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Midea 2.5 HP Inverter Air Conditioner MSXS25


Midea 2.5 HP Inverter Air Conditioner MSXS25

Meet the Midea MSXS25 Inverter Air Conditioner, a modern solution to keep your space cool. This air conditioner has a 2.5 hp cooling capacity and uses flash cooling technology for quick temperature drops.

Its low noise feature makes sure you stay comfortable without any annoying sounds. The smart diagnosis helps find problems quickly, while the cold catalyst filter cleans the air. With ThermoStatic Technology, it keeps room temperatures steady.

This unit also looks great thanks to its diamond cabinet design. It can adjust cooling based on where you are in the room with the Follow Me feature. You even have the option to control it over WIFI and set cooling schedules with apps, thanks to Smart Sleep Curve and Weekly Timer functions.




* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

The Midea MSXS25 Inverter Air Conditioner comes with cool features like quick cooling, quiet operation, easy problem finding, a special air filter, advanced temperature control, strong build quality, smart following feature for better cooling direction, and options for internet connection to make your life easier.

You can also set it up to follow your sleep patterns and manage it through an app for a tailor-made cool experience. Check out more about how these features can change how you feel at home.

Flash Cooling

Flash Cooling on the Midea MSXS25 Inverter Air Conditioner cools rooms quickly. This technology makes hot air cold in minutes. It’s perfect for those hot days when you need quick relief.

The system uses advanced methods to drop temperatures fast, making your space comfortable.

This feature also means the air conditioner works efficiently, using less power over time. Because it reaches the desired coolness faster, it doesn’t have to run as long. This saves energy and reduces bills.

With Flash Cooling, you enjoy quick comfort without wasting money or energy.

Low Noise

The Midea MSXS25 Inverter Air Conditioner brings quiet to your home. Its advanced technology reduces noise, so it’s perfect for bedrooms and lounges. You get peace without the usual hum of air conditioners.

Enjoy a calm atmosphere day or night.

This air conditioner’s design focuses on silence. Users love how it doesn’t disturb sleep or relaxation time. The low sound feature enhances comfort, making it a top choice for anyone who values tranquillity in their living spaces.

Smart Diagnosis

Smart Diagnosis on the Midea MSXS25 Inverter Air Conditioner makes fixing problems fast and simple. If something goes wrong, this feature quickly finds out what it is. This means you won’t have to wait long to get your air conditioner working right again.

This tool saves you time by figuring out issues without needing a technician to check in person. It keeps your air conditioner running smoothly and cuts down on any hassle for you.

With Smart Diagnosis, enjoying cool air is easy because it helps prevent big problems before they start.

Cold Catalyst Filter

The Midea MSXS25 Inverter Air Conditioner comes with a Cold Catalyst Filter. This filter plays a big role in cleaning the air. It takes out harmful pollutants, making the air healthier to breathe.

People enjoy better air quality at home or work thanks to this tech.

Having this filter means your environment gets cleaner, which is good for everyone’s health and well-being. The best part? This special feature is all set up for you since installation is included in the price.

You get cleaner air right from the start without extra hassle.

Thermostatic Technology

ThermoStatic Technology in the Midea MSXS25 inverter air conditioner keeps your room at the perfect temperature. It checks the air and adjusts cooling to ensure you are always comfortable.

This tech means no more cold nights or too warm days inside.

It works smart, not hard, and uses less power. Your bills go down and you stay cool or warm, just right. This feature is a big reason people choose this air cooler. It makes life easier and more pleasant, every day.

Diamond Cabinet

The Diamond Cabinet is a standout feature of the Midea MSXS25 inverter air conditioner. It brings elegance and a sleek look to your space. This design is not just about looks; it also ensures the air conditioner lasts longer.

The cabinet guards the inner parts, keeping them safe.

This unique Diamond Cabinet sets the Midea MSXS25 apart from other cooling systems. It’s made to be tough and keep its style over time. Adding this air conditioner to your cart means choosing durability and beauty for your home or office.

Follow Me

The Follow Me feature in the Midea MSXS25 Inverter Air Conditioner changes the game by making sure your room’s temperature is just right, based on where you place the remote control.

This smart tech lets your air cooler focus on cooling or heating up the space you’re actually using. It reads the temperature around the remote and adjusts settings to keep things comfortable, saving energy by not working harder than needed.

This also means you get a more personalised climate in your space without moving a muscle. Just keep the remote nearby, and this clever function will do its job, keeping your area at optimal comfort while cutting down on wasted power.

It’s perfect for anyone looking to save money and enjoy tailored cooling or heating.

WIFI Control (optional)

WIFI Control adds a smart layer to the Midea inverter air conditioner. You can manage your air-con with a touch on your smartphone or tablet. This lets you change settings like temperature, fan speed, and mode from anywhere.

It’s perfect for making sure your home is cool before you get there.

With this feature, planning when your air con turns on or off is easy too. You just set up times that work for you right from your device. This modern tech gives you more control and saves energy by not running the air con when no one is home.

Smart Sleep Curve (by Apps)

The Smart Sleep Curve feature lets you use a mobile app to create a sleep pattern that fits just right for you. You can change the temperature and the fan’s speed based on what helps you sleep best.

This means your room gets cooler or warmer to match how deeply you sleep, saving energy and keeping you comfy all night. You get to schedule these changes, so your air stays perfect without waking up and adjusting it.

You can control this clever sleep setting from anywhere with your smartphone. It ensures the air conditioner adapts through the night, making no noise as it works, so nothing interrupts your rest.

With the Smart Sleep Curve, adding comfort to your nights is easy and smart – exactly how modern living should be.

Weekly Timer (by Apps)

The Midea MSXS25 Inverter Air Conditioner comes with a handy Weekly Timer feature controlled through a mobile app. You can set schedules for your aircon to turn on or off any day of the week.

This tool makes life easier and helps you save energy. It’s perfect for setting up cooling times before you arrive home or turning off when not needed.

Using this app avoids wasting electricity and cuts down bills. It lets users add the device to their cart without stress about forgetting to adjust settings manually. This function brings comfort and savings right at your fingertips, making it a smart choice for every user.

Gold Fin (Cooling Coil)

Gold Fin (Cooling Coil) makes the Midea MSXS25 Inverter Air Conditioner more powerful. This feature stops rust and makes the cooler part last longer. It works better at moving heat, which saves energy.

Your air conditioner stays clean because dust and bits can’t stick to it easily.

With Gold Fin (Cooling Coil), your aircon runs smoother and uses less power. This means you pay less for electricity while enjoying cool air. This smart design also means your aircon needs less fixing over time, saving you money and trouble.



The Midea MSXS25 Inverter Air Conditioner ticks all the boxes for what you need in cooling tech. Its flash cooling tech brings down room temps fast while operating quietly. Smart features like diagnosis and Wi-Fi control through apps add convenience.

Its design, including a diamond cabinet, makes it look sleek in any room. With easy setup included in the price, it’s clear this air cooler offers value and comfort together.



Horse Power

2.5 HP

Inverter Type



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