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Midea 2.0 HP Inverter Air Conditioner MSXS19


Midea 2.0 HP Inverter Air Conditioner MSXS19

Air conditioners are now a big part of our lives, keeping us cool when it’s hot outside. The Midea MSXS19 Inverter Air Conditioner is one such device that promises not just to cool the air but also to do it efficiently and smartly.

With a powerful 2.0 hp engine, this air conditioner can easily make large rooms comfortable.

Starting at RM1,989.00 with installation included, this unit comes packed with features aimed at saving energy like iECO Mode and making life easier with options for WIFI control from your phone or tablet.

Its Golden Fin technology fights against rust to last longer while the Cold Catalyst Filter ensures the air you breathe is clean. Flash Cooling cools down rooms fast without too much noise.

Experts in Malaysia since 2018 have been installing and repairing these units for people who want their homes to stay cosy all year round. This device also has Smart Diagnosis for quick fixes and ThermoStatic Technology which adjusts cooling based on where you are in the room.

The optional WIFI feature means even when you’re away from home, your room can still be cooling down waiting for you.

Discover more about how this air conditioner could be what you need for comfort at home.




* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

Meet the Midea MSXS19 Inverter Air Conditioner, a game-changer for staying cool. It brings together great features like energy saving and quick cooling in one smart machine. This aircon uses modern inverter technology to make sure you get powerful cooling without using too much power.

Its capacity is just right for most rooms, making it an excellent choice for your home or office. The product also boasts some impressive additions such as iECO mode, which helps save even more electricity and a Golden fin that resists corrosion better than standard ones.

It comes with a Cold Catalyst Filter to clean the air, Flash Cooling for instant comfort and operates quietly so you can relax or work without noise or distraction. There’s also Smart Diagnosis for easy troubleshooting, ThermoStatic Technology for consistent temperature control, and Follow Me feature that adjusts cooling based on where you are in the room.

For those who love tech gadgets, there’s an option to add WIFI Control. This means you can adjust your air.


This air conditioner has a 2.0 hp power level. This means it can cool rooms efficiently and quickly. With this strength, the MSXS-19CRDN8 fits well in larger spaces or areas that get very warm.

It uses less energy while still keeping you comfortable. This makes it a good choice for those who need strong cooling without using too much electricity.

Product Features

The Midea MSXS19 Inverter Air Conditioner comes with many features. These make it a great choice for cooling your space.

  1. iECO Mode: Saves energy by adjusting power use. This mode helps keep bills low and is good for the planet.
  2. Golden Fin: Protects the unit from rust and makes it last longer, even in hard weather.
  3. Cold Catalyst Filter: Cleans the air by breaking down harmful things like paint smells or tobacco smoke.
  4. Flash Cooling: Cools rooms quickly, making you comfortable faster on hot days.
  5. Low Noise: Runs quietly so it won’t disturb sleep or work.
  6. Smart Diagnosis: Finds problems with the air conditioner fast, making fixes easy.
  7. ThermoStatic Technology: Keeps room temperature steady without big changes, making it more comfy.
  8. Follow Me: Uses a sensor to find where you are in the room and directs cool air towards you for better comfort.
  9. WIFI Control (optional): Lets you control the air conditioner from a phone or tablet, which is handy if you’re not home.

These features work together to ensure your space stays cool, fresh, and comfy while reducing energy costs and reducing noise.

iECO Mode (Energy Saving)

iECO Mode is a smart feature in the Midea MSXS19 Inverter Air Conditioner. It helps you save power. This mode makes your air conditioner use less electricity. So, it costs you less to cool your home.

It’s good for both your wallet and the planet.

This energy-saving setting is special to this model. Other models like MIDEA MSAG19 don’t have it. Choosing iECO Mode means using less energy compared to normal settings. This way, you keep your space cool without wasting lots of power or money.

Golden fin

The Midea MSXS19 Inverter Air Conditioner comes with golden fin technology. This special feature makes the air conditioner more durable and efficient. Golden fins protect against corrosion, so your air conditioner can last longer without losing cooling power.

A golden fin in your air conditioner also ensures it runs smoothly over time. Since it fights off rust, you won’t have to worry about humidity or water exposure damage. This makes the Midea MSXS19 a smart choice for anyone looking to get a reliable and long-lasting cooling system for their home.

Cold Catalyst Filter

A Cold Catalyst Filter is a key part of the Midea MSXS19 Inverter Air Conditioner. This filter helps make the air in your room cleaner. It grabs bad stuff from the air, making it healthier for you to breathe.

With this feature, your home becomes more comfortable.

This filter plays a big role in how well your air conditioner works. It keeps the air quality high, ensuring you stay cosy and healthy. Plus, with better air comes less chance of getting sick from dirty air indoors.

Flash Cooling

Flash Cooling is a quick way to make your room cold with the Midea MSXS19 Inverter Air Conditioner. It works fast to lower the temperature, making it comfortable in no time. This feature makes the air conditioner more efficient and helps it perform better.

You’ll feel cooler quicker without waiting long.

This technology is part of what sets the Midea MSXS19 apart from other air conditioners. It uses less energy while cooling your space quickly. This means you can enjoy a cool room without worrying about high electricity bills.

Flash Cooling rapidly turns your warm space into a cool haven, offering comfort and savings.

Low Noise

The Midea MSXS19 Inverter Air Conditioner keeps things quiet. It’s built to run with less sound, so you enjoy cool air without a loud noise. This air cooler uses special technology to keep your room calm and peaceful.

With a power of 2.0 hp, it offers efficient cooling that doesn’t disturb your peace. Priced at RM2,390.00, this unit ensures comfortable cooling without breaking the silence in your home or office.

Its low noise feature is perfect for those who love a quiet environment while staying cool.

Smart Diagnosis

Smart Diagnosis is a standout feature on the Midea MSXS19 Inverter Air Conditioner. It makes finding and fixing any problems quick and easy. You don’t need to wait long for help or try hard to figure out what’s wrong.

This tool checks the air conditioner by itself and finds issues fast. It helps keep the machine running smoothly and quietly.

This clever function also makes sure you get solutions fast, without hassle. You enjoy better performance because it tackles technical troubles in no time. This means your air cooling unit stays efficient without making much noise, adding comfort to your space day after day.

Thermostatic Technology

ThermoStatic Technology in the Midea MSXS19 Inverter Air Conditioner keeps your room in a steady and comfy warmth. This smart feature makes sure you’re always at ease without wasting power.

It adjusts the air temperature finely, so your living space feels just right. Because of this tech, you can say goodbye to high electricity costs.

This technology isn’t only about comfort; it’s smart for your wallet too. Other models from this brand also offer ThermoStatic Technology with different sizes and powers to meet all needs.

Plus, its energy-saving nature helps cut bills by only using as much electricity as necessary to maintain your desired chillness or warmth level.

Follow Me

The Follow Me feature in the Midea MSXS19 Inverter Air-Conditioner ensures you stay cool wherever you are. It uses a clever trick with the remote control to check the air around it.

Then, it adjusts the cooling so you’re always comfortable. This smart move means your room doesn’t just get cold everywhere – it focuses on where you are, making sure it’s just right for you.

This function is great because it treats each person specially, giving them their own cool spot. The air-conditioner senses where the remote is and changes how cold or warm that area should be.

This not only keeps you feeling good but also helps save energy. So, if you move around, this tech ensures your comfort follows closely behind without wasting extra power.

WIFI Control (optional)

The Midea MSXS19 Inverter Air Conditioner comes with an optional WIFI Control feature. This option lets you use your smartphone or tablet to control your air conditioning from anywhere.

You can set schedules, change temperature settings, and even check how much energy you use. It makes managing your air conditioner easy and efficient.

Choosing WIFI Control adds convenience to how you handle air conditioning. You don’t need to be at home to make adjustments or turn it on and off. This smart feature also helps you save on bills by letting you track and optimise your energy use.

With this added flexibility, controlling your comfort is right at your fingertips.



Midea MSXS19 Inverter Air Conditioner offers great value. It has features like iECO Mode, Golden Fin, and WIFI Control, making it efficient and user-friendly. It cools fast with Flash Cooling and runs quietly.

This is a solid pick for those needing a smart air cooler with energy-saving tech. It also includes installation at its price, making it an easy choice for many homes.



Horse Power

2.0 HP

Inverter Type



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