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Midea Xtreme Cool 2.5 HP Air Conditioner MSAG-25CRN8


Midea Xtreme Cool  2.5 HP Air Conditioner MSAG-19CRN8

Air conditioning is a must-have in homes, especially in hot places. The Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-25CRN8 Non-Inverter Air Conditioner is a powerful 2.5HP wall-mounted unit perfect for keeping rooms cool and comfortable.

Made for use in Malaysia, it features smart options like Turbo and optional Smart Control. It can chill spaces between 240-350 sq. ft with its strong cooling power of 24,200 Btu/h. Plus, it’s kind to the planet using R32 refrigerant.

With an energy rating of three stars and a Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor (CSPF) of 3.39 Wh/Wh, this air conditioner uses energy wisely. Its indoor noise stays low at 46/41 dB(A), so it won’t disturb your peace.

And outside? It’s still quiet at 58 dB(A). The machine comes with a generous warranty too—two years of full coverage plus five more for the compressor.

Midea offers online support where you can register your product or download manuals if needed. This air conditioner stands out but know that there are other models and even air purifiers available from Midea to fit different needs.

Cool off with confidence knowing you’ve made a smart choice.



* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

The Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-25CRN8 Non-Inverter Air Conditioner is your go-to for keeping cool. It suits homes in Malaysia perfectly.

Available at Midea – Malaysia for residential use

Midea offers the Xtreme Cool MSAG-25CRN8, a non-inverter air conditioner, for homes in Malaysia. This model suits areas between 240 to 350 square feet well. Its cooling power of 24,200 Btu/h and its 3-star energy efficiency rating promise comfort without using too much electricity.

People can enjoy a cool environment with less worry about high bills.

For peace of mind, Midea provides a warranty covering two years of full service and five years on the compressor part. Customers looking for support or wanting to register their product can easily do so through Midea’s website.

This shows how Midea stands behind its products and values customer satisfaction highly.

2.5HP Xtreme Cool Non-Inverter Wall Mounted Split

This 2.5HP Xtreme Cool Non-Inverter Wall Mounted Split is perfect for your home. It cools spaces between 240-350 square feet fast, with a power of 24,200 Btu/h. It uses the R32 refrigerant and consumes 2,308 W of power.

This model has a good blend of features like Turbo and air magic to purify your room’s air. You can use Smart Control to manage it easily from anywhere.

It earns a three-star rating for being energy efficient. The indoor part stays quiet at 46/41 dB(A), ensuring your room remains peaceful. The outdoor unit makes more noise at 58 dB(A) but works hard outside to keep you cool inside.

It also comes with two years full warranty and five years on the compressor parts, giving you peace of mind after you buy it.

Features Turbo, air magic, Prime Guard, and Smart Control (optional)

The Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-25CRN8 Non-Inverter Air Conditioner has great features. Let’s look at them in detail.


This feature speeds up the cooling process. Working the air conditioner harder for a short time makes the room cool faster. Great for quick comfort on hot days.

Air magic:

This function cleans the air. It removes harmful particles and smells, making the indoor air cleaner and fresher. Ideal for people who want to breathe better air at home.

Prime Guard:

A protection feature that makes the air conditioner last longer. It guards against dust, rust, and other damage. This helps keep your air conditioner running smoothly for years.

Smart Control (optional):

Lets you control your air conditioner from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet. You need an internet connection to use this smart feature. It’s perfect for those who love using tech to make life easier.

Cooling Capacity: 24,200 Btu/h

This air conditioner can chill a room fast with its 24,200 Btu/h power. It’s great for big spaces, easily fitting rooms between 240 and 350 square feet. With this kind of cooling strength, you won’t have to wait long to feel cooler on hot days.

It uses R32 refrigerant which is better for the planet. The machine needs 2,308 watts to run but does its job well with a CSPF of 3.39 Wh/Wh. This means it cools efficiently without using too much electricity.

You need a standard power outlet (220-240V~,50Hz,1Ph) to plug it in and enjoy cool air anytime.

Application Area: 240-350 sq. ft

The Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-25CRN8 suits homes and small offices well. Its cooling power works best in spaces from 240 to 350 square feet. That means rooms like large bedrooms, living areas, or small workspaces get cool quickly without wasting energy.

This air conditioner makes sure everyone stays comfortable. Whether the room is on the smaller side or a bit larger within its range doesn’t matter. The unit uses just the right amount of power to keep the space cool so that you won’t see high electricity bills.

Perfect for keeping your space pleasant during hot days.

Warranty: 2 Years Full / 5 Years Compressor

You get a strong promise with your Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-25CRN8. For two years, everything is covered. This means if something goes wrong, help is available without extra cost. Beyond that, the heart of your aircon, the compressor, has its own five-year guarantee.

It shows confidence in how long it will last and work well.

This warranty backs up every part of the device for peace of mind at home. If you need support or have to register a product, it’s easy on the Midea website. They’re ready to make sure your air cooler keeps you cool without fuss for years.

Star Rating: 3 Star

The Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-25CRN8 has a 3-star rating. This shows it’s good at saving energy while keeping you cool. This rating is crucial for anyone looking to cut down on electricity bills and be kinder to the environment.

Like this one, a 3-star air conditioner balances performance and power use well.

Its energy efficiency means it doesn’t waste much electricity. So, using this aircon helps keep your home comfortable without costing too much money or harming the planet. Also, choosing a model with a decent star rating can make a big difference in how much you spend on cooling your space over time.

Refrigerant Charge: R32/1200 g

This air conditioner uses R32 refrigerant. It holds 1200 grams of this cooling liquid. R32 is known for being kinder to the environment compared to other refrigerants. It helps your air conditioner work well while keeping energy use low.

Using an R32 also means your air conditioner can cool your home faster and keep it comfortable without using too much electricity. This choice supports caring for our planet by releasing fewer harmful gases into the air.

Cooling Capacity

The Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-25CRN8 can cool off a big room fast. It has the power to chill spaces up to 350 square feet with its 24,200 Btu/h strength. This means your living room or large bedroom gets cold quickly, even on hot days.

Its use of R32 refrigerant makes it efficient and kinder to the environment. With an energy use of only 2,308 W and a CSPF rating of 3.39 Wh/Wh, this air conditioner cools effectively without using too much electricity.

It works well in most homes because you need a power supply of 220-240V~,50Hz,1Ph to run it. The smart control feature is optional but worth considering for those who want easier operation from their phone or device.

You’ll appreciate coming home to a cool space daily with this reliable air conditioner.

Power consumption: 2,308 W

This air conditioner uses 2,308 watts of electricity. That’s like running a few small appliances at once. It means when you cool your room, it takes that much power to work. Keep in mind how this might affect your electric bills.

With such energy use, the Midea Xtreme Cool ensures your space gets cold fast. Yet, it’s good to know how much electricity it needs so you can plan. This helps you understand if this air conditioner fits your budget and needs for saving energy and money.

CSPF (Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor): 3.39 Wh/Wh

The CSPF, or Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor, of the Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-25CRN8 Non-Inverter Air Conditioner, is 3.39 Wh/Wh. This number tells you how well the air conditioner uses power to cool down a room over a season.

A higher CSPF means better energy use, which can save money on electricity bills. This model’s CSPF shows it’s good at efficiently using energy during hot months.

Measuring an air conditioner’s performance like this helps pick the right one for your home in Malaysia. The Midea Xtreme Cool has features that make it more appealing for those looking to keep their space cool without using too much power.

Its rating stands out as a choice that balances cooling needs with energy-saving goals in residential spaces.

Power supply: 220-240V~,50Hz,1Ph

This Midea Xtreme Cool air conditioner needs a power supply of 220-240 volts, working with the common frequency of 50 hertz and requires just one phase for operation. This means it fits well in homes in Malaysia without needing special electrical setups.

Its energy use is smart, ensuring your electric bills stay manageable while enjoying cool air.

It runs on electricity that matches what most houses already have. This makes setting up easy and quick. You won’t have to worry about changing your home’s wiring or anything complicated like that.

Just plug it in and enjoy the cooling comfort right away.


The Midea Xtreme Cool MSAG-25CRN8 stands out for homes in Malaysia. Its strong cooling, and smart features like Turbo and Air Magic, make life cooler and more comfy. This powerhouse suits spaces between 240-350 sq. ft perfectly.

With a solid warranty and energy-saving stars, it’s a wise pick. It proves quality air conditioning can come without breaking the bank.



Horse Power

2.5 HP

Inverter Type



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