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Mitsubishi 2.5 HP JS Series MSY-JS24VF


Mitsubishi 2.5HP Inverter MSY-JR24VF Air Conditioner

Let’s talk about a cool way to beat the heat with the MITSUBISHI MSY-JS24VF JS SERIES 2.5HP Inverter Air Conditioner. This isn’t just any cooler. It’s a game-changer in keeping your space chill while cleaning the air you breathe.

Imagine turning your room ice-cold in just two minutes, thanks to its Fast Cooling technology. Plus, it has a special filter that grabs tiny dust particles and PM2.5 from the air—so not only does it make your room cold fast, but it also makes sure you’re breathing cleaner air.

Now, getting into specifics, this machine costs RM 2,725.00 and comes with peace of mind—a 2-year warranty! It uses clever science like electrostatics to pull in those nasty fine particles we talked about earlier.

You’ll find all sorts of helpful extras too: things like sleep mode to save energy while you snooze, an LCD remote for easy control from anywhere in the room, and even auto-restart if there’s a power cut.

With options from 1.0HP up to that mighty 2.5HP model we’re focusing on—and cooling powers ranging widely—you can match one perfectly to your needs without wasting energy or cash.



* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

MITSUBISHI MSY-JS24VF JS SERIES 2.5HP Inverter Aircond R32 packs a punch with its advanced features. It’s not just any air cooler; it’s your summer day saver.

Price and warranty make it an attractive buy. You get value, plus peace of mind for years. It has a microparticle-catching screen. Dirt and tiny bits don’t stand a chance.

Microparticle catching filter

Air conditioning systems need to keep the air clean. The Mitsubishi model comes with a special feature. It’s a filter that catches tiny particles. This helps get rid of PM2.5 particles in the room, making the air safer to breathe.

Tests have shown great results. After working for 200 minutes in a small space, this filter can catch most tiny dust bits floating around. It deals with sizes from 0.3-2.5μm effectively, keeping air fresh and clean indoors.

Electrostatic material for PM2.5 removal

Mitsubishi MSY-JS24VF JS Series air conditioner has a special feature. It uses electrostatic material to clean the air. This material pulls in tiny harmful particles known as PM2.5 from the room’s air.

PM2.5 includes dust and other small bits bad for our health.

Tests show this air conditioner works well in spaces up to 28 cubic meters after running for 200 minutes. It can remove most of the PM2.5 particles, making sure the air is much cleaner to breathe.

This is good news for anyone wanting fresh and healthy indoor air without extra effort.

Fast Cooling technology

Fast Cooling technology means your room gets cold fast. Just two minutes after turning it on, the air blows hard and cold. There’s a button that starts this cool blast right away.

This tech uses less power while cooling down quickly. It makes sure you’re comfy without waiting long. Perfect for hot days when you need relief now.

Fast Cooling mode and other features

The Fast Cooling mode in this air conditioner kicks in with a blast. It sends out a high-volume, cool breeze just 2 minutes after you turn it on. With just one push of a button, this mode jumps into action.

You can even set the direction of the air how you like it.

This model doesn’t stop at cooling fast. It comes packed with extras that make life easier. Imagine not worrying about humidity because the unit handles it for you. Or sleeping peacefully while it adjusts to keep you comfortable all night long.

The remote has an LCD screen making adjustments simple from anywhere in the room. Plus, if the power cuts off, your settings won’t get lost; it restarts automatically keeping things hassle-free.

Specifications of the Air Conditioner

The Mitsubishi MSY-JS24VF JS Series has impressive specs. You want to cool your room fast? This aircon can do it.

It comes with a powerful inverter that manages the compressor frequency, saving energy. Plus, its air outlet temperature adjusts quickly, giving you comfort sooner.

For those who worry about air quality, it’s got you covered. The air filter catches tiny particles and even tackles PM2.5, thanks to its electrostatic material.

Talking power; this beast works without chugging too much electricity. It balances power input and running current smartly – keeping bills low.

And for homes of various sizes? Its cooling capacities adapt easily. So whether it’s a snug room or a larger space, expect efficient cooling.

Finally, it connects to your home’s power supply smoothly – no fuss about compatibility or extra gadgets needed.

Capacities and cooling capacities

Mitsubishi MSY-JS24VF JS Series air conditioners offer a range of sizes. This meets many room sizes and needs. Here’s a simple look at their capacities and how cold they can make a room.


HP (Horsepower)Cooling Capacity (BTU/HR)


Each size has a job. Smaller models cool small rooms well. Larger ones manage bigger spaces. Cooling ability varies with size. From a cosy bedroom to a large living room, you’ll find a fit. Keep in mind, that room size and aircon capacity should match for best results. This ensures efficient cooling and energy use. Choose wisely for comfort and savings.

Power input and running current

Diving into the specifics, let’s talk about the power input and running current of the MITSUBISHI MSY-JS24VF JS SERIES 2.5HP Inverter Aircond. This air conditioner balances efficiency and performance, catering to your cooling needs without draining power excessively.

Reviewing the power input, it varies between 0.92 and 2.01 KW. This range ensures that the air conditioner adapts to different cooling demands efficiently. Whether it’s a mildly warm day or the peak of summer, this aircon adjusts its power usage accordingly.

Next, let’s glance at the running current. It fluctuates between 5.0 and 9.1 A. This variation highlights the air conditioner’s ability to modulate electrical consumption based on the cooling requirement. It’s designed to be kind to your electricity bill, even during extensive use.

Let’s break this down in a table for a clearer view:


Power Input (KW)0.92 to 2.01
Running Current (A)5.0 to 9.1


This air conditioner doesn’t just keep you cool; it does so with an eye on energy consumption and efficiency. This insight into its operation helps you understand how it blends performance with sustainability. These numbers—power input and running current—show the air conditioner’s adaptability and efficiency, making it a smart choice for those hot days and even the warmer nights.

Power supply details

Let’s talk power. The MITSUBISHI MSY-JS24VF JS SERIES 2.5HP Inverter Aircond needs a power supply that’s 230-240V. It’s all about efficiency and compatibility with most homes. You won’t need to worry about special wiring.

Here, take a look at this simple table for the quick facts:


Power Supply Voltage230-240V
Power Input Range0.92 to 2.01 KW
Running Current Range5.0 to 9.1 A


It’s single-phase, meaning it fits perfectly with residential electrical systems. No need for complex setups here.

With a frequency of 50Hz, it aligns with standard Malaysian power frequencies. Thus, ensuring optimal performance.

Power input varies between 0.92 and 2.01 KW. This range shows the air’s efficiency across different conditions.

Lastly, the running current spans from 5.0 to 9.1 A. It shows the unit’s electrical consumption during operation. It’s designed to keep energy use in check while still delivering top cooling performance.

Short and sweet, these details ensure your Mitsubishi air conditioner runs smoothly, without hitches.

Pricing and warranty

The MITSUBISHI MSY-JS24VF JS SERIES 2.5HP Inverter Aircond costs RM 2,725.00. It’s a price that fits well for its features, like fast cooling and the R32 inverter technology. You get quality air conditioning without breaking the bank.

This air conditioner also comes with peace of mind, thanks to a 2-year warranty. If anything goes wrong because of manufacturing faults, you’re covered. This shows confidence in their product’s durability and performance over time.



Horse Power

2.5 HP

Inverter Type



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