wall Split AI13KAG packs a lot in a small package, with tech that cools your room fast and remembers how you like it. It comes strong with warranties, making sure you stay cool for years without worry.

With its modern tech, it uses less power while keeping noise low, both inside and outside your home. This aircon fits well in any space without taking up much room or making too much noise.

3 Year Warranty General Part, 7 Years Warranty Compressor

Your Hisense air conditioner comes with peace of mind. It has a 3-year warranty for most parts. This means you’re covered if something goes wrong with bits like buttons or fans. Even better, the heart of your aircon, the compressor, gets a longer promise – 7 years to be exact.

So, if the part that cools your house stops working well within this time, help is at hand without extra cost.

We stand behind our products in big ways in places like Petaling Jaya and Penang. You get these warranties across Malaysia – no matter if you buy from Biggo Malaysia or anywhere else in Ara Damansara or Selangor.

It’s all about making sure your cool stays steady during hot days and nights for years to come.

1.5 HP, R32 Refrigerant

The Hisense 1.5HP R32 INV Wall Split AI13KAG uses a modern cooling gas, the R32 refrigerant. This choice makes it kind to the earth while doing its job well in keeping rooms cool. The aircon has a strong 1.5-horsepower motor that can handle big spaces without wasting energy.

Its cooling power reaches up to 12,283 BTU/H, and for every watt it uses, it gives back significantly in cooling – showing an EER of 3.10.

This system is designed with safety and efficiency at its core. With an annual average energy use of only 1,289.7 kWh, it’s both powerful and smart about using electricity. The air conditioner holds up to 500 grams of R32 refrigerant which ensures long-term performance without needing frequent refills or maintenance checks, making life easier for users in Petaling Jaya, Selangor looking for a reliable cooling solution.

Smart Mode, Super Cooling Button, Louver Works State Memory

Cooling your home just got smarter and easier with the Hisense 1.5HP R32 INV Wall Split AI13KAG. This air conditioner comes packed with features aimed at saving energy and ensuring your comfort.

  • Smart Mode adjusts the cooling based on the room’s temperature. This means it uses less electricity while keeping you cool.
  • Super Cooling Button makes the room cold fast. This button cools down quickly if you come home to a hot house.
  • Louver Works State Memory keeps track of how the air vents were set before turning off. When you turn the AC back on, it goes back to those settings, so you don’t have to adjust them again.

Each of these features helps in different ways. Smart Mode is great for everyday use, making sure you’re comfortable without high db (a). The Super Cooling Button is perfect for quick relief from heat. Louver Works State Memory adds convenience by remembering your preferred settings. Together, they make this air conditioner a handy tool for staying cool.

Numerical Simulation Technology, Double Fireproof Design

The Hisense 1.5HP R32 INV Wall Split AI13KAG uses advanced computing methods to ensure it runs smoothly and safely. These methods predict how the aircon behaves in different conditions, making sure it cools efficiently without wasting energy.

This smart approach helps spot potential problems before they happen so your aircon lasts longer and works better.

This model goes the extra step with its double fireproof design for safety. It builds two layers of protection against fires, making it a safer choice for your home or office. This means peace of mind knowing that your air conditioner keeps you cool and adds an extra layer of safety against unexpected incidents.

High-Efficiency Fin Technology

High-Efficiency Fin Technology in the Hisense 1.5HP R32 INV Wall Split AI13KAG air conditioner makes it very good at cooling your room fast and using less energy. This technology uses smart design to increase the surface area for heat exchange, meaning your air conditioner works more efficiently.

With an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 3.10 (W/W), this model proves to be effective in reducing electricity use, leading to a yearly energy consumption of only 1,289.7 KWH.

This advanced fin design also contributes to the durability of the unit by ensuring that heat is spread evenly across its coils, which helps prevent overworking parts and extends their lifespan.

It’s perfect for those who want their rooms cool without waiting long or spending too much on bills. Plus, with optional extended warranty offers, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your aircon is covered for years to come.



The Hisense 1.5HP R32 INV Wall Split AI13KAG keeps your space quiet, with the indoor and outdoor units making low noise. Thanks to its compact size and lightweight, it fits easily in most rooms.

Noise levels in indoor/outdoor unit

This air conditioner keeps things quiet, with noise levels from the inside part at 32 dB to the outside part reaching up to 56 dB. You get comfort without a noisy background. It’s like having a soft chat indoors while it’s only as loud as a conversation outside.

With these low sounds, your home stays peaceful. You won’t notice this aircon running whether working, sleeping, or just relaxing. It blends smoothly into your daily life without any fuss about noise.

Power supply, Compressor type, and Specific features

The Hisense 1.5HP R32 INV Wall Split AI13KAG needs a power supply of 220-240V, working at 50Hz on a single phase to keep your room cool and comfortable. Its rotary compressor heart is both durable and efficient, making it a great choice for long-term use.

This aircon boasts special features that set it apart: super quiet operation lets you enjoy peace while staying cool, an LED display makes settings clear at a glance, and an LCD wireless remote gives you control from anywhere in the room.

You also get flexibility with its 24-hour timer and three-speed & auto indoor fan control. For added comfort, it offers vertical and horizontal auto swing louver to spread cooling evenly throughout the space.

Dimensions and weight

For the Hisense 1.5HP R32 INV Wall Split AI13KAG, specific sizes and heaviness can change depending on the model you pick. Since no exact size or heaviness data is provided for this air conditioner, you need to check the details for your chosen model.

This info matters if you have limited space.

Knowing the sizes and how heavy an air conditioner is helps you plan where to put it in your house. Without clear numbers for this specific model, always measure your space first. Make sure there’s enough room for installation before buying.


The Hisense 1.5HP R32 INV Wall Split AI13KAG stands out for its cutting-edge features and reliable performance. With its long warranty, this air conditioner brings peace of mind to users.

It cools spaces fast with its Super Cooling Button and adapts to your preferences through Smart Mode. This model’s technology ensures safety and efficiency, making it a smart choice for anyone looking to beat the heat.




Horse Power

1.5 HP

Inverter Type



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