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Hisense Non Inverter 2.0 HP Air Conditioner AN20DBG


Hisense Non-Inverter 2.0 HP AN20DBG Air Conditioner

Meet the Hisense 2.0HP R32 Standard Air Conditioner AN20DBG, a top choice for cooling your space. This air conditioner sets itself apart with its price of RM1,569.00 and free delivery offering.

It shines in energy use, pushing out cool air with an energy rating of three stars, and uses the eco-friendly R32 refrigerant to keep things chill while being kind to our planet.

The indoor part is pretty light at 12.5kg with dimensions that make it fit well in most rooms. The outdoor part is bigger but still manageable. Together, they have strong cooling powers rated at 18,000 Btu and don’t consume too much electricity.

They also come packed with features like ionizer filters for cleaner air and copper pipes that last long and work well.

The warranty gives you peace of mind: five years for the compressor parts and two years covering nearly everything else, which shows that this product stands up over time without fuss about repairs or replacements early on.

However, even though it packs impressive specs for installation flexibility with a pipe reach of up to 25m, allowing setup in various spaces easily without extra cost or complication there are no customer reviews out despite its promising specs.

This introduction highlights why owning a Hisense 2.0HP R32 Standard Air Conditioner AN20DBG might be worth considering if getting through hot days comfortably matters to you.




* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

The Hisense 2.0HP R32 Standard Air Conditioner AN20DBG offers cool air and low energy use. It uses a safe gas and comes with a promise to fix or replace parts if needed.

Air circulation and energy rating

The Hisense 2.0HP R32 Standard Air Conditioner AN20DBG moves air at a rate of 950 cubic meters per hour. This high airflow ensures your room cools down quickly and evenly. It’s perfect for keeping you comfortable during hot days in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, or anywhere else heat strikes.

With a three-star energy rating, this non-inverter air conditioner balances cooling power with energy efficiency. It uses less electricity, which is good news for the environment and your bills.

This unit operates on an R32 refrigerant, known for its low environmental impact compared to other coolants. Its rated current is 7.5A, showing it’s designed for eco-friendliness without sacrificing performance.

Choosing this Hisense model means enjoying cool air while caring for our planet.

Refrigerant and warranty details

Hisense 2.0HP R32 Standard Air Conditioner AN20DBG cools your room with the new R32 refrigerant. This coolant is kind to the Earth and helps keep your space cool efficiently. You also get peace of mind with a strong warranty promise.

There’s a 5-year guarantee on the compressor, which is the main part that makes your air conditioner work well. Plus, a general 2-year warranty covers other parts of the aircon.

On top of these, Oasis Damansara offers an extra treat – a full 2-year parts guarantee for any bits needing replacement or repair. So, if you’re in Malaysia looking for reliable cooling with solid backup support, this Hisense model comes ready with paperwork like its warranty card to ensure help is always at hand if things go sideways.


Check out the sizes and weights of this aircon’s inside and outside parts. Each part plays a big role in cooling your room quickly while keeping power use low.

Dimensions and weight

Talking about the Hisense 2.0HP R32 Standard Air Conditioner AN20DBG, let’s focus on its size and how heavy it is. This information helps you understand if it fits well in your space and how easy it is to move.

  • The indoor part measures W934*H325*D244 mm. It’s compact, making it a good fit for small or medium-sized rooms.
  • This part weighs 12.5kg. It’s light enough for a single person to lift with care.
  • The outdoor part is bigger: W810*H585*D280 mm. It needs more space outside your house.
  • It weighs 37.5kg, which means you might need help moving it.
  • The air conditioner weighs 57.2 kg and the overall dimensions are 96 × 31.5 × 23.5 cm.

These details show that the Hisense Malaysia model is designed to be practical for various homes or offices, considering how much space it takes up and how much it weighs.

Cooling capacity and energy efficiency

This Hisense air conditioner packs a punch with 18,000 BTU of cooling power. It means your room gets cold fast. The machine also has a 3-star energy rating from 2019, showing that it’s kind to your electric bills.

With only 2,675kWh (kWj) used, it’s super efficient.

This unit moves air at 950 cubic meters per hour to air out spaces. Less energy but more cold air makes it perfect for hot days without spending too much on electricity. This combination of strong cooling and smart energy use sets Hisense apart as a top choice for staying cool and saving money.

Additional features

The Hisense 2.0HP R32 Standard Air Conditioner AN20DBG comes with a range of features to boost air quality and durability. It has an ionizer filter that makes the air in your room cleaner and safer to breathe by removing harmful particles.

There’s also a high-density filter that catches even more dust, making sure the air is clean. For easy use, this model sports an LED display that lets you keep track of settings and adjust them without fuss.

Another standout feature is its blue fin condenser, built to last longer even in tough weather conditions, ensuring your unit stays working well over time. The air conditioner uses 100% copper pipes, which means better heat transfer and efficiency for quickly cooling your space.

With the ability to install pipes up to 25 meters long, you can place indoor and outdoor units flexibly, fitting different house layouts without compromising performance or aesthetics.


The Hisense 2.0HP R32 Standard Air Conditioner AN20DBG stands out for its great features and value. With a sale price of RM1,499.00 and free shipping, it offers strong cooling power and energy efficiency.

The use of R32 refrigerant and the generous warranty terms add to its appeal. Its design suits indoor and outdoor settings well, proving this air conditioner is a smart pick for anyone looking to beat the heat without breaking the bank.

It’s clear why customers rate it highly compared to other options on the market.



Horse Power

2.0 HP

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