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Samsung 1.0 Inverter Air Conditioner AR09TGHQABUNME


Samsung 1.0 HP S-ESSENTIAL Inverter AR09TGHQABUNME Air Conditioner

This air conditioner has a special HD filter that catches dust and tiny harmful bits in the air you won’t want to breathe in. Its Fast Cooling mode quickly cools down your space using high fan speed – way faster than normal modes out there! At night, its Wind-Free™ Good Sleep mode kicks in to keep your sleep uninterrupted by adjusting the room’s temperature just right.

It grabs less power too, thanks to R32 refrigerant inside it, meaning it’s kinder on our planet and saves you some money on bills with its 3-star energy rating. Plus, this AC unit stays strong over time because it uses DuraFin+ material in its condenser part to fight off rusting.

While this model doesn’t have built-in WiFi like some other fancier ones do – meaning no AI Auto Cooling or app controls – it still does an excellent job at cooling rooms quietly without spending much energy.



* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

The Samsung AR09TGHQABUNME Air Conditioner keeps your room cool and comfortable. It comes packed with features like quick cooling technology and a mode that helps you sleep better at night.

Overview of the air conditioner

This air conditioner is a 1.0 HP model from Samsung. It keeps rooms cool quickly and efficiently with its S-Essential feature. People sleep better thanks to Wind-Free™ Good Sleep mode.

The air stays clean due to an HD Filter that captures dust and allergens.

It uses R32 refrigerant, which is kinder to the environment than older types of refrigerants. With a 3-star energy rating, it also saves power while running quietly at noise levels of 41/28 dBA indoors.

This model’s electrical consumption stands at 824 W for cooling, making it both energy-smart and cost-effective for your home or office.

Key features and specifications

The Samsung AR09TGHQABUNME Air Conditioner boasts a range of capacities, from 1.0 HP to 2.5 HP, fitting different room sizes and needs. It features an HD Filter that captures airborne contaminants like dust and allergens, making the air in your room cleaner.

This model also includes Fast Cooling technology that cools your space quickly, bringing instant relief on hot days.

With R32 refrigerant, it’s kinder to the environment while still delivering efficient cooling power. Its energy efficiency is rated at 3 stars, meaning it uses electricity wisely to save you money on bills.

The noise level for indoor units starts low at 28 dBA, ensuring quiet operation so you can relax or sleep without disturbance. Lastly, this air conditioner doesn’t come with WiFi capabilities but focuses on core functions like moisture removal and better air circulation for a comfortable indoor climate.

Fast Cooling and Good Sleep Mode


The Samsung AR09TGHQABUNME air conditioner has a speedy cool mode that cools your room fast. It also comes with a comfy night mode to help you sleep well without feeling too hot or cold.

S-Essential feature for fast cooling

This air conditioner has a S-Essential mode that cools rooms quickly. It turns the fan to its highest speed, making the space cold fast. This is great on hot days when you need to cool down your room right away.

It uses 824 W of power to cool efficiently in this mode. With this feature, you won’t have to wait long for your room to reach a comfortable temperature. Perfect for those sudden heat waves or when coming home after a sunny day outside.

Good Sleep mode for a comfortable night’s sleep

The Good Sleep mode on the Samsung AR09TGHQABUNME Air Conditioner helps you sleep well by adjusting the air to be perfect for rest. It changes the temperature during the night so you can sleep without feeling too hot or cold.

This feature is great because it makes sure your room stays in the best climate for a good night’s rest.

This air conditioner also keeps noise low, at 41/28 dBA indoors, so your sleep is peaceful and undisturbed. With options from 1.0 HP to 2.5 HP, it fits any room size perfectly. The price for one with a capacity of 1.0 HP and Good Sleep mode is RM 1,399.00, making comfortable sleep accessible without breaking the bank.

HD Filter and 2-Way Auto Swing

The HD filter in the Samsung AR09TGHQABUNME Air Conditioner keeps your air clean by trapping dust and harmful things you can’t see. The 2-Way Auto Swing moves air around the room well, making sure cool air reaches every corner.

Effectiveness of the HD filter in capturing dust and allergens

The HD Filter in the Samsung AR09TGHQABUNME Air Conditioner grabs dust, flying dirt, and things that can make you sneeze. This filter is easy to clean for reuse. It makes sure your air stays fresh and clean.

This good tool helps keep your home safe from tiny unwanted particles in the air. Washing it doesn’t take much work, making it great for families who want a simple way to breathe better air at home.

2-Way Auto Swing for even air distribution

The Samsung AR09TGHQABUNME Air Conditioner comes with a smart feature called 2-Way Auto Swing. This allows the machine to spread cool air in multiple directions across your room. It makes sure that no corner is left warm, keeping the temperature even everywhere.

With this setting, you can enjoy a comfy atmosphere all around you. It doesn’t matter where you are in the room; the air will reach you. This feature also helps in making the cooling process more efficient and quick, so you won’t have to wait long to feel refreshed during hot days.

DuraFin+ and Energy Efficiency

The Samsung AR09TGHQABUNME Air Conditioner uses DuraFin+ technology for its parts. This means it fights rust better, lasting longer. It also consumes less power and makes less noise, saving money and keeping peace at home.

DuraFin+ material for protection against rusting

DuraFin+ material makes the Samsung AR09TGHQABUNME Air Conditioner stand out. It fights rust, so your air conditioner works well for a long time. This material is a top choice because it keeps cooling strong and steady.

Air conditioners face tough conditions like salty air and moisture. DuraFin+ is tested with salt spray to make sure it can handle these challenges without getting rusty. This means you get cool air without worrying about damage or extra costs for fixes.

Energy efficiency and noise levels

The Samsung AR09TGHQABUNME Air Conditioner shines in saving power. It gets a 3-star energy rating, making it kind to both the environment and your bills. This air cooler uses only 824 watts for cooling, which is quite low.

This means you can stay cool without spending too much on electricity.

This model also keeps things quiet at home. It makes noise at just 41/28 dBA indoors for the 1 HP version, which is whisper-quiet. So, you can enjoy peace and cool air together without any loud noise interrupting your day or sleep.

Comparison with Other Models

The Samsung AR09TGHQABUNME Air Conditioner stands out when we look at it next to the Wind-Free Premium Plus and S-Inverter Premium models. It brings unique cooling tech and energy-saving features, making it a top choice for smart homes.

Comparison with Wind-Free Premium Plus and S-Inverter Premium

Looking at the Wind-Free Premium Plus stands out with its WindFree™ Cooling that keeps rooms cool without direct air blast. This model also has AI Auto Cooling to adjust temperatures based on your habits.

For those who love tech, built-in Wi-Fi lets you control your AC from anywhere. It even helps you sleep better with WindFree™ Good Sleep by maintaining a comfortable bedroom climate.

On the other hand, S-Inverter Premium models are known for their energy-saving capabilities and quiet operation. While they might not offer the same advanced features as the Wind-Free Premium Plus, such as smart cooling or Wi-Fi connectivity, they’re reliable for efficient cooling and lower power bills.

The choice between these models depends on what you value more: high-tech features or energy efficiency and silence.



Horse Power

1.0 HP

Inverter Type



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