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Hitachi 2.5 HP DC Inverter Air Conditioner RAS-XJ24CKM


Hitachi 2.5 HP DC Inverter RAS-XJ24CKM Air Conditioner

Air conditioners have become a must-have in homes and offices, especially in hot climates. The Hitachi Air Conditioner Inverter 2.5 HP (2.5 Horsepower) RAS-XJ24CKV stands out as an exceptional choice for cooling spaces between 30-35m² efficiently.

This model shines with its energy-saving features like the DC Inverter Technology that cuts down electricity use by up to half, making it both powerful and pocket-friendly. Its clever design includes Frost Wash Technology that fights off up to 93% of mould and bacteria, ensuring clean air flows through your space without water leaks or dust buildup.

Unlike many bulky units, the indoor part of this Hitachi model is pretty compact at 30 x 90 x 23 cm and weighs just 10 Kg; while the outdoor counterpart measures 65 x 85 x 29.8 cm with a weight of around three bags of rice (43 Kg).

It’s smart too – thanks to the VECTOR DC SYSTEM which smoothly adjusts compressor speed for quieter operation without losing efficiency.



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Product Features

The Hitachi Air Conditioner Inverter 2.5 HP RAS-XJ24CKV has a strong cooling ability and uses less power. It fits well in both small rooms and larger areas, making it versatile for different spaces.

Cooling capacity and power

Hitachi Air Conditioner Inverter 2.5 HP RAS-XJ24CKV stands out for its impressive cooling capabilities and energy efficiency. It offers a cooling capacity of 21,150 Btu/h and 6.2 kW, which ensures your space remains comfortably cool. Additionally, it operates with a Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor (CSPF) of 5.34, showcasing its effectiveness in power use over time. This model utilises R32 refrigerant, known for its low environmental impact and high energy efficiency. Below are the key details about its cooling capacity and power:


Cooling Capacity21,150 Btu/h, 6.2 kW
Refrigerant TypeR32


This model is designed for those who value both performance and sustainability.

Indoor and outdoor unit models and dimensions

Understanding the models and sizes of Hitachi Air Conditioner Inverter 2.5 HP RAS-XJ24CKV is crucial. Here’s a concise breakdown:

TypeModelDimensions (cm)Net Weight (Kg)
Indoor UnitRAS-XJ24CKV30 x 90 x 2310
Outdoor UnitRAC-XJ24CKV65 x 85 x 29.843


These specifications show the space you need for installation. The indoor unit is compact and easy to fit in various rooms. The outdoor unit requires more space due to its larger size and heavier weight. Review these dimensions to ensure a smooth setup.

Refrigerant used

This Hitachi Air Conditioner uses R32 refrigerant. This gas cools deep and keeps the temperature stable. It is also good for our planet.

R32 makes the air conditioner work well in hot weather. This helps save power and money over time. Hitachi chose R32 because it is kinder to the Earth than other gases.

Frost Wash Technology

Frost Wash Technology in Hitachi air conditioners uses cold to fight off mould and bacteria. This smart feature stops up to 93% of harmful germs from living in your cooling unit. It also keeps dust away and stops water from leaking, making sure your machine works well for a longer time.

With this technology, you breathe cleaner air and stay healthier at home.

This clever method means less worry about cleaning your air conditioner too often. Frost Wash acts like a shield against health risks by stopping mould and bacteria before they can start trouble.

Your Hitachi air conditioner runs more efficiently, saving power and giving you peace of mind knowing you’re breathing better quality air every day.

DC Inverter Technology

DC Inverter Technology in the Hitachi Air Conditioner makes it stand out. This tech lets the air conditioner save up to 50% on electricity. It does this by making the cooling system work more smoothly and with less noise.

Instead of turning off and on like old models, this one adjusts its speed to keep your room at the perfect temperature without using too much power.

The technology includes a smart part called a MICROCOMPUTER which keeps an eye on how the compressor works. By doing this, it can change how fast the compressor runs. This means you get quiet rooms while still keeping them cool or warm as needed.

It’s clever because it figures out exactly what is needed for ideal conditions without wasting energy or making too much sound.


The VECTOR DC SYSTEM uses a small computer to control the aircon’s compressor. This tech adjusts how fast the compressor works, making your room cool down quickly and quietly. It also means the air conditioner does not use as much power, cutting electricity use by up to half.

This system has a Powerful Mode that cools your space fast when you need it most. There’s also an Air Sleep Timer Function that helps keep the temperature just right while you’re sleeping.

For safety, it includes a delay before starting again if power is cut and is built with materials that won’t catch fire easily.

Other advantages and safety features

Hitachi’s air conditioner comes with more than just cooling power. It has Frost Wash Technology, cutting down mould and germs by up to 93%. This not only keeps the air fresh but also stops water from leaking out.

There’s a smart timer too, to help you sleep better without worrying about the temperature.

Safety is key for this machine. It waits three minutes before starting again after a stop. This protects it from sudden shocks of power. Plus, there’s a fire-safe box where all the wires live, keeping you safe from fires.

Hitachi makes sure your home stays cool, clean, and safe all at once.


This Hitachi Air Conditioner with a 2.5 HP inverter ticks all the boxes for those needing cool air and energy savings. With its advanced features like Frost Wash Technology, it keeps mould and dirt away, making your room a cleaner space.

Plus, the DC Inverter Technology cuts down your power bill by up to half while still giving out strong cooling. Priced right and made for medium-sized rooms, this air conditioner blends in well with modern needs.

It’s clear that if comfort and efficiency matter to you, this model stands out as a smart choice for battling heat efficiently.



Horse Power

2.5 HP

Inverter Type



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