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Midea 1.0 HP Inverter Air Conditioner MSEP25


Midea 1.0 HP Inverter Air Conditioner MSEP25

The Midea MSEP25 Inverter Air Conditioner is a game-changer in keeping homes cool and comfortable. This 2.5HP unit, part of the All Easy Pro Series, uses R32 Inverter technology to cool areas between 300-450sq.ft efficiently.

It’s cleverly designed for hassle-free installation and upkeep with features like a one-screw fixed design and a magnetic cover that makes cleaning the filter a breeze. Plus, it fights off up to 99% of harmful germs using its air magic tech.

For those who love tech, there’s an option to control this AC from anywhere through Smart Control.

It doesn’t stop there; this air conditioner is also built for energy savings with its iECO Mode and operates quietly to ensure your peace isn’t disturbed. It boasts impressive durability against rust with Golden Fin technology and promises healthy air quality with its Cold Catalyst Filter among other advanced filters.

Supporting your cooling needs are warranties that give you peace of mind: two years full warranty plus five more on the compressor. And if you’re curious about what else Midea offers or perhaps interested in their purifiers designed for compact spaces yet powerful purification, keep reading! There’s much more cool stuff ahead.





* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

The Midea MSEP25 Inverter Air Conditioner makes cooling your home easy and efficient. It offers quick setup, simple upkeep, and tech that cleans the air from harmful tiny life forms.

Easy installation with 1-screw fixed design

Installing the Midea MSEP25 Inverter Air Conditioner is simple. You’ll love how fast and hassle-free it is.

  1. Find the mounting spot: Choose a wall that will hold the air conditioner well.
  2. Mark the spot: Use a level to mark where the top of your air conditioner will go.
  3. Drill a hole: This is for the one screw that holds everything in place.
  4. Place the mounting plate: Align it with your marked spot and secure it with just one screw.
  5. Hang your air conditioner: Slide it onto the plate until it clicks.
  6. Check stability: Give it a gentle nudge to ensure it’s firmly attached.


This method cuts down on tools and steps needed, making installation much quicker than traditional methods. You don’t need to be an expert to do it right. With less time spent on setup, your air conditioner starts cooling your room sooner, all while you enjoy peace of mind knowing it’s installed securely.

Easy maintenance with magnetic filter cover

Maintaining your Midea MSEP25 Inverter Air Conditioner is simple thanks to its magnetic filter cover. This design lets you quickly access and clean the filter, keeping your air conditioner running smoothly.

  • The magnetic filter cover snaps off and on with ease. You don’t need any tools or special skills to open it.
  • Cleaning the filter becomes a quick task. Just remove the cover, clean the filter, and put it back.
  • This feature helps keep your air flowing well. A clean filter catches more dirt and keeps the air fresh.
  • With regular cleaning, your air conditioner works better and uses less power. This means cooler air and lower energy bills for you.
  • The simple design of the magnetic cover is unique to this model. It makes taking care of your air conditioner easier than ever before.
  • You can do the maintenance yourself without calling professionals. This saves you time and money.


This easy maintenance feature ensures that anyone can keep their air conditioner in top shape without extra hassle or costs.

Air magic technology for bacteria and virus elimination

The Midea MSEP25 Inverter Air Conditioner uses air magic technology. This tech sends out positive and negative ions. These ions attack bacteria and viruses in the air, killing up to 99% of them.

It makes sure the air in your room is clean and safe.

This method gets rid of harmful germs and improves indoor air quality. With the MSEP25, you get a shield against these tiny invaders, ensuring a healthier living space for you and your family.

Optional Smart Control for remote operation

Midea MSEP25 Inverter Air Conditioner comes with an optional Smart Control feature. This lets you manage your AC from anywhere, anytime. You need a device like a smartphone to control the air conditioner easily.

It makes adjusting settings or turning it on before you get home very convenient.

Smart Control adds great value by making the air conditioner flexible to use. With this, controlling temperature and modes remotely is easy, offering a more comfortable experience without being near the unit.

This function shows how technology can simplify life, bringing comfort into your hands wherever you are.

The Midea MSEP25 comes packed with extra traits that make it stand out. These include modes to save power, ensure quiet operation, and have better airflow in your space.

iECO Mode

iECO Mode on your air conditioner is a smart feature that saves energy. It adjusts both temperature and airflow in your room to be more efficient. This way, you use less electricity and cut down on your bills.

iECO Mode makes sure you stay cool without using too much power.

Using RICO Mode means you enjoy a comfortable space while saving money. It’s designed for those who want to keep their home cool without the high cost. With this mode, your air conditioner works smarter, not harder, to give you the best cooling experience that also keeps your wallet happy.

Air still

Airstill is a smart feature in the Midea MSEP25 Inverter Air Conditioner. It uses both positive and negative ions to clean the air. This tech gets rid of up to 99% of germs and viruses in your room.

You breathe cleaner, healthier air every day.

This method does not just stop at bacteria and viruses; it tackles other nasty particles too. Your home gets fresher air without any extra effort from you. The air still makes sure that staying cool also means staying healthy.

Golden Fin

Golden Fin technology on the Midea MSEP25 Inverter Air Conditioner makes it stand out. It protects the outdoor piece from rust, making your air cooler last longer. This special coating also means better heat shift and less dirt sticking to it.

Your air cooler works more smoothly and uses energy wisely because of this.

The feature is made for tough weather outside. Golden Fin keeps performance high and maintenance low. This ensures your air cooling device stays efficient over time, saving you money and trouble.

Cold Catalyst Filter

The Cold Catalyst Filter in the Midea MSEP25 Inverter Air Conditioner keeps your air clean. It breaks down harmful substances like formaldehyde, benzene, and other dangerous gases.

This means you get to breathe cleaner, healthier air inside your home.

This filter is in the MSEP25 model and others like the Airstill and FOREST Series R32 models. Its job is to make sure that the air around you doesn’t carry stuff that could make you sick.

So with this feature, Midea air conditioners do more than just cool your space; they help keep it safe too.

High-Density Filter

The High-Density Filter in the Midea MSEP25 Inverter Air Conditioner traps and removes small dirt bits, pollen, and more from the air. This makes the air cleaner and healthier for everyone around.

It is a key feature that helps improve indoor air quality significantly.

This filter is easy to maintain too. Customers can easily get support or register their products including this air cleaner part online. Keeping it in top shape means the air stays clean without much hassle.


The Midea MSEP25 Inverter Air Conditioner makes your life easier with its self-cleaning function. This feature keeps the machine working well by removing dirt and dust automatically.

You don’t have to worry about cleaning it often, which saves you time and effort.

With auto cleaning, the air conditioner stays in good shape for longer. It uses less energy because it doesn’t work as hard when it’s clean. This means you also save money on your electric bills while enjoying cool, fresh air at home without extra work.

Low Noise

The MSEP25 Inverter Air Conditioner operates quietly, making it perfect for bedrooms and living spaces. It doesn’t disturb your peace, ensuring comfort at all times. Its low noise feature suits various settings where quiet is key.

This air conditioner brings calm to any room without the usual loud sounds of cooling machines. It’s built to keep noise levels down so you can relax or work in peace. Quiet operation makes this model a great choice for homes and offices alike.

Long Distance windblast

Midea MSEP25 Inverter Air Conditioner uses a long-distance windblast to push air far. This means it can cool big rooms fast. Its powerful flow ensures cold air reaches every corner, improving how well it cools your space.

This feature also helps with air movement across larger areas, meaning everyone in the room feels more comfortable. With this AC, you won’t have hot spots because it spreads the cool air evenly.

It’s a smart choice for anyone needing to keep a big area cool without using multiple units.

3D Airflow

The 3D Airflow feature on the Midea MSEP25 Inverter Air Conditioner takes cool air to every corner of your room. This tech ensures air moves in all directions, eliminating hot spots and making cooling efficient.

The room feels more comfortable because the temperature is steady everywhere.

This system spreads air evenly and helps your air conditioner work better. With 3D Airflow, you enjoy a cooler space faster without wasting energy. This means lower power bills and a nicer place to relax or work in during hot days.


The Midea MSEP25 Inverter Air Conditioner cools spaces from 300 to 450 square feet and offers a cooling power of 24,000 Btu/h. It comes with a generous warranty of two years for the unit and five years for the compressor.

Explore more about its features to make your space comfortable. Cooling capacity of 24,000 Btu/h

Explore the remarkable features of the Midea MSEP25 Inverter Air Conditioner, focusing on its cooling power.


Cooling Capacity24,000 Btu/h
Application Area300-450sq.ft
Power Consumption1,893W
Running Current8.23A
Warranty2 years full, 5 years on compressor


This unit boasts an impressive cooling capacity, ensuring comfort in spaces ranging from 300 to 450 square feet. Its efficient power consumption and strong warranty make it an excellent choice for those seeking reliable cooling solutions.

Application area of 300-450sq.ft

The Midea MSEP25 Inverter Air Conditioner boasts a cooling capacity of 24,000 Btu/h, making it an excellent choice for rooms ranging from 300 to 450 square feet.


Cooling Capacity24,000 Btu/h
Application Area300-450 sq.ft
Power Consumption1,893W
Running Current8.23A
Dimensions1,140mm x 297mm x 370mm


This air conditioner is fit for medium-sized spaces, from family rooms to large offices. Its energy consumption is practical, ensuring efficient cooling without excessive use of electricity. The dimensions highlight its compact design, facilitating installation in varied spaces. Quick to install and easy to maintain, the Midea MSEP25 is a smart option for keeping your area cool.

2 years full warranty and 5 years compressor warranty

Warranty coverage is crucial for any big purchase, especially when it’s something as vital as your air conditioning unit. With its comprehensive warranty options, the Midea MSEP25 Inverter Air Conditioner offers peace of mind. Check out the details in the table below to clearly understand what’s covered.


Warranty TypeDurationCoverage
Full Warranty2 YearsCovers manufacturing defects and malfunctions
Compressor Warranty5 YearsProtection against compressor issues


This warranty ensures that the main parts of your air conditioner, including its heart – the compressor, are protected against problems for a decent period. It’s a clear sign that Midea stands behind its product’s quality and durability.



The Midea MSEP25 Inverter Air Conditioner stands out for its easy setup, low upkeep, and smart features. With just one screw needed for fitting and a magnetic cover for quick cleaning, it saves time and effort.

The magic tech fights germs effectively. Plus, the option for remote control adds convenience. This unit is powerful enough to cool medium rooms quickly while being energy-efficient.

It also comes with solid support guarantees for peace of mind. Choosing this air conditioner means enjoying cool air without hassle or worry about high bills or tricky maintenance.



Horse Power

1.0 HP

Inverter Type



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