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Hitachi 1.5 DC Inverter Air Conditioner RAS-XJ13CKM


Hitachi 1.5 HP DC Inverter RAS-XJ13CKM Air Conditioner

Meet the Hitachi Wall Mounted DC Inverter RAS-XJ13CKM Air Conditioner, a game-changer in keeping your space cool and comfortable. This air conditioner has been designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable during hot weather.

With a cooling power of 3.55 kW and 12,110 BTU/hour, it’s quite efficient, holding an energy efficiency grade of four stars. It also uses less energy thanks to its CSPF of 4.89 and EER of 10.53.

The unit doesn’t just cool your room; it also keeps noise low with indoor sound levels ranging from a whisper-quiet 19 dB to a powerful but still reasonable 48 dB, while the part that sits outside isn’t too loud at 50 dB either.

If you’re worried about humidity, this air con pulls out up to 1.6 I/hour of moisture from the air making your environment comfortable without making it too dry.

It’s smart with power too – using between 350-1,350 Watts depending on how much cooling is needed at any time – and even includes safety features like a Fireproof Electrical Enclosure for peace of mind.



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Product Features

The Hitachi Wall Mounted DC Inverter RAS-XJ13CKM Air Conditioner comes packed with top specs to keep your space cool and comfy. It uses clever tech to save energy and runs quietly, making it great for any room.

Cooling capacity

Hitachi Wall Mounted DC Inverter RAS-XJ13CKM Air Conditioner can cool with a power of 3.55 kW, which is also 12,110 BTU/h. This means it works well in different sizes of rooms, both small and large.

Its cooling range stretches from 0.9 to 4.0 kW or between 3,070 and 13,640 BTU/h.

This air conditioner uses a special system called a DC inverter to change how much electricity it uses without turning it off and on all the time. It makes sure you get constant cooling whilst saving energy.

With its horsepower, it fits many needs, whether for your home or office space.

Energy star rating

The Hitachi Wall Mounted DC Inverter RAS-XJ13CKM air conditioner has a four-star energy efficiency rating. This means it saves more power than many other air conditioners on the market.

With its DC inverter system, it adjusts its speed to keep your room at a steady temperature. This uses less electricity, making it kinder to your wallet and the planet.

Its Seasonal Performance Factor (CSPF) stands at 4.89 and an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 10.53. These numbers show how effectively this aircon turns electrical energy into cooling power.

With total power input ranging from 350 to 1,350 watts and amperage between 5.25 and 5.50 amps, it strikes a balance between strong performance and low energy use.

Total power input

The Hitachi Wall Mounted DC Inverter RAS-XJ13CKM Air Conditioner uses power between 350 and 1,350 Watts. This means it can adjust its energy use based on what’s needed. It draws a current of 5.25 to 5.50 Amperes.

This flexibility helps in saving energy and keeps your electricity bills lower.

Such a range in power input allows the air conditioner to work efficiently, whether cooling a small room or dealing with the heat of larger spaces. It balances performance with energy savings, making it a smart choice for those looking to keep cool without spending too much on electricity.

Sound levels

This Hitachi RAS-XJ13CKM air conditioner keeps things quiet inside and outside your home. Inside, you can have it as quiet as 19 dB, which is super silent. This means you can enjoy cool air without a loud noise.

For times when more cooling power is needed, the sound goes up to 48 dB. Even then, it’s not too loud. Outside, the machine makes just 50 dB of noise. So, your neighbours won’t be bothered by its sound either.

With these sound levels, this air conditioner fits well in any room. You can sleep or work without being disturbed by noise. Plus, the outdoor unit doesn’t cause a racket that might upset those living near you.

Dehumidifying capacity

The Hitachi Wall Mounted DC Inverter RAS-XJ13CKM Air Conditioner can remove 1.6 litres of water from the air every hour. This means it makes your room less humid and more comfortable quickly.

Rooms feel cooler and fresher because it pulls moisture out of the air. This feature is great for places with a lot of humidity.

It also helps to prevent mould from growing in your home. Mould grows in damp areas, so by taking water out of the air, this air conditioner keeps your home healthier. You won’t need to worry about mouldy smells or damage to your house from too much moisture.

Plus, you use less energy when the air is dry, making this a smart choice for saving on bills.

Additional features

This air conditioner has a frost-wash feature, making it easy to clean. It gets rid of dirt and keeps the air fresh. You also get a wireless remote control, letting you change settings from anywhere in the room.

With an anti-corrosion coating, the outdoor units are safe from rust and last longer.

It includes several modes for any need: Air Sleep Timer saves energy while you sleep; Refresh Mode cools your room fast; Powerful Mode offers quick cooling on hot days; and Silent Mode runs quietly.

The Sensor Dry Operation keeps moisture levels just right for comfort. Plus, there’s a fireproof electrical enclosure for safety. All these come with a one-year warranty from local manufacturers.

Dimensions and Weight

Checking how big and heavy the Hitachi Wall Mounted DC Inverter RAS-XJ13CKM Air Conditioner matters a lot. The size of the part that goes inside your house and the bit that stays outside makes a difference in fitting it in just right.

Indoor dimensions and weight

The Hitachi Wall Mounted DC Inverter RAS-XJ13CKM air conditioner has a sleek design to fit in your space without taking much room. Understanding its indoor unit’s size and weight helps in planning the installation spot. Here are the key details:


Indoor Dimensions780 x 280 x 230 mm
Indoor Net Weight8.0 kg


This table shows that the indoor unit is quite compact and light. Its dimensions make it a good fit for most rooms, and the weight ensures it can be mounted easily without special supports.

Outdoor dimensions and weight

Here’s what you need to know about the outdoor part of the Hitachi Wall Mounted DC Inverter RAS-XJ13CKM Air Conditioner. It’s compact and light, making it easy to fit in various spaces outside your home or office.


Dimensions658 x 530 x 275 mm
Net Weight22 kg


This outdoor unit’s size and weight are vital for planning your installation. It ensures you have enough space and that the unit can be securely mounted.


The Hitachi Wall Mounted DC Inverter RAS-XJ13CKM Air Conditioner stands out. It offers strong cooling power, energy efficiency, and quiet operation. This model also brings advanced features like dehumidifying and various modes for different needs.

Its design considers long-term use with anti-corrosion and anti-rust materials. For those looking for a reliable air conditioning solution, this product is worth considering. With its thoughtful additions, it addresses both immediate comfort and future climate changes between homes and the environment.



Horse Power

1.5 HP

Inverter Type



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