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Mitsubishi 2.0 HP JS Series MSY-JR18VF


Mitsubishi 2.0HP Inverter MSY-JR18VF Air Conditioner

Meet the MITSUBISHI MSY-JS18VF JS SERIES 2.0HP Inverter Air Conditioner, a machine built to fight the heat and keep your air clean. This device stands out with its advanced tech to catch tiny harmful particles and quickly cool your space.

It’s smart too, adjusting cooling power for efficiency and making sure you’re comfortable without waiting. With a sale price of RM 3,579.99 after markdown from RM 3,759.00 and a two-year promise of good working condition, it also brings peace of mind.

You get more than just cold air; this air conditioner has many clever tricks like drying the air without making it feel odd, sensing how warm or cold you are to adjust itself, and even cleaning its own filters.

If something goes wrong, it tells you what’s up with blinking lights or codes on the remote control.

This unit isn’t afraid of electricity problems thanks to built-in safeguards, nor will it rust or break down easily thanks to tough parts inside and out including protective paint for metal parts exposed outside—the guts that make everything run are safe too against sudden stops in electricity flow.



* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

The Mitsubishi MSY-JS18VF JS Series 2.0HP Inverter Air Conditioner comes with smart tech to make your room cool fast and keep the air clean. It catches tiny dirt particles and uses a special material to pull them in, making sure you breathe fresh air.

Mitsubishi JS Series MSY-JR18VF

Microparticle Catching Filter for PM2.5 Elimination

This Mitsubishi air conditioner comes with a Microparticle Catching Filter. This filter helps get rid of tiny harmful particles in the air, known as PM2.5. These particles are so small that they can enter your lungs and cause health problems.

The filter uses electrostatic material to trap and remove these particles from the air you breathe at home.

Using this technology, the air inside gets cleaner and healthier for you and your family. It’s a simple yet effective way to ensure your indoor air is free from dangerous pollutants like dust, smoke, and other tiny bits not seen by the naked eye.

This function is crucial for those living in areas with high pollution levels or for families wanting to improve their home’s air quality.

Electrostatic material for PM2.5 removal and absorption

Electrostatic material plays a key role in catching and holding onto PM2.5 particles from the air. This technology uses static electricity to attract these tiny bits that can harm our health.

The MITSUBISHI MSY-JS18VF JS SERIES 2.0HP Inverter Air Conditioner is equipped with this clever feature, making sure the air in your room stays clean.

The device not only removes but also keeps those small particles away, thanks to its electrostatic material. With R32 refrigerant for better energy efficiency, this air conditioning system ensures you get cool and fresh air without worrying about PM2.5 particles getting back into your space.

It’s an effective way to make sure the air around you is as clean as possible.

Fast Cooling function for quick refreshment

The Fast Cooling function is a game changer on hot days. It makes the air cooler quickly, giving you relief from the heat right away. This feature works faster than normal cooling methods, making your room comfortable in no time.

With a touch of the Fast Cooling button, you get instant cool air.

This Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner uses advanced technology for fast refreshment. The ThermoGraphy and high Air Outlet Temperature work together to lower room temperature quickly.

You don’t have to wait long periods for your space to cool down anymore. This makes it perfect for immediate comfort, especially after coming home on a warm day.

Compressor Frequency Image for maximum frequency

The Compressor Frequency Image is a key part of the MITSUBISHI MSY-JS18VF JS SERIES 2.0HP Inverter Air Conditioner. It helps the appliance reach its top speed fast, making sure your room gets cool quickly.

This is great during hot days when you want relief from the heat right away.

This feature takes advantage of inverter technology to keep energy use down while providing powerful cooling. It adjusts how fast the compressor runs to match what’s needed for cooling, which means it does not waste power.

So, you get efficient and strong airflow without using more electricity than necessary.

Air Outlet Temperature that lowers faster than normal operation

This air conditioner cools rooms faster than usual. It makes the air coming out drop in temperature quickly. This means you won’t wait long to feel cool on hot days. The machine uses less energy while doing this, so it helps save on electricity bills.

Its tech reads the room’s warmth and adjusts how cold the air needs to be. This smart action ensures that every corner of your space gets evenly cool without wasting power. You enjoy fast comfort without extra cost or effort.

Thermography for quick room cooling

Thermography in this air conditioner makes your room cool fast. It uses heat pictures to check how warm spots spread around a room. Then, the system works hard where it’s needed most, cooling those areas quickly.

This means you won’t have to wait long for your space to get comfortable.

The tech also helps the air conditioner use energy well. By focusing on hot places, it doesn’t waste power cooling parts of the room that are already cold. Your bills stay lower and your home gets cool fast.

Plus, with R32 inverter technology, this method is even more efficient and kinder to the environment.

Fast Cooling Button for immediate cooling

The Fast Cooling Button on the Mitsubishi MSY-JS18VF JS SERIES 2.0HP Inverter makes your room cool quickly. With just one push, you get instant relief from the heat. This feature is great for hot days when you need to lower the air outlet temperature fast.

This function uses advanced tech to speed up cooling. It adjusts compressor frequency and optimises airflow for quicker comfort. You won’t have to wait long to feel cooler air with this efficient system at work in your home or office space.

Air Filter (Prefilter)

Air filters play a big part in keeping your air conditioner running smoothly. The Mitsubishi MSY-JS18VF comes with a pre-filter that catches dust and other tiny bits before they can enter the system.

This means cleaner air for you and less dirt building up inside your aircon.

This prefilter also works with other features like Computerised Dehumidification to control moisture, making your room feel cooler without lowering the temperature too much. Fuzzy Logic “I-Feel” uses sensors to figure out how warm or cool you are feeling, adjusting the airflow to make sure you stay comfortable.

All these work together, thanks to the smart design of this air conditioning unit, ensuring it fits well into any home in places like Putrajaya or Selangor without missing a beat on performance or energy use.

Computerized Dehumidification

The MITSUBISHI MSY-JS18VF JS SERIES 2.0HP Inverter Air Conditioner comes with a smart moisture removal feature. This means it can sense and control the level of dampness in your room.

It does this through an intelligent system that adjusts its settings automatically to keep the air dry and comfortable. No more sticky feeling during humid days.

This air conditioner uses advanced tech to check the air’s wetness levels and works round the clock to maintain them at just the right levels. You don’t have to fiddle with settings or worry about too much moisture damaging your home or making you feel uncomfortable.

The machine takes care of it all, ensuring your space stays fresh and cosy no matter the weather outside.

Fuzzy Logic “I-Feel”

Fuzzy Logic “I-Feel” makes your aircon smart. It checks the room and changes how cold or dry it is to make you comfy. This part uses a bit of power, 1.68 KW, and works at 7.5 A current flow.

Its smart brain can lower or raise the coolness based on what you need without you having to do anything.

This feature also has a high EER of 17,742, meaning it uses energy well to keep your bills low while keeping you cool and cosy. Whether the day is hot or humid, Fuzzy Logic “I-Feel” adjusts things perfectly for your comfort inside, making sure every corner feels just right.

Auto Mode “I-Feel”

Auto Mode “I-Feel” on the MITSUBISHI MSY-JS18VF JS SERIES 2.0HP Inverter Air Conditioner adjusts the cool air based on how you feel. It uses sensors to check the room’s temperature and then changes how cold or warm it blows out.

This means your room gets to the right comfort level without wasting energy.

This feature makes sure you’re always comfortable, whether it’s a hot day or a chilly night. Because of its smart tech, this air conditioner learns what settings work best for your space.

So, you can relax and enjoy a perfect room climate every time.

Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode on your Mitsubishi MSY-JS18VF JS Series air conditioner helps you save energy at night. This setting keeps temperatures comfortable while you rest. It uses less power, with only 1.68 KW and a running current of 7.5 A, cutting down your electricity use after dark.

This mode adjusts the cooling based on how cold or warm you want it to be while sleeping. It makes sure the room does not get too cold or too hot. You won’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to change settings or turn it off, making your sleep better and saving money on bills.

24-hour On/Off Timer

The 24-hour On/Off Timer on your air conditioner gives you the power to set cooling times in advance. This means you can make sure your room is cool right when you get home or wake up.

It’s easy to use and helps save energy by only running the air conditioner when needed. You just decide what time it turns on and off, up to a day ahead.

This timer not only makes life more comfortable but also cuts down on electricity use. Your air conditioning system becomes more efficient, fitting perfectly with busy schedules or for those nights when you want a good sleep without leaving the unit running all night.

With this feature, managing comfort and savings is straightforward, offering a smart way to control your environment.

LCD Wireless Remote Controller

The LCD Wireless Remote Controller makes using your air conditioner easy from anywhere in the room. It lets you adjust settings and control temperature without getting up. This remote is user-friendly, with clear buttons and a display that shows your choices.

You can set the air conditioner to turn on or off at specific times with the 24-hour timer. This gives you control over when to cool your room, making it perfect before you arrive home or while saving energy at night.

With this controller, changing the cooling settings to match your comfort level takes just a few clicks. It’s designed for convenience and flexibility, allowing quick adjustments to temperature or mode without any hassle.

Whether you want a cooler environment immediately or prefer scheduling it for later, this remote meets your needs smoothly and efficiently.

Auto Restart

Auto Restart makes life easier by getting your air conditioner going again after a power cut. You won’t have to press any buttons to cool your room down again. This keeps your home’s temperature steady and comfy, even if the power goes out.

It takes away the worry of having to reset your cooling system during outages.

With Auto Restart, the Mitsubishi MSY-JS18VF ensures that you enjoy uninterrupted cooling without any hassle. This feature is especially handy in areas where power interruptions are common.

It saves you time and effort, making sure that your comfort is not disrupted by sudden power failures.

Anti-Rust Treatment

The Mitsubishi MSY-JS18VF JS Series 2.0HP Inverter Air Conditioner uses anti-rust treatment to keep its parts safe from rust. This means your air conditioner can last longer, even in places with lots of moisture or near the sea.

The treatment protects both the indoor and outdoor units, ensuring they remain strong against wear and tear over time.

This feature is a big plus for anyone wanting their cooling system to stay in top shape year after year. It saves you money on repairs and replacements, making this air conditioner a smart choice for your home or office.

Durable Electronic Metal Housing

Durable electronic metal housing makes your air conditioner strong. It fights wear and tear. This means your air cooling system will last longer. With dimensions of 800 X 285 X 550, the outdoor unit is tough.

It weighs 31.5 kg, showing it can stand up to a lot.

This housing protects the parts inside from damage. Your air conditioner works hard all year. This cover keeps it safe and working well. You won’t have to fix it as much, saving you money over time.

Emergency Circuit Protection

Emergency Circuit Protection in the MITSUBISHI MSY-JS18VF JS SERIES 2.0HP Inverter Air Conditioner is a key feature. It acts like a safety net during electrical circuit problems. This protection keeps both the air conditioner and your home safe from damage linked to electrical faults.

The system kicks in automatically when it senses any electric trouble, ensuring ongoing safety and peace of mind. With this feature, you can trust your air conditioner to be secure under all conditions.

Plus, with the assurance of a 2-year warranty, you know that your investment is protected against unexpected issues.

Self Diagnostic (IDU Blinking)

The Mitsubishi MSY-JS18VF air conditioner has a smart feature. It lets the indoor unit show error codes by blinking. This makes finding and fixing problems easy. You won’t have to guess what’s wrong.

The system guides you to understand issues quickly, leading to faster repair.

This function is great for keeping your air conditioner running well. It cuts down on time spent figuring out troubles and helps in maintaining your machine without much wait. With this tech, anyone can handle small fixes or know when to call for help, making maintenance more efficient.

Auto Fan Mode

Auto Fan Mode on the MITSUBISHI MSY-JS18VF JS SERIES 2.0HP Inverter Air Conditioner changes fan speed to match your room’s temperature. This smart feature makes sure you stay comfortable without wasting energy.

It reads the room and adjusts, so you don’t have to fiddle with settings.

This mode not only keeps your space consistently comfy but also helps cut down on power use. Your air conditioner works more smoothly, giving you cool air without a spike in your electricity bill.

Plus, this tailored approach means better performance from your cooling system overall, making Auto Fan Mode a wise choice for both comfort and efficiency.

Blue Fin Condenser

The Blue Fin Condenser in the MITSUBISHI MSY-JS18VF JS SERIES 2.0HP Inverter Air Conditioner is a key feature. It fights rust, making your air conditioning system last longer. The outdoor unit with this condenser measures 800 X 285 X 550 and weighs 31.5 kg.

This technology keeps your machine working well over time.

With the Blue Fin Condenser, you get better protection against corrosion on your cooling device. This means less worry about damage from salty air or moisture. Your unit stays strong and efficient, saving you money on repairs or replacements down the line.

This part makes sure your air conditioner works smoothly for many years.


The MITSUBISHI MSY-JS18VF JS SERIES 2.0HP Inverter Air Conditioner offers great value. It cools quickly with its array of features like the Microparticle Catching Filter and Fast Cooling function.

Buyers also enjoy additional perks such as sleep mode, auto restart, and a remote controller. With its impressive cooling capacity and energy efficiency, this air conditioner stands out as a smart choice for anyone looking to beat the heat in style.



Horse Power

2.0 HP

Inverter Type



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