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Midea Xtreme Cool 1.0 HP Air Conditioner MSAG-10CRN8


Midea Xtreme Cool  1.0 HP Air Conditioner MSAG-10CRN8

Meet the Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-10CRN8, a non-inverter split-type cooler that promises comfort and efficiency. This model is designed to cool spaces between 100-160 sq.ft., making it a perfect choice for small rooms.

Its cooling power is strong at 9,700 Btu/hr. The unit has smart options like turbo mode and air magic for a better experience. You can even control it from your phone! It uses R32/420 g refrigerant charge, uses 818 W power, and has an impressive cooling seasonal performance factor of 3.98 Wh/Wh.

The inside piece measures 805x208x295 mm and weighs 9.2kg; the outside piece is bigger at 720x270x495 mm, weighing 25 kg. Midea backs this up with solid protection – a full product warranty for two years and five years on the compressor part.

You can find this cooler through official stores in Malaysia, getting easy access to quality cooling tech right where you are. And there’s more if you need help or have questions about your cooler, register it online at Midea’s site to get tips and tricks.

Midea doesn’t stop there; they’ve also got other coolers and air purifiers packed with features for clean air in silent mode.

Get ready to chill out!



* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

The Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-10CRN8 has extra choices for making your home more comfortable. You can control it from your phone, speed up cooling, and clean the air better.

Smart control

Smart control lets you manage your air conditioner easily. With this feature, you can change settings using a phone or tablet from anywhere. To work, it needs a power supply of 220-240V~, 50Hz, 1Ph.

This makes keeping your room cool without being near the AC simple.

You can turn it on or off, adjust the temperature, and check how the AC is doing with just a few taps on your device. Smart control removes the need for manual adjustments and makes cooling your space more efficient and hassle-free.

Turbo mode

Turbo mode on the Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-10CRN8 makes rooms cold fast. With this feature, your air conditioner uses 818 W and draws 3.56 A to lower the temperature quickly. It’s perfect for hot days when you need quick comfort.

This setting is easy to use and helps eliminate heat in less time. You won’t have to wait long for your room to become cool and pleasant. Turbo mode is a handy tool for those extra-warm moments.

Air Magic

Air magic makes your room’s air cleaner. It removes bad smells and harmful things like smoke, dust, and tiny particles you can’t see. This feature helps keep the air fresh and safe to breathe.

You need to turn it on, and it starts working immediately.

This option is great for families who want to ensure their home has clean air. It also gets rid of bacteria that can make people sick. So, using Air magic means everyone at home can enjoy healthier air without worries about what they’re breathing in.

Prime guard

The Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-10CRN8 offers a Prime guard to help keep your air cooler safe. This optional feature protects the machine from harm and ensures it works well for longer.

You can learn how to set up and use Prime Guard on Midea’s website. They give great customer support if you need help.

With Prime Guard, your air conditioner fights off bad smells and keeps bacteria away. It also prevents harmful substances like aldehydes from entering your home’s air. This means cleaner, fresher air for you and your family to breathe daily.

Plus, keeping the cooler clean is easier with auto cleaning, so you have more time for other things in life.

Check out what it offers, like how much power it uses and its size, to see if it’s right for you.

Specifications of the air conditioner

The Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-10CRN8 stands out as a 1.0HP non-inverter wall-mounted split air conditioner. Its design and engineering cater to small to medium-sized rooms. Here’s a glance at its key specifications in a simplified table format:


Cooling Capacity9,700 Btu/hr
Application Area100-160 sq. ft
Warranty2 years full, 5 years on compressor
Indoor Unit Size (WxDxH)805x208x295 mm
Indoor Unit Weight9.2 kg
Outdoor Unit Size (WxDxH)720x270x495 mm
Outdoor Unit Weight25 kg
Refrigerant ChargeR32/420 g
Design Pressure4.3/1.7 MPa
Power Consumption818 W
Running Current3.56 A
Seasonal Performance Factor3.98 Wh/Wh
Power Supply220-240V~, 50Hz, 1Ph


This detail-rich table provides a comprehensive view of the Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-10CRN8 air conditioner, highlighting its capacity to efficiently cool spaces within the specified range. Its efficient use of R32 refrigerant and impressive seasonal performance factor underscores its effectiveness in maintaining comfort while managing energy consumption.

Warranty details

Your Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-10CRN8 air conditioner comes with a great promise to keep you cool without worries. It has a 2-year full warranty covering most parts and labour. Plus, there’s more good news for the heart of your cooling system – the compressor.

This key part has a longer safety net and a 5-year warranty. If something goes wrong at this time, you can get help fast.

You need to register your product to use these warranties. Do it soon after buying your air conditioner. Our customer service team is ready to assist if you have trouble or questions.

Keep your space cool and comfy knowing we’ve got you covered with these guarantees.

Dimensions and weight of indoor and outdoor units

Understanding the size and heft of air conditioning systems is critical for selecting the right one for your space. For the Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-10CRN8 Non-Inverter Wall-Mounted Split Air Conditioner, here are the essential details regarding the dimensions and weight of both the indoor and outdoor components:


Unit TypeDimensions (WxDxH in mm)Net Weight (kg)


These figures reveal that the indoor unit is notably lightweight and sleek, making it a suitable option for mounting on most walls without needing extensive support. The outdoor component, while heavier, is still within a manageable range for installation on a balcony or external wall bracket. This detailed breakdown helps plan the installation process effectively, ensuring a smooth setup for optimal cooling performance.

Refrigerant charge and design pressure

The Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-10CRN8 uses R32 refrigerant with a charge of 420 g. This gas is known for its efficiency and low environmental impact, making it a smart choice for cooling your home.

The air conditioner’s system is built to handle high pressures, with a maximum design pressure of 4.3 MPa on the hot side and 1.7 MPa on the cold side. These pressures ensure the aircon works effectively, even during hot days.

Each part of this air conditioner has been carefully designed to use energy well and keep your space cool without wasting power. The right amount of refrigerant charge and strong design pressure means you get fast cooling without big electricity bills or harming the planet.

You can count on this system to deliver excellent performance while staying eco-friendly.

Power consumption and seasonal performance factor

Let’s delve into the details of the Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-10CRN8 Non-Inverter Wall Mounted Split Air Conditioner’s efficiency and energy use. This unit stands out for its low power consumption and effective cooling performance.


Power Consumption818 W
Running Current3.56 A
Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor (CSPF)3.98 Wh/Wh


With a power usage of 818 watts, this air conditioner highlights its energy-efficient design. It draws a running current of 3.56 amperes, further showing its low electricity demand. The Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor, sitting at 3.98 Wh/Wh, indicates its effectiveness in providing cooling over the warmer months. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to keep their spaces cool without worrying about high energy bills.



Horse Power

1.0 HP

Inverter Type



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