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Midea Xtreme Cool 1.5 HP Air Conditioner MSAG-13CRN8


Midea Xtreme Cool  1.5 HP Air Conditioner MSAG-13CRN8

Meet the Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-13CRN8, a non-inverter, wall-hung cooling unit with a 1.5HP power rating that’s hitting the Malaysian market. It shines in chilling spaces between 130 to 190 square feet.

With a big focus on being good to our planet, it uses R32/430g refrigerant, which less impacts the environment. For peace of mind, it comes with a solid warranty — two years for the machine and five more for its heart and compressor.

This smart buy doesn’t just cool your space; it sips energy lightly, earning a three-star efficiency score. Weighing in fairly lightweight for both inside and outside parts makes installation easier than you’d think.

And there’s no need to get up to tweak settings; a wireless remote puts control at your fingertips.

Midea didn’t stop here; they offer more models like MSAF-12CRDN8 and MSXS-13CRDN8 among others. Each has its own special touch letting you find the perfect fit for your needs including options that help clean your air too!

There’s plenty more cool stuff to discover about this device. Let’s check it out together!



* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

The Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-13CRN8 makes your room cool and comfy. It works well, uses less power, and lasts long.

This air conditioner can cool a big room easily. It comes with a good promise to fix or replace it if something goes wrong. The label says it’s kind on your bills and the planet. It’s not heavy and uses a gas that’s safe for the air outside.

It needs power from your home to work. You get a remote to control it from anywhere in the room. There are other types too if this one doesn’t fit your needs. Some models clean your room’s air, removing bad smells and tiny bugs you can’t see.

This machine promises clean air without much noise. It even cleans itself after cooling your space. If you’re worried about dirt in the air, this model has got you covered with its special filters.

Cooling capacity and suitability

This Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-13CRN8 cools spaces well with its 12,300 Btu/h power. It fits rooms measuring 130-190 sq. ft. This makes it ideal for small to medium-sized rooms where you need quick and effective cooling.

With such a setup, expect your space to reach the desired temperature quickly.

It uses R32/430g refrigerant, which is known for being kinder to the environment than other types. The aircon’s efficiency gets a boost from this choice of coolant, making it a smart pick for those mindful about energy use and care for the planet.

This model suits anyone looking to cool their area effectively while keeping energy bills low.

Warranty and energy efficiency rating

Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-13CRN8 Non-Inverter Wall Mounted Split comes with solid warranty terms and an impressive energy efficiency rating. It ensures peace of mind and savings on energy bills. Here are the details in a succinct format:


Warranty for the Unit2 Years
Warranty for the Compressor5 Years
Energy Efficiency Rating3-Star


Owners enjoy a two-year warranty on the unit and an extended five-year warranty on the compressor. This coverage indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in their product’s durability. With a three-star energy efficiency rating, it performs well in reducing electricity consumption while providing effective cooling, making it a cost-effective choice for users.

Net weight and refrigerant used

Understanding the characteristics of the Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-13CRN8 Non-Inverter Wall-Mounted Split is key. Details such as the net weight of both the indoor and outdoor units and the type of refrigerant used are crucial.


Net Weight of Indoor Unit9.3/11.9 kg
Net Weight of Outdoor Unit27.3/29.7 kg
Refrigerant UsedR32/430g


This table shows the air conditioner’s physical weight, making it easier to plan for installation. The refrigerant detail, R32/430g, highlights the type of cooling agent used, known for its efficiency and lower environmental impact.


The Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-13CRN8 has a remote to make things easier. It fits well in any room, making it cool and comfy. This model has options for air cleaning that catch tiny harmful particles, keeping the air fresh.

You can also pick from different models depending on what you need. The system uses smart tech to check itself and keep running smoothly.

Other available models

Midea has a wide range of options for those looking to cool their homes. Each model comes with unique features and specifications tailored to meet different needs.

First up, the MSAF-12CRDN8 stands out with its impressive cooling power. It fits well in medium-sized rooms, offering comfort during hot days. This unit is easy to use and supports a healthy indoor environment.

Next, the MSXD-12CRN8 is another great choice. It’s known for its energy-saving capabilities. This model helps you cut down on electricity bills while keeping your home cool and comfortable.

Then, there’s the MSXS-13CRDN8. This model is perfect for larger spaces needing more cooling power. It operates quietly, making it ideal for bedrooms or study areas where noise can be a distraction.

Lastly, the MSFAAU-13CRFN8 offers advanced air purifying features. It comes equipped with a system that catches and removes tiny harmful particles from the air. This model ensures your indoor air stays fresh and clean.

All these models share Midea’s commitment to quality and comfort. They offer various benefits including energy savings, effective cooling, and enhanced air quality in your home.

Air purifier options

Air purifiers from Midea are designed to make your air cleaner and healthier. They use a 5-layer filter system that catches harmful things in the air. This helps eliminate bad smells and germs, ensuring you breathe easily.

The Xtreme Cool MSAG-13CRN8 model is quiet, making only 33dB of noise. So, it won’t disturb you while it works.

You can choose other models like the MSAF-12CRDN8 or MSXD-12CRN8 based on your needs. Each one has different features but all aim to give you pure air inside your home or office.

These options ensure that everyone can find something that fits their space perfectly.


The Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-13CRN8 Non-Inverter Wall-Mounted Split offers a lot for anyone needing to cool their space. Its powerful cooling ability is great for rooms between 130-190 sq. ft.

The warranty and energy rating means it’s reliable and won’t cost a fortune. It’s easy to install and comes with helpful features like auto cleaning and an air cleaner that can catch tiny harmful particles, making the air in your room fresher.

For those looking at different models or needing extra help, Midea customer service supports you every step of the way. This AC unit makes staying cool simple and efficient.



Horse Power

1.5 HP

Inverter Type



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