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Midea 1.0 HP Non-Inverter Air Conditioner MSGD-24CRN8


Midea 1.0 HP Non-Inverter Air Conditioner MSGD-24CRN8

Looking at the Midea Non-Inverter MSGD-24CRN8 Air Conditioner, we explore a cooling tool perfect for medium-sized rooms in Malaysia. With its 2.5hp power, it cools spaces between 240-350sq.ft efficiently.

This air conditioner shines with a three-star energy efficiency rating. It brings comfort without eating up too much power, thanks to its 24,200 Btu/h cooling capacity and smart energy use of 2210 W.

It comes with peace of mind through a two-year full warranty and an extended five-year cover on the compressor.

The inside part of this machine works quietly, moving a lot of air (995 m3/h) while keeping noise low (38.5 to 46 dB(A)). Its size fits well in most spaces without being intrusive.

Outside, it’s a bit louder at 58 dB(A), but it’s engineered to handle the elements effectively with dimensions that make placement easy. It also uses R32 refrigerant which is kinder to our planet.

Beyond basics, it offers controls through wireless remotes and options for Wifi or wire connections for those who love tech convenience. For those needing help or more details on their purchase like air purifiers MAP-28BD and MAP-20BD alongside this model, Midea’s service team has covered you with tips and assistance just a call away.






* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

The Midea Non-Inverter MSGD-24CRN8 Air Conditioner comes with powerful features for your home. It has a 2.5hp capacity and is perfect for rooms between 240-350sq.ft, backed by a solid warranty for peace of mind.

Capacity: 2.5hp

This air conditioner has a power of 2.5 horsepower. It’s great for rooms between 240 to 350 square feet. With this much strength, it keeps large areas cool easily. You won’t have to worry about hot spots in your room.

It’s also efficient with a cooling capacity of 24,200 Btu/h and using only 2210 watts. It means less electricity is needed to keep your space at the right temperature. Its running current is just 9.61 A, making it easy on your electric bill while still giving you all the cool air you need.

Application area: 240-350sq.ft

The Midea Non-Inverter MSGD-24CRN8 Air Conditioner fits well in spaces that are 240 to 350 square feet. This size range covers many rooms like bedrooms, small living areas, and offices.

The air conditioner’s power and design make it great for keeping such spaces cool and comfortable. With a capacity of 2.5hp, it has enough strength to effectively manage the temperature in these areas.

This model offers an ideal solution for those looking to fit an air conditioner in medium-sized spaces. Its cooling capability of 24,200 Btu/h ensures quick and efficient cooling.

Plus, with a star rating of 3 stars, it balances performance with energy use well. This makes the Midea Non-Inverter MSGD-24CRN8 a smart choice for maintaining comfort without using too much power.

Warranty: 2 Years (Full), 5 Years (Compressor)

Your Midea Non-Inverter MSGD-24CRN8 Air Conditioner comes with a warranty. For the first two years, you get full coverage. This means if anything goes wrong, it’s taken care of without extra cost to you.

It includes parts and labour for repairs.

After that, the compressor—your air conditioner’s heart—is still under warranty for three more years. If this key part has issues within five years from when you bought your AC, help is still on hand free of charge.

This peace of mind shows faith in this product’s durability and performance.

Star rating: 3 Star

The Midea Non-Inverter MSGD-24CRN8 Air Conditioner has a 3-star rating. This means it uses energy well, making it a smart pick for saving on electricity bills. It’s not the top in saving power but does a good job for its price and features.

A 3-star rating balances performance with efficiency for everyday use.

This air conditioner cools rooms fast while keeping energy use in check. The star rating tells us it’s efficient enough without costing too much to run. If you want an aircon that’s easy on your wallet over time, this model could be right for you.

It hits the sweet spot between cooling power and smart energy use.


Cooling Capacity and Power Consumption

The Midea Non-Inverter MSGD-24CRN8 Air Conditioner can cool a room fast with its 24,200 Btu per hour power. It uses 2210 W of electricity, making it efficient in keeping your space cool without using too much power.

Cooling Capacity: 24,200 Btu/h

This air conditioner can cool a lot with its 24,200 Btu/h power. It means no matter how hot it is outside, your room stays cool and comfortable. This kind of cooling strength is perfect for spaces between 240-350 square feet.

So if you have a big room or small office, this machine will ensure it’s always nice and cold.

With such a high cooling capacity, you might worry about big electricity bills. But this model is designed to be efficient. It uses only 2210 watts of energy to give all that cool air.

That makes it a smart pick for saving money in the long run while keeping your space just right during heatwaves.

Power consumption: 2210 W

The Midea Non-Inverter MSGD-24CRN8 Air Conditioner uses 2210 watts of power. This means it needs this much electricity to cool your room. Knowing how much power an air conditioner needs is good so you can understand its energy use.

Less power means saving more on your bills.

With a running current of 9.61 A and a cooling seasonal performance factor (CSPF) of 3.38 Wh/Wh, this model is efficient in turning electricity into cold air for your space. Checking these numbers helps you pick an air conditioner that is both powerful and doesn’t waste energy, which is great for the environment and your wallet.

Running current: 9.61 A

This Midea air conditioner needs 9.61 amps to run. This much current shows how the machine uses power from your plug at home. Too much current can mean more cost. But, this level is okay for a unit of its size and power.

It eats up 2210 watts when cooling your room. Keep in mind, that devices that use more watts need more current. So, knowing this helps plan energy use and saves money on bills.

CSPF (Cooling seasonal performance factor): 3.38 Wh/Wh

The Midea Non-Inverter MSGD-24CRN8 Air Conditioner has a CSPF of 3.38 Wh/Wh. This means for every watt of electricity it uses, it gives back 3.38 watts of cooling power over the season.

It’s like getting more cool air for less money.

This score helps you see how well the air conditioner works across different times in a year. A higher number shows better performance and energy savings. So, with a CSPF of 3.38 Wh/Wh, this model is quite efficient, making it good for both your home and your wallet.

Additional Features and Models

The Midea Non-Inverter MSGD-24CRN8 Air Conditioner comes with cool extras like a wireless remote control that you can also connect to Wi-Fi for easy use. You can find other types and air cleaners too.

Get in touch with Midea Customer Help for more info.

Thermostat type: Wireless Remote Control (Wifi control, Wire control optional)

Control your Midea Non-Inverter MSGD-24CRN8 Air Conditioner easily with a wireless remote. You get to choose how you want to run it. Use Wi-Fi control from anywhere or stick with traditional cable control if that’s what you prefer.

Changing the room temperature is now at your fingertips, making it simple and convenient.

For those who love gadgets, the Wi-Fi option means adjusting settings without moving an inch. It’s perfect for a comfy day in or when you’re away and want to come back to a cool home.

On the other hand, wire control offers reliability with no need for internet access. Both options give users flexibility and ease of use in managing their cooling needs effectively.


The Midea Non-Inverter MSGD-24CRN8 Air Conditioner stands out with its power and quiet operation. It fits well in medium-sized rooms, thanks to its 2.5hp capacity. A strong coolant system using R32 refrigerant cools quickly while keeping energy use low.

The warranty offers peace of mind for years. This aircon makes a smart choice for cool, comfortable air at home or work.



Horse Power

1.0 HP

Inverter Type



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