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Midea 1.5 HP Inverter Air Conditioner MSXS13


Midea 1.5 HP Inverter Air Conditioner MSXS13

Meet the Midea MSXS13 Inverter Air Conditioner, a 1.5HP device that is changing how we cool our spaces. This unit isn’t just any air cooler; priced at RM1,610 with installation included, it brings efficiency and innovation to your home or office.

With its iECO Mode, you use less power, saving on bills. Its Golden Fin tech fights rust, making the machine last longer and work better.

The Midea MSXS13 features Air Magic for cleaner air and Flash Cooling for quick chill-down times. It runs quietly so you can relax or work in peace. When there’s a problem, Smart Diagnosis makes fixing fast and easy.

You even have an option to control it over WIFI from your phone.




* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

The Midea MSXS13 Inverter Air Conditioner comes packed with features to make your life cooler and more comfortable. This air conditioner has everything from saving energy with its iECO mode to keeping the air clean with a special filter.

iECO Mode (Energy Saving)

iECO Mode helps save power. It makes the air conditioner work in a way that uses less electricity. This means you pay less for your energy bills. iECO Mode comes with the Midea MSXS13 Inverter Air Conditioner without extra cost.

Using this mode, the air conditioner reduces its power use but keeps your room cool. It’s smart because it cuts down on how much electricity is needed without making you feel hot. This is good for both your wallet and the environment since using less energy helps protect our planet.

Golden fin

Golden fin technology gives the Midea MSXS13 air conditioner an edge. It coats the condenser coil with a special layer that fights rust and wear, making your unit last longer. This coating also makes heat move better, boosting how well your aircon works while using less power.

It stands strong against rain, salt, and dirt in the air. This means you spend less on upkeep and enjoy more efficient cooling.

The tech guards the metal parts inside and keeps energy use down. Your Midea MSXS13 Inverter Air Conditioner stays powerful without heavy bills or frequent fixes. This model is a top pick for anyone wanting comfort without extra cost or hassle thanks to golden fin.

Air Magic

Air Magic makes your room feel better. It spreads air well so the whole room stays at one nice temperature. This feature takes out moisture, making the air less sticky and more comfortable.

Air Magic also cleans the air. It removes dust, which can cause allergies and bad smells. This makes sure you breathe clean air.

You can control Air Magic with the Midea Air app on your phone. The app lets you change how it works to suit what you need. Smart sensors in Air Magic watch how air moves in your room.

They change where the air goes and how fast it is based on what’s needed for comfort.

Flash Cooling

Flash cooling in the Midea MSXS13 Inverter Air Conditioner provides quick and efficient cooling. This means you get immediate comfort from the heat as soon as you turn it on. The tech makes sure your room gets cool fast.

This feature is part of what you pay for, so there is no extra cost for fast relief.

This air conditioner uses Flash Cooling to make hot spaces comfortable quickly. It works well and helps keep energy use down. You won’t have to wait long for the room to cool off, making it perfect for hot days.

Plus, this quick action saves power, fitting with its energy-saving design.

Low Noise

The Midea MSXS13 Inverter Air Conditioner lets you enjoy cool air without loud sounds. This machine works quietly, making it perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. You won’t hear much noise, so your sleep or TV time won’t get disturbed.

Its design focuses on keeping things peaceful around you. The technology inside lowers sound levels a lot. This means you can stay cool and not bother about noise messing with your home’s calm vibes.

Smart Diagnosis

Smart Diagnosis on your Midea MSXS13 Inverter Air Conditioner saves you time and cash. It quickly finds problems, making it easy to fix them without waiting for a technician. You check the air conditioner for alerts that tell you what’s wrong.

This feature improves how you use your air conditioner. No need to worry about figuring out issues alone. Smart Diagnosis guides you through simple steps to keep your machine running smoothly, cutting down on repair visits and keeping everything working well.

Cold Catalyst Filter

The Cold Catalyst Filter in the Midea MSXS13 Inverter Air Conditioner plays a big role in keeping your air fresh and clean. It grabs harmful particles and bad smells from the air, making sure you breathe healthier air inside your home.

This smart part of your air conditioner works hard to give you comfort by cleaning up the environment without any extra effort from your side.

Using this filter means enjoying cleaner indoor air quality every day. It removes unwelcome bits from the air and improves how well your cooling system works. Keeping the passageways clean ensures that your unit runs smoothly, providing efficient and effective cooling.

This is great for both saving on energy costs and staying comfortable no matter the weather outside.

Thermostatic Technology

ThermoStatic Technology keeps your room at a comfy, steady temperature. It does this by changing how fast the compressor works. This smart method cuts down on energy use and your electric bills.

You get smooth cooling without big ups and downs in temperature. Making the Midea MSXS13 Inverter Air Conditioner great for keeping things cool for a long time.

This feature is a real winner if you’re looking to save money and stay comfortable. ThermoStatic Technology ensures your aircon doesn’t work harder than it needs to, so it uses less power.

Plus, this keeps wear and tear low, so your air conditioner lasts longer doing its job well.

Diamond Cabinet

The Diamond Cabinet makes the Midea MSXS13 Inverter Air Conditioner stand out. It’s not just about looks; this feature also helps your air conditioner last longer. The design is sleek, giving your room a modern touch.

Plus, it improves airflow, making cooling more efficient.

This cabinet is unique to the Midea MSXS13 model. It ensures that the unit works well and stays durable over time. With better air movement, rooms cool down faster. This special cabinet is part of what makes this air conditioner a smart choice for anyone.

Follow Me

Follow Me makes your air cooler smart by using the temperature around the remote to cool the room. This means you feel comfy no matter where you are in the room. It’s great for big rooms or if many people are there because it keeps cooling throughout the space.

This feature also saves energy while keeping you comfortable, making sure your air conditioner works efficiently. You’ll enjoy how easy it is to have a room that feels just right with Follow Me.

WIFI Control (optional)

The Midea MSXS13 Inverter Air Conditioner comes with an optional WIFI Control feature. This means you can choose to link your air conditioner to the internet. If you opt for this, you can use your smartphone or tablet to manage your cooling system from anywhere.

You could be at work or out shopping and still adjust the settings of your home’s coolness.

With Wi-Fi control, setting schedules for when the air conditioner turns on or off becomes easy. You also get to change temperature settings without being in the same room. This added convenience ensures your place is just how you like it, even before you step inside.

It’s all about making life simpler and more comfortable for users who prefer tech solutions for their homes.


This Midea MSXS13 Inverter Air Conditioner comes packed with features. You get energy savings, quick cooling, and clean air. It runs quietly too. With the price including setup, it’s a good deal for anyone looking to stay cool and comfortable.

Check it out if you want a powerful yet efficient cooler for your space.



Horse Power

1.5 HP

Inverter Type



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