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Hitachi 1.0 HP RAS-EH10CKM


Hitachi 1.0 HP RAS-EH10CKM Air Conditioner

Air conditioners have become a key part of comfort in homes and offices. The Hitachi RAS-EH10CKM Air Conditioner is one such device that keeps your spaces cool. This air conditioner is part of the Standard Series (R32) and packs features like a cooling capacity of 2.65 kW and 9,040 BTU/h, making it powerful enough to chill your room quickly.

With an energy efficiency rating of three stars, it ensures you save on electricity bills while staying cool.

This model stands out for being quiet at as low as 25dB indoors, ensuring your peace isn’t disturbed. It can also handle long pipe lengths up to 15 meters for flexible installation options and uses eco-friendly R32 refrigerant which helps protect the environment.

Packed with functionalities like an auto restart, dehumidifying capability, and enhanced durability through anti-corrosion measures; this air conditioner meets varied needs.

Moreover, Hitachi’s range showcases their commitment to quality in both home and business environments with products designed by Arçelik Hitachi Home Appliances Sales Malaysia Sdn Bhd., revealing why they are leaders in the field since starting in Malaysia under Mr Heng’s guidance at

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Product Features

The Hitachi RAS-EH10CKM air conditioner packs a strong cooling punch and uses energy smartly. It makes your room cool fast, keeps the noise down, and saves power.

Cooling capacity

Hitachi RAS-EH10CKM Air Conditioner has a cooling power of 2.65 kW and 9,040 BTU/h. This means it can make a room cold quite fast. It works great for small to medium-sized rooms, keeping them cool and comfortable during hot days.

Its energy efficiency rating is impressive at 10.96 BTU/h Watt. This shows the air conditioner uses power well to cool spaces without wasting much energy. So, you get good cooling while saving on your electricity bills too.

Energy efficiency ratings

The Hitachi RAS-EH10CKM air conditioner has an energy efficiency that saves power. It comes with a MEPS energy star rating of three stars. This means it uses less electricity to cool rooms down, making it good for the planet and your bills.

Its CSPF (Seasonal Performance Factor) is 3.32 Wh/Wh, showing how efficiently it operates throughout the year.

This cooling system also boasts an EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 10.96 BTU/h Watt. An EER this high means it cools very well while keeping energy use low. The total power needed starts from 825 Watts, with amperes between 3.94 – 3.77 A, fitting most homes’ electrical setups without fuss.

With features like these, you get comfort without wasting too much power or money.

Power input and amperes

Hitachi RAS-EH10CKM Air Conditioner needs around 825 Watts to run. This means it uses electricity efficiently to keep you cool. Its total amperes range between 3.94 and 3.77 A, showing how much current it needs from the power supply.

This shows us that it’s designed to work well without using too much electricity.

Knowing about watts and amperes helps you understand how the air conditioner uses energy. It makes sure your home stays comfortable while keeping power use low. This is good for your bills and the environment.

Air flow and sound levels

The Hitachi RAS-EH10CKM Air Conditioner moves air between 4.5 and 10.5 cubic metres per minute, based on the mode you choose. This means you can adjust how fast it cools your room.

For a quiet setting or night time use, its indoor noise can be as low as 25 decibels. That’s really soft, like whispers in a library. When you need strong cooling, the sound goes up to 46 decibels indoors but still stays at a moderate level.

Outside, this air conditioner makes a sound of about 52 decibels. This is about as loud as calm conversation at home. So even when it works hard to keep you cool inside, it won’t disturb your neighbours much with noise from the outdoor unit.

Dehumidifying capacity and pipe length

This Hitachi RAS-EH10CKM air conditioner can pull out 1.4 litres of water from the air every hour. This feature helps to keep your room comfortable and less sticky, especially on rainy days.

For best performance, it has a pipe that can be as long as 15 metres. This allows you to install the outdoor unit far away from the indoor one without losing efficiency. Such flexibility makes it easier to fit this air conditioner in different spaces, whether homes or offices.

The pipes also have specific sizes for liquid and gas which ensure the system runs smoothly and efficiently. Using less power while keeping your space cool is important for saving on electricity bills.

The ability to remove moisture rapidly while properly managing refrigerant flow across longer distances makes this model a smart choice for those looking to enhance their indoor climate control.


The Hitachi RAS-EH10CKM air conditioner stands out with its high cooling power and energy-saving features. It’s an ideal pick for anyone looking to beat the heat without hiking up their electricity bill.

With thoughtful features like silent mode and powerful mode, it caters to different needs in a home or office setting. The use of R32 refrigerant also shows Hitachi’s commitment to being eco-friendly.

If you’re in the market for an efficient and reliable air cooler, this model is worth considering.



Horse Power

1.0 HP

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