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Hisense Non Inverter 1.5 HP Air Conditioner AN13DBG1


Hisense Non-Inverter 1.5 HP AN13DBG Air Conditioner

Meet the Hisense 1.5HP Standard Air Conditioner R32 AN13DBG1 Non-Inverter, which keeps your space cool and comfortable. This machine uses a special kind of gas called R32 refrigerant, which is better for our planet and cools rooms quickly.

It’s strong with 3600 W cooling power but doesn’t make much noise. Plus, it has many useful features like fast cooling, a mode that helps you sleep better, and controls to keep the air dry on wet days.

This air conditioner also has smart details like an LED screen to show settings and a remote control without wires for easy use from anywhere in the room. Cleaning is simple because you can wash its panel and filter to ensure the air stays clean.

You can even set it to turn on or off anytime within 24 hours to save energy when you are not home.




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Product Features

The Hisense 1.5HP Standard Air Conditioner R32 AN13DBG Non-Inverter boasts fast cooling and a large blade for strong airflow, while also offering sleep mode, strong dehumidification, super quiet operation, and precise temperature control.

Additionally, it features an LED display on the front panel, a wireless remote controller, a washable panel and filter, 24 24-hour timer, and auto fan control.

Fast cooling

This air conditioner cools your room quickly. With a cooling capacity of 3600 W, it makes hot days cooler in no time. You won’t have to wait long to feel more comfortable.

It uses a big fan blade that pushes cold air far and wide. This means every corner of the room gets cool air fast. You’ll enjoy even cooling everywhere you are in the room.

Large blade for strong airflow

The Hisense 1.5HP Standard Air Conditioner has a big fan that makes the air move well. This big fan helps send cool air around the room fast and evenly, so every corner feels nice and chilly.

It’s not just about cooling; this design also pulls moisture out of the air better than smaller fans can. You get a nicely balanced room, not too damp or dry.

This powerful airflow reaches all over, ensuring the coolness is well spread. The AC works hard with its large fan to keep you comfortable without waiting long. Plus, it does all this quietly and efficiently, thanks to how well the big fan circulates air for top-notch cooling action.

Sleep mode

The Hisense 1.5HP Standard Air Conditioner R32 AN13DBG1 Non-Inverter comes with a sleep mode feature. This function automatically adjusts the temperature, ensuring comfortable sleeping conditions.

Not only does it create a pleasant indoor environment, but it also saves energy.

The air conditioner model, AN13DBG1, offers this feature to provide convenience and efficiency for users. The sleep mode enhances user experience by maintaining optimal temperatures without wasteful energy consumption.

Strong dehumidification

The Hisense 1.5HP air conditioner has a powerful dehumidification function, effectively removing moisture from the indoor air making your environment more comfortable. This feature not only reduces humidity but also helps prevent mold and mildew growth.

It’s particularly beneficial in hot and humid climates, promoting better air quality and overall comfort. During rainy seasons or in areas with high humidity levels, you can rely on this air conditioner for efficient dehumidification.

Super quiet operation

The Hisense 1.5HP Standard Air Conditioner R32 AN13DBG1 Non-Inverter boasts super quiet operation, ensuring minimal disruption during use. This feature makes it suitable for bedrooms or offices, providing a more comfortable and peaceful indoor environment.

The air conditioner’s super quiet operation stands out among other models on the market, enhancing the user experience by reducing noise levels significantly.

0.5°C accurate temperature control

Enjoy a comfortable indoor environment with the precise temperature control of the Hisense 1.5HP Standard Air Conditioner R32 AN13DBG1 Non-Inverter. This feature allows you to adjust the temperature with an accuracy of 0.5°C, ensuring consistent and tailored cooling according to your preferences.

Not only does this provide reliable comfort, but it also promotes energy efficiency, ultimately contributing to cost savings.

The accurate temperature control provides a more efficient and economical cooling experience by offering precise adjustments in smaller increments, ensuring that the indoor climate is always just right for you.

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LED display on the front panel

The air conditioner has an LED display on the front panel, allowing easy temperature monitoring and control. This feature provides clear and accurate temperature readings, enabling you to adjust settings and select modes easily.

Not only is it user-friendly, but it also enhances the overall modern look of the air conditioner.

Wireless remote controller

The Hisense 1.5HP Standard Air Conditioner R32 AN13DBG1 Non-Inverter comes with a wireless remote controller, offering convenient and easy operation from a distance. This feature enhances user experience by providing hassle-free control and adjusting the air conditioner settings.

The wireless remote controller adds to the modern and advanced functionality of the air conditioner, contributing to its overall user-friendly design and operation.

Washable panel and filter

The Hisense AN13DBG1 air conditioner comes with a washable panel and filter, making maintenance easy. Regular cleaning ensures efficient airflow and overall durability of the air conditioner.

The washable panel and filter contribute to maintaining performance and energy efficiency over time, underpinning its user-friendly design. This feature allows users to easily clean and maintain the air conditioner for optimal functioning, enhancing convenience for users in maintaining this product.

24 hours timer

The Hisense 1.5HP Standard Air Conditioner has a handy 24-hour timer feature, which allows scheduled operation of the air conditioner. This function brings convenience and energy efficiency to users by enabling them to set specific times for the air conditioner to turn on or off throughout the day.

The 24-hour timer enhances user experience and comfort while being easily programmable according to individual preferences and schedules.

Overall, the 24-hour timer feature in the Hisense Air Conditioner supports energy-efficient operations through its scheduled control system, contributing towards greater user convenience and comfort.

Auto fan control

The Hisense 1.5HP Standard Air Conditioner R32 AN13DBG1 Non-Inverter boasts an auto fan control feature, ensuring optimal air circulation by adjusting the fan speed according to the room’s temperature.

This function contributes to energy efficiency and enhances overall comfort by maintaining a consistent and pleasant indoor environment without manual intervention. The auto fan control intelligently responds to the cooling needs of the space, making it an essential aspect of this air conditioner’s advanced functionality.

Furthermore, this model’s precise and effective auto fan control supports its fast cooling capability, contributing to a rapid reduction in room temperature upon activation without consuming unnecessary power.


The Hisense 1.5HP Standard Air Conditioner R32 AN13DBG1 Non-Inverter offers fast cooling with a large blade for strong airflow. Its super quiet operation and 0.5°C accurate temperature control ensure a comfortable environment.

The LED display, wireless remote controller, and washable panel make it convenient to use and maintain. With these features, this air conditioner is a reliable choice for efficient cooling in your space.



Horse Power

1.5 HP

Inverter Type



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