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Mitsubishi 1.5 HP JS Series MSY-JR13VF


Mitsubishi 1.5HP Inverter MS-JR13VF Air Conditioner

Looking for a way to keep your room cool? Let’s talk about the MITSUBISHI MS-JR13VF JR SERIES 1.5HP Non-Inverter Aircond. This machine makes any small to medium-sized room feel nice and chilly.

It has some great features like being energy-efficient, having a smart design that fits well in most spaces, and using a special kind of gas called R32 refrigerant that’s better for our planet.

Priced at RM 1,869.99, this air conditioner is an investment with an option to add more peace of mind through a two-year warranty if you spend a bit more. Not just about cooling down your space, it also cleans the air with its Nano Platinum Filter and keeps itself clean too with an Easy Clean Design.


* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

The MITSUBISHI MS-JR13VF JR SERIES 1.5HP Non-Inverter Aircond packs impressive features. It comes with a Nano Platinum Filter and an air-purifying filter to keep your air clean. There’s also an easy-clean design making maintenance simple, plus a Dual Barrier Coating that keeps dust away from the indoor unit, boosting its dust collection performance.

Its technical specs include low noise levels and efficient power use, ensuring your space stays cool without running up high electricity bills.

For more details on how this air conditioner can improve your indoor air quality and energy efficiency, check out the rest of our blog!

Air purifying filter

You get cleaner, healthier air with the air purifying filter. It pulls dust and pollutants out of your space. This feature ensures you breathe in air that’s good for you.

Adding to that, the indoor unit works hard to keep the noise level down while cleaning the air. You’ll hardly notice it’s there, but you’ll feel the difference in air quality. Mitsubishi JR Series focuses on powerful dust collection performance without disturbing your peace or increasing power consumption.

Nano Platinum Filter

The Nano Platinum Filter in the MITSUBISHI MS-JR13VF JR SERIES 1.5HP Non-Inverter Aircond stands out for its air cleaning prowess. This filter uses nanotechnology to catch dust better than standard filters.

It makes sure your room not only stays cool but also clean, enhancing comfort and health at home.

Moreover, this feature is critical for keeping the air quality high. Home spaces become more enjoyable with fewer dust particles floating around, thanks to this advanced filtration system.

The Nano Platinum Filter is a key component in providing a seamless and cleaner air conditioning experience, ensuring you breathe easier daily.

Easy Clean Design

Cleaning your air conditioner just got easier. The Easy Clean Design means you can keep your unit spotless, ensuring air cleaning effectiveness without fuss. Dust doesn’t stand a chance thanks to the Nano Platinum Filter and Dual Barrier Coating.

These features work together for top-notch dust collection and keeping dirt at bay, including oily grime.

Enjoy cleaner air and more comfort with less effort. This design isn’t just about keeping the unit clean; it’s about reliability and convenience too. You won’t spend ages trying to maintain it, giving you peace of mind and more time for what matters most.

Dual Barrier Coating

Dual Barrier Coating keeps your air conditioner clean. It stops dirt and oily grime from getting inside. This means less cleaning for you. Your air stays cleaner, too.

This special coating makes the air conditioner work better and last longer. You won’t need to fix it so much. It’s a standout feature of the MITSUBISHI MS-JR13VF JR SERIES 1.5HP Non-Inverter Aircond, making life easier for you.

Technical specifications

Let’s look at the gritty details of the MITSUBISHI MS-JR13VF JR SERIES 1.5HP Non-Inverter Aircond. This unit isn’t just any air conditioner. It brings quality cooling to your space with efficiency and ease. Here, we lay out its technical specs in a simple table.


Cooling Capacity12,000 BTU/h
Power Input1.3kW
Air Flow600 m³/h
Noise Level40 dB
Dimensions870 x 290 x 230 mm
Weight10 kg
Filter TypeNano Platinum Filter
Maintenance FeatureEasy Clean Design


The table highlights how the air conditioner stands out. With a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU/h, it ensures your room stays cool. A power input of 1.3kW means it’s efficient. Air flows at 600 cubic meters per hour, keeping the breeze moving. Its noise level is low—at 40 decibels, you’ll hardly notice it’s on. Size-wise, it’s compact. Measuring 870 x 290 x 230 mm and weighing 10 kilograms, it fits well in small to medium spaces. The Nano Platinum Filter improves air quality. Lastly, the Easy Clean Design simplifies maintenance, making your life easier.


Use of R32 refrigerant

R32 refrigerant sets this air conditioner apart. It’s known for cutting down on energy use and being kind to the environment. This means it cools your room without using a lot of power or harming the planet.

Air conditioners like this one are leading the charge towards more sustainable living spaces.

By choosing R32, you’re getting top-notch cooling capacity and making a smart choice for Earth. This coolant doesn’t just work hard to keep you cool; it also lowers the environmental impact of your air conditioning systems.

So, while you enjoy healthy clean air inside, you’re also doing your part outside.

Energy-efficient design with inverter technology

This air conditioner has inverter technology. It changes how much cool air it makes based on the room’s temperature. This way, it uses less power, which saves money on electricity bills.

Plus, it’s good for the planet because it lowers energy use.

The design is smart and helps keep rooms at a perfect temperature without using too much power. With this system, you don’t get cold spots or hot spots in your room – just steady, comfortable coolness all around.

Also, because it adjusts itself, there’s less wear and tear on the unit. That means it can last longer and work better over time.

Compact design for small to medium-sized rooms

Fitting into small to medium spaces, the Mitsubishi MS-JR13VF JR Series 1.5HP Non-Inverter Aircond stands out. Its neat size makes it perfect for cozy living areas or bedrooms. You won’t worry about it taking up too much space.

Plus, its design doesn’t just save space—it adds a modern touch.

Energy efficiency pairs with this compact build, ensuring your room stays cool without huge energy bills. Given its size, you might think its power is less—but that’s not true. It packs enough cooling punch for comforting indoor environments, making it a smart choice for effective air conditioning in smaller rooms.

Warranty and Pricing

The MITSUBISHI MS-JR13VF JR SERIES 1.5HP Non-Inverter Aircond comes for RM 1,525.00. For this cost, you get a unit that aims to cool your space efficiently while keeping power use low.

This makes it an appealing choice for those watching their energy bills.

This air conditioner also includes a warranty lasting two years, priced at RM 1,525.00 for extended coverage. This shows the company’s confidence in its product durability and performance over time—offering peace of mind alongside cool comfort in your home or office spaces across West Malaysia.



Horse Power

1.5 HP

Inverter Type



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