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Hisense Non Inverter 2.5 HP Air Conditioner AN25DBG


Hisense Non-Inverter 2.5 HP AN25DBG Air Conditioner

Meet the Hisense AN25DBG, a powerful air cooler that doesn’t use inverter technology but still packs a punch. This device makes your room cool while using R32 gas, which is good for the Earth.

It has a smart energy score of three stars. This means it uses less electricity to keep you cool and save money. The machine cleans itself, has an ionizer filter to make the air fresh, and has a golden fin feature for quick cooling.

Its big fan moves more air around your room fast.

This air cooler offers four sleep modes so you can sleep peacefully in different conditions and works quietly, ensuring nothing disturbs your peace. It pulls water from the air well, making your room feel just right.

When you buy it, you get peace of mind with a two-year warranty on most parts and five years on its





* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

The Hisense Non-Inverter AN25DBG Air Conditioner packs a lot of cool features. It uses R32 refrigerant which is kind to the environment, and it’s designed to save energy with its 3-star rating.

This means you stay cool without big bills. The air conditioner also cleans itself with an auto-clean feature and keeps the air fresh with an ionizer filter.

It has a golden fin that prevents rust, so it lasts longer even in wet weather. For hot days, its fast cooling technology and large fan make your room cold quickly. If you like different settings when you sleep, this air conditioner offers four sleep modes.

There’s also a quiet mode for times when you need things extra silent.

The machine pulls moisture from the air very well, making your space more comfortable during humid days. Plus, you won’t worry about repairs soon since it comes with a two-year warranty for everything and five years for the compressor part.

Inside the box, there’s everything needed to set it.

R32 refrigerant

Hisense Non Inverter AN25DBG Air Conditioner uses R32 refrigerant. This makes it better for the planet and helps your air conditioner work well. R32 is known for its high energy efficiency, meaning it needs less power to cool your home fast.

It meets all the rules for coolants, making it a smart choice.

Because of R32’s low impact on warming the planet, picking this air conditioner is like doing a favor for Earth. Its use also boosts how well the cooling system works without using more energy than needed.

So, you get a cooler room at less cost and help protect nature at the same time.

3-star energy rating

The Hisense DB Series Standard Non-Inverter Air Conditioner comes with a 3-star energy rating. This means it does well in saving power. It uses less electricity to cool your room, which is good for our planet.

You will pay less money for your energy use too. Many people want this because it helps both the Earth and their wallets.

This air conditioner’s 3-star rating shows it works efficiently without wasting energy. It’s made to keep you cool while cutting down on how much electricity it needs. For anyone looking to cut costs on their bills and be kinder to the environment, this feature stands out as a smart choice.


Hisense Non-Inverter AN25DBG Air Conditioner saves energy. It uses R32 refrigerant to make cooling efficient and keep costs down. With a 3-star energy rating, this air conditioner shows it’s good at saving power.

This means you pay less for electricity when using it.

Non-inverter technology helps the air conditioner use energy better. You enjoy cool air without wasting power. This is great for both your wallet and the environment. Plus, it has strong dehumidification, making your home comfortable faster without extra energy use.

Auto Clean

The Hisense Non-Inverter AN25DBG Air Conditioner has an auto-clean function. This means it can keep itself free from dirt and germs without you having to do much. After cooling your room, it runs a cycle to remove moisture inside.

This stops mold from growing.

This feature saves you time and effort in keeping the air conditioner clean. Also, it helps ensure the air in your room stays fresh and healthy. You won’t have to worry about bad smells or harmful particles in the air with this smart function working quietly in the background.

Ionizer filter

An ionizer filter in your air conditioner does a great job cleaning the air. It takes out dust, pollen, and other tiny bad stuff floating around. This makes the air in your room better to breathe and healthier for everyone.

This feature is part of what makes these air conditioners save energy. By keeping the air clean with less effort, it helps cut down on power use. You get cool air plus a fresh feeling room without using lots of electricity.

Golden fin

The Hisense Non-Inverter AN25DBG Air Conditioner comes with a special feature called Golden Fin. This unique part of the air conditioner helps protect against rust and wear from different weather conditions.

It makes sure your air conditioning system runs smoothly for a longer time, keeping repair costs low.

Golden fin also improves the efficiency of heat exchange in your machine. This means you get cooler air faster while using less energy. With this feature, the Hisense model promises comfort and savings on your power bills.

Plus, it’s backed by a 5-year warranty for the compressor that includes Golden fin technology, ensuring peace of mind about your investment.

Fast cooling

This Hisense Non-Inverter AN25DBG air conditioner has a feature that makes rooms cold quickly. It uses R32 refrigerant and a big fan to cool spaces fast. This is great for large rooms.

The machine also works quietly, so it cools without making much noise.

Besides making the room cold fast, it pulls water out of the air well. This makes the room feel more comfortable quicker. You get a remote control in the box to manage how cold you want your room easily from anywhere inside it.

Large blade with strong airflow

The Hisense Non-Inverter AN25DBG Air Conditioner has a big fan that moves air quickly and strongly. This means your room gets cool fast. The large fan makes the air move more, so you feel cooler sooner.

This air conditioner’s powerful fan helps it work well and efficiently. It uses less energy to make your space cold. Because of this, you save money on electricity bills. The strong airflow also keeps the temperature consistent throughout the room.

4 types of sleep mode

Hisense Non-Inverter AN25DBG Air Conditioner has four types of sleep mode. This means you can pick how your air conditioner works while you sleep. Each mode adjusts to keep you comfy and save energy.

You won’t have to worry about feeling too hot or too cold during the night. Plus, using these modes helps cut down on your electricity bills.

You get to choose from four different settings based on what feels best for you. Whether it’s a cooler night or a warmer one, there’s a setting that fits just right. This feature is great because everyone likes their room at a different temperature when sleeping.

And with these options, Hisense makes sure your room stays just how you like it all through the night, without wasting energy.

Quiet mode

The Hisense Non-Inverter AN25DBG Air Conditioner comes with a Quiet mode that is perfect for creating a peaceful environment. This feature reduces noise levels, making it ideal for study rooms, bedrooms, and any space where silence is golden.

Users love how this mode keeps the room cool without the usual hum of an air conditioner. It’s a game-changer for those who value quietness alongside comfort.

The quiet mode also adds to the relaxing atmosphere in your home or office. By pressing a button on your warranty card or remote control, you activate this silent operation that allows everyone to enjoy cooler temperatures without disturbance.

This means better sleep at night and more focused work during the day, proving Quiet mode is more than just a luxury; it’s essential for anyone seeking serenity along with effective cooling capacity.

Strong dehumidification

This Hisense Non-Inverter AN25DBG Air Conditioner pulls moisture out of your room quickly. Its powerful drying feature makes your home more comfortable, especially in Petaling Jaya and Ara Damansara where it can get quite humid.

This means you’ll feel cooler without having to lower the temperature too much.

It works great for those sticky days when the air feels heavy. With this air conditioner, you don’t have to worry about that damp feeling or smells that come with too much humidity in your house.

It’s like having a big dryer for your whole room, but it also keeps you cool at the same time. Plus, with its warranty, you know this dehumidifying feature will keep working well for years.



The Hisense AN25DBG air conditioner shines with its cool features. Its energy-saving tech and R32 refrigerant make it kind to your bills and the planet. The auto clean keeps it fresh, and the ionizer ensures your air is cleaner.

Fast cooling means you won’t wait to chill, and its quiet mode keeps peace at home. With a solid warranty and handy box contents, it’s a smart pick for staying cool.



Horse Power

2.5 HP

Inverter Type



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