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Mitsubishi 1.0 HP JS Series MSY-JS10VF


Mitsubishi 1HP Inverter MSY-JS10VF Air Conditioner

Meet the Mitsubishi 1HP Inverter MSY-JS10VF Air Conditioner, a game changer in cooling technology. This machine brings fresh, clean air into your home with its advanced filters. You get to enjoy perfect comfort thanks to smart features like computerised drying of the air, “I-Feel” mode for just-right temperatures, and various modes including auto and sleep to fit all your needs.

Plus, controlling it is easy with a digital remote.

This air conditioner doesn’t just promise smooth operation; it’s built tough with features that fight rust, protect its circuits during emergencies, and can diagnose problems on its own. It even restarts by itself after power outages!

New cool things are part of this model too. The machine understands human presence for smarter cooling and uses an eco-friendly coolant that’s better for our planet. It throws powerful cold air while staying energy efficient.

The deal gets sweeter with solid warranties – seven years for the compressor and two years for other parts from Mitsubishi Electric Sales Malaysia, known for top service in the country.


* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

The Mitsubishi 1HP Inverter MSY-JS10VF Air Conditioner comes with great features for clean air and comfort. It uses filters to catch tiny dirt bits and has many modes to keep your space just right.

Cleaner air with air filter and microparticle catching filter

This Mitsubishi air conditioner has a special filter that catches tiny, harmful particles in the air. This filter is called a microparticle catching filter and it works to grab particles as small as PM 2.5.

These are really tiny bits that you can’t see but can make the air dirty and unhealthy to breathe. By catching these, the air in your room becomes cleaner and healthier.

It uses R32 refrigerant too, which is kinder to our planet than other types of cooling gases. So not only does this air conditioner help keep the indoor environment fresh, but it also does its part for the Earth’s atmosphere by using eco-friendly materials.

Comfort features: computerised dehumidification, fuzzy logic “I-Feel” mode, auto mode, sleep mode

The Mitsubishi 1HP Inverter MSY-JS10VF Air Conditioner offers advanced comfort features. These include:

  1. Computerised Dehumidification: This system pulls water from the air, making your room feel cooler without lowering the temperature too much. It helps in keeping your room comfortable, especially during humid days.
  2. Fuzzy Logic “I-Feel” Mode: The AC uses smart technology to adjust the cooling based on how warm or cool you feel. It senses the temperature around you and changes the settings for your comfort.
  3. Auto Mode: The air conditioner decides on its own what settings are best for your room at any time. It looks at the room’s temperature and adjusts its cooling power to keep you comfortable without you having to change the settings yourself.
  4. Sleep Mode: This mode makes sure you stay comfortable while sleeping without using too much power. The AC slowly changes the room’s temperature so it’s perfect for sleeping and doesn’t get too cold or too warm during the night.

These features work together to make sure your home stays comfortable in an efficient way, saving energy and making life a bit easier for you.

Convenience features: 24-hour on/off timer, LCD wireless remote controller

Mitsubishi’s 1HP Inverter MSY-JS10VF Air Conditioner makes cooling your home easy and efficient. With a 24-hour on/off timer and an LCD wireless remote controller, it offers features that bring comfort right to your fingertips.

List of convenience features:

  1. 24-hour on/off Timer:
    • Set your air conditioner to turn on or off at any time within a 24 – hour period.
    • Perfect for ensuring your room is cool when you need it without running the aircon all day.
  2. LCD Wireless Remote Controller:
    • Control all the features of your air conditioner from anywhere in the room.
    • The clear screen makes it easy to see settings and adjustments.

These features not only make using the Mitsubishi 1HP Inverter MSY-JS10VF Air Conditioner simple but also help save on energy costs by allowing you to run it only when needed.

Auto restart, anti-rust treatment, durable electronic metal housing, emergency circuit protection

The Mitsubishi 1HP Inverter MSY-JS10VF Air Conditioner brings reliable features for your comfort and safety. Let’s look at what makes this AC stand out.

  1. Auto Restart: After a power cut, you don’t need to turn the AC back on manually. It restarts automatically with the previous settings once electricity is back. This keeps your room cool and comfortable without lifting a finger.
  2. Anti-Rust Treatment: The outdoor unit faces all types of weather. To make it last longer, it has a special coating that fights rust. This means your air conditioner stays strong against rain and humidity.
  3. Durable Electronic Metal Housing: Inside this AC, important parts are kept safe in a tough metal box. It protects them from damage and keeps the air conditioner working smoothly for years.
  4. Emergency Circuit Protection: Sometimes, electrical faults happen. But with this feature, the AC has its own protection system that stops any damage before it can start. Your home stays safe from electric problems.

Self-diagnostic capabilities, auto fan mode, blue fin condenser

Air conditioners have become smarter. Mitsubishi’s 1HP Inverter MSY-JS10VF stands out with its advanced features. Let’s dive into three key aspects that make it reliable and efficient.

  • Self-diagnostic capabilities:
    • This air conditioner checks itself to find problems.
    • It makes fixing issues faster and easier without guessing work.
  • Auto fan mode:
    • The fan speed adjusts on its own depending on the room’s temperature.
    • This ensures rooms cool down quickly without wasting energy.
  • Blue fin condenser:
    • A special coating protects it from rust and damage.
    • It lasts longer even in harsh weather, making the unit more durable.

Each feature plays a big part in giving you a cooler home without trouble or high bills.

Microparticle catching filter (PM 2.5), Mitsubishi Mr. Slim New R32 JS Inverter Series

The Mitsubishi Mr. Slim New R32 JS Inverter series brings fresh tech to your home. It includes a special microparticle catching filter that traps tiny harmful bits in the air, like dust and pollen, as small as 2.5 micrometers.

This means you breathe cleaner, healthier air every day.

This series also uses R32 refrigerant. This choice helps the planet because it has a lower impact on global warming compared to other gases used in cooling systems. With such features, Mitsubishi’s new inverter line combines health benefits with care for our environment, making it an excellent pick for modern homes wanting clean air and energy efficiency.

Btu/hr 9,212, energy savings, Human Sense 3D-I See Sensor

Mitsubishi’s 1HP Inverter MSY-JS10VF Air Conditioner brings top features. It makes your room cool fast, saves power, and knows where you are.

  • Cooling Capacity: 9,212 Btu/hr. This number tells how powerful the air conditioner is. It can make a small or medium room cold quickly.
  • Energy Savings with Inverter Technology. This tech adjusts the power used to cool down a space. It means less electricity gets used, saving you money on bills.
  • Human Sense 3D – I See Sensor. This smart feature spots where people are in a room. Then, it directs cool air their way for better comfort without wasting energy.

These points show that Mitsubishi’s model is efficient, smart in cooling rooms, and kind to your wallet.

R32 refrigerant, easy clean, dual barrier coating, powerful cool

The Mitsubishi 1HP Inverter MSY-JS10VF air conditioner comes with features that make it stand out. It uses R32 refrigerant, has an easy clean design, a dual barrier coating, and provides powerful cooling. Here’s a closer look:


  1. Uses R32 Refrigerant
    • This type of fluid helps the aircon save more power. It’s better for the earth too.
  2. Easy Clean Design
    • You can keep it clean without much work. This means you’ll have fresh air all the time.
  3. Dual Barrier Coating
    • Stops dirt and grease from sticking. Your air conditioner works well for longer because of this.
  4. Powerful Cooling
    • Cools down rooms fast with 9,212 Btu/hr strength. Even on very hot days, your room stays cool.

Each point shows how the Mitsubishi 1HP Inverter MSY-JS10VF air conditioner is made to give you comfort, save energy, and last long without needing lots of cleaning or care.

Direct flow/indirect flow to satisfy different needs

Mitsubishi 1HP Inverter MSY-JS10VF Air Conditioner lets you choose how air moves in your room. You can pick direct flow to cool a specific area fast. Or, go for indirect flow to gently spread coolness around, making everyone comfortable.

This feature meets various needs, whether you want quick cooling or a more even temperature.

Choosing between these flows is easy with the air conditioner’s controls. Direct flow is great for hot days when you need to bring down the temperature quickly in one spot. Indirect flow works best for keeping the whole room at a steady cool without any cold spots.

This flexibility makes it perfect for any situation in your home or office.

Warranty and Services

Your Mitsubishi 1HP Inverter MSY-JS10VF air conditioner comes with strong backup. You get a 7-year promise for the compressor and a 2-year promise for parts.

7-year warranty for the compressor, 2-year warranty for spare parts

Mitsubishi Electric Sales Malaysia gives a strong promise for its air conditioning systems. They offer a long 7-year warranty on the compressor, which is the heart of your air conditioner.

The compressor plays a key role in cooling your home, so this warranty offers peace of mind. For other parts that might need fixing or replacement, there’s a 2-year warranty. This shows they stand behind their product and care about keeping it running well.

This commitment means you can enjoy cool air in your home without worrying about repairs for quite some time. With over 40 years of service in marketing and maintaining these systems, Mitsubishi knows how to keep their products at top performance for longer.

This kind of support makes choosing Mitsubishi’s air conditioners an easy decision for comfort all year round.



Horse Power

1.0 HP

Inverter Type



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