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Midea Xtreme Cool 2.0 HP Air Conditioner MSAG-19CRN8


Midea Xtreme Cool  2.0 HP Air Conditioner MSAG-19CRN8

Meet the Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-19CRN8, a powerful non-inverter air conditioner perfect for homes. This cooling machine is part of the 2.0HP All Easy Pro Non-Inverter Series Wall Mounted Split family, offering many user-friendly features like simple setup, care, and extra cool options such as air magic and smart control.

You can even use wifi or wire to control it from afar.

This model doesn’t just cool your room; it comes with peace of mind too, thanks to a 2-year full warranty and an extra 5 years on its compressor. Its specs are designed to impress – it flows indoor air at 800 (470) m3/h, keeps noise low inside at between 30.5 to 40.5 dB(A), and outside sound stays at just 58 dB(A).

Plus, it’s kinder to our planet using R32 coolant.

It’s not short on power either! With a cooling capacity that fits medium-sized rooms perfectly (200-300sq.m.) and energy usage kept efficient thanks to a CSPF (Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor) of 5.58 Wh/Wh—your comfort won’t cost the earth in bills.

Midea makes sure you’re well-supported too; their website lets you register your product easily and offers helpful customer support whenever needed.



* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

The Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-19CRN8 Non-Inverter Air Conditioner comes packed with features. You get a strong cooling machine that is low energy use and fits well in small and big rooms.

Capacity and application area

This air conditioner has a power of 2.0hp, making it great for medium-sized rooms. It works best in spaces between 200 and 300 square feet. This size range covers typical bedrooms, small living rooms, or offices.

With this capacity, the Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-19CRN8 ensures your space stays cool and comfortable.

It’s designed to fit well in different parts of your home or work area without using too much energy. Whether you’re cooling down after a hot day or ensuring your office is comfortable, this air conditioner can handle it without wasting electricity.

Its effective use of power helps keep your bills low while keeping temperatures just right.

Warranty details

You get a 2-year full warranty for your Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-19CRN8 Non-Inverter Air Conditioner. This covers most air conditioner parts if they stop working right or break.

Also, there’s a special 5-year warranty just for the compressor part. The compressor is a key piece that makes your air cooler work by moving refrigerant around inside it. If this part has problems within five years, you’re covered too.

You won’t have to pay extra to fix these issues during the warranty period.

To use these warranties, make sure you keep your proof of purchase and register your product on the Midea website as soon as you buy it. Doing this helps if you need support or have to claim your warranty later on.

They’ll ask for details about your air cooler and when you bought it to check if it’s still under warranty before helping out with repairs or replacements needed because of defects not caused by misuse or accidents after buying.

Indoor and outdoor unit specifications

The indoor part of the Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-19CRN8 is quite big, measuring 965x239x319 mm. It blows air at a rate of 800 (470) m3/h and keeps noise low, between 30.5 to 40.5 dB(A).

This means it works quietly, letting you relax or work without loud sounds. The outdoor part is even bigger at 890x342x673 mm and makes more noise at 58 dB(A), but it’s supposed to be outside so it won’t bother you much.

Both parts are heavy, and the outdoor unit weighs between 38.4 and 41.4 kg.

These units connect with wires that manage the cooling process smoothly, keeping every room comfortable during hot days. They use a kind of thermostat that helps set your desired temperature easily, ensuring energy efficiency by not using more power than needed.

Plus, they help cleanse the air by removing harmful particles and bacteria, making sure you breathe clean air indoors.

Cooling capacity, power consumption, and CSPF

This air conditioner has a cooling ability of 18,000 (8,380~21,200). This means it can cool rooms fast and keep them at the right temperature. It uses energy wisely with a power use of 1,318 (510~1685) watts.

So it cools your space without using too much electricity.

Also, its CSPF is 5.58 Wh/Wh. This shows it’s efficient in turning power into cooling air. The R32 refrigerant helps make this possible by being better for the environment than older types.

This machine does its job well while keeping energy bills low and helping the planet.

Refrigerant and power supply details

The Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-19CRN8 uses R32 refrigerant, which is good for keeping the air clean and safe inside your house. This type of cooling agent helps reduce harm to the outside air too.

The machine needs a power source of 220-240V~, with a frequency of 50Hz, suitable for one-phase (1Ph) electrical systems. This setup ensures the air conditioner works well in most homes without needing special wiring changes.

Your remote lets you control it without wires, making it easy to adjust settings anywhere in the room. You can also get an option that connects to Wi-Fi or choose wired control if you prefer.

These choices let you find what’s best for your daily use, offering comfort and convenience at your fingertips.

Remote control options

The Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-19CRN8 Air Conditioner comes with easy-to-use remote control options. You can choose from a wireless handheld device, wifi for controlling it through the internet, or wired options.

This means you can adjust settings without having to be right next to the unit.

You also get smart features like setting timers and checking air quality right from your phone or tablet. Connect your air conditioner to your home network and use the app to make changes, whether at home or away.

This makes life more convenient and helps keep your space comfortable all year round.

The Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-19CRN8 Non-Inverter Air Conditioner makes staying cool a breeze. It sets up fast and keeps running smooth, with extra options like air magic for cleaner air and smart control to adjust it easily from anywhere.

Easy installation and maintenance

Setting up your Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-19CRN8 air conditioner is quick and simple. You don’t need complicated tools or a lot of time. This means you can enjoy cool air sooner without much hassle.

Maintaining it is also easy. Auto cleaning keeps itself free from dust and bacteria. This feature helps in keeping the air fresh.

For help and tips on using your air conditioner to its fullest, visit the Midea website. There, you can find lots of useful information on product care. They offer customer support if you have questions or need assistance with your AC unit.

Optional functionalities: air magic and smart control

The Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-19CRN8 Non-Inverter Air Conditioner comes with cool extras like Air Magic and smart control. These features make using your air conditioner much better. With air magic, you get cleaner air because it removes bad stuff from the air inside your room.

Smart control means you can use wireless remote control to change settings without getting up. You can even use Wi-Fi to control it if you choose this option.

These added functions let you enjoy fresher air and more ease of use. The wireless remote control comes with options for both wifi and wire, giving you more ways to stay in charge of your cooling experience.

Choose these functions for a customised feel that fits what you need from your air conditioner.


The Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-19CRN8 air conditioner makes life cooler and more comfortable. Its easy setup and care mean you won’t worry about keeping cool. With smart features like air magic, you get cleaner air too.

It’s made for homes and comes with solid warranties for peace of mind. For those wanting a reliable AC, this model is a strong choice.



Horse Power

2.0 HP

Inverter Type



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