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Midea 1.0 HP Inverter Air Conditioner MSXS10


Midea 1.0 HP Inverter Air Conditioner MSXS10

Introducing the Midea MSXS10 Inverter Air Conditioner, a game-changer for staying cool. This air conditioner comes with a 1.0 hp capacity and an asking price of RM1,380.00 including installation.

It’s not just about cooling your space; this machine brings energy-saving features like iECO Mode and uses Golden Fin technology to last longer and work better. With perks like Air Magic and Flash Cooling, it offers quick cooling without much noise, making it perfect for places where quiet is key.

The Midea MSXS10 doesn’t stop at just cooling down rooms fast; it’s packed with cutting-edge tech like Smart Diagnosis for trouble-free maintenance and Cold Catalyst Filter to keep the air clean.

Also features ThermoStatic Technology for steady temperature control and optional WIFI Control so you can manage it from anywhere.

This sleekly designed unit also boasts a Diamond Cabinet feature that adds elegance wherever placed and Follow Me technology, ensuring the cooling focuses on where you are in the room.

Everything considered, it’s clear why this air conditioning unit could be exactly what you need to beat the heat effectively.

Get ready to feel cooler already!



* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

The Midea MSXS10 Inverter Air Conditioner comes with various advanced features to enhance your cooling experience. It ensures a comfortable environment with eco mode for efficient energy saving and Golden fin technology for durability.

Additionally, the Smart Diagnosis feature allows easy troubleshooting of any issues, making maintenance hassle-free.

iECO Mode (Energy Saving)

iECO Mode makes your air conditioner smart. It saves energy by adjusting the coolness and fan speed on its own. This means it keeps your room comfortable without using too much power.

You save money on electricity bills and help the planet.

This feature is part of Midea MSXS10 Inverter Air Conditioner’s magic. It does all this work without you having to lift a finger. Using RICO Mode, your air conditioner becomes more efficient and cheaper to run over time.

Golden fin

The Golden fin technology on the Midea MSXS10 Inverter Air Conditioner is a game-changer. It fights rust and makes the unit last longer. This special coating works well even in tough weather, keeping your air conditioner running smoothly.

With this feature, your cooling machine lasts longer and works better.

Golden fin also boosts how well your air conditioner moves heat around. This means it performs better and uses less power over time. Choosing an air conditioner with Golden fin technology ensures you get a durable cooler that’s good for different places and saves energy too.

Air Magic

Air magic in the Midea MSXS10 Inverter Air Conditioner helps you stay cool and comfy. This feature kicks off strong cooling swiftly, making your room chill faster than usual. It’s a part of the aircon’s smart tech to make indoors feel just right.

With Air Magic, you get more than just quick cooling. This function also adds to how well your air conditioner works, offering top-notch performance without using too much power. You’ll enjoy a cooler space without worrying about energy bills shooting up.

Flash Cooling

Flash Cooling in the Midea MSXS10 Inverter Air Conditioner brings quick and efficient cooling. It works fast to lower the temperature. This is great for when you need to cool down a room quickly.

This feature stands out in the Midea MSXS10 Inverter Air Conditioner. With Flash Cooling, you can enjoy rapid cooling right away. It makes this air conditioner a top choice for instant cooling needs.

Low Noise

The Midea MSXS10 Inverter Air Conditioner runs quietly. This means you won’t hear it much. It’s good for your sleep and work. You’ll enjoy a calm room without the loud sound common in other air-conditioners.

This quiet feature is possible due to advanced technology in the Midea MSXS10. It helps ensure the air conditioner does its job without causing noise pollution. So, you get cool air and peace at the same time.

Smart Diagnosis

The Midea MSXS10 Inverter Air Conditioner comes equipped with the Smart Diagnosis feature, making troubleshooting and maintenance easy. This feature allows for quick and accurate diagnosis of issues, adding value to the overall product offering.

With this inclusion, maintaining the air conditioner becomes hassle-free due to its capability for precise issue identification.

This innovative technology addresses complexities related to air conditioning systems by providing a tailored solution towards enhanced user experience. By incorporating Smart Diagnosis into its product, Midea demonstrates its commitment to ever-evolving customer needs in the realm of air conditioning.

Cold Catalyst Filter

The Midea MSXS10 Inverter Air Conditioner has a Cold Catalyst Filter designed to remove harmful airborne particles and odours. This plays a significant role in improving the air quality within your living space.

The Cold Catalyst Filter also helps reduce bacteria and viruses, creating a healthier environment overall.

Moreover, including the Cold Catalyst Filter enhances the efficiency of this air conditioner by ensuring that the circulated air is always clean and fresh. This feature works silently and effectively without causing any disturbance while you enjoy the comfortable cooling effect of your air conditioner.

Thermostatic Technology

ThermoStatic Technology in the Midea MSXS10 Inverter Air Conditioner helps to maintain a steady and comfortable temperature in your room. It automatically adjusts the cooling output based on the room’s temperature, ensuring you enjoy a pleasant environment without sudden changes.

This feature enhances your comfort and contributes to energy efficiency, helping you save on electricity costs while keeping your space cool.

By regulating the temperature precisely, ThermoStatic Technology allows the air conditioner to work more efficiently and provide consistent cooling without consuming excess power. This means relaxing and enjoying a consistently comfortable indoor climate while reducing energy consumption.

Diamond Cabinet

The Diamond Cabinet is a unique Midea MSXS10 Inverter Air Conditioner feature. It’s specifically associated with the 1.0HP model and plays an essential role in enhancing the overall aesthetics of the air conditioning unit.

This feature adds a touch of sophistication to your space, making it functional and stylish. The cabinet enhances durability and also provides protection against external damage.

This distinctively designed cabinet complements the performance by ensuring efficient airflow while contributing to noise reduction, making it an all-around valuable addition to this air conditioner model.

Follow Me

The Midea MSXS10 Inverter Air Conditioner comes with the Follow Me feature, providing personalised and targeted cooling. Through this function, you can use the remote control to track and adjust the temperature around you, ensuring comfort by maintaining your desired temperature in your vicinity.

This feature is ideal for maintaining comfort in specific areas of a room and offers convenience and energy efficiency for users.

However, it is important to note that the Follow Me feature included in the Midea MSXS10 Inverter Air Conditioner allows for personalised and targeted cooling. It ensures comfort by maintaining the user’s desired temperature in their vicinity through a remote control, offering convenience and energy efficiency.

WIFI Control (optional)

The optional WIFI Control feature for the Midea MSXS10 Inverter allows you to control your air conditioner from a distance, giving you more flexibility and convenience. With this feature, you can easily adjust the temperature and settings without being physically present near the air conditioner.

The WIFI Control is an optional addition to the Midea MSXS10 Inverter, allowing users to include this advanced functionality in their air conditioning system.

This feature offers remote access to your air conditioner, enabling you to manage its operation effortlessly via your smartphone or other smart devices. By choosing the Midea MSXS10 Inverter with WIFI Control, priced at RM1,380.00, you can enhance your comfort and adaptability by accessing and controlling your air conditioner from anywhere within range of your home network.

Benefits of Midea MSXS10 Inverter Air Conditioner

The Midea MSXS10 Inverter Air Conditioner offers a range of benefits. Firstly, it features iECO Mode, which saves energy while maintaining comfort. Secondly, the Golden fin enhances durability by preventing corrosion and extending the air conditioner’s lifespan.

Thirdly, its low-noise operation ensures quiet and peaceful indoor environments. The Smart Diagnosis feature simplifies troubleshooting for easy maintenance and efficient performance.

Moreover, its Cold Catalyst Filter provides clean and fresh air by eliminating harmful particles. The ThermoStatic Technology ensures precise temperature control for optimal comfort.

Lastly, Flash Cooling delivers quick cooling responses to bring instant relief from heat indoors.

Installation Inclusion in Price

The price of the Midea MSXS10 Inverter – 1.0HP includes installation, saving you the hassle and extra cost of finding an installer. This means that for RM1,380.00, you get the air conditioner and a professional installation service to ensure it’s set up correctly and works efficiently.

This inclusive package simplifies your purchase process, offering convenience and peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to deal with installation arrangements separately. The installation is handled by skilled professionals who understand the product thoroughly, ensuring a smooth setup process for your new air conditioner.


The Midea MSXS10 Inverter air conditioner, priced at RM1,380.00 with a capacity of 1.0 hp and installation included, offers a range of impressive features. Its iECO Mode contributes to energy efficiency while the Golden fin enhances durability.

Quick and effective cooling is facilitated by the Air magic and Flash Cooling functions, operating quietly for peaceful environments.

Furthermore, its Smart Diagnosis feature simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance tasks. The Cold Catalyst Filter purifies the air, alongside ThermoStatic Technology ensuring precise temperature control for optimal comfort.

The unit’s elegant Diamond Cabinet design adds a touch of sophistication while the optional WIFI Control brings added convenience for users seeking advanced functionalities in their air conditioning systems.

In conclusion, the Midea MSXS10 Inverter Air Conditioner provides efficient cooling solutions with user-friendly features suitable for modern living spaces.



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1.0 HP

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