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Samsung 1.5 HP Inverter Air Conditioner AR13TYHYDWKNME


Samsung 1.5 HP AR13TYHYDWKNME Air Conditioner

Meet the Samsung AR09TGHQA Air Conditioner, a machine designed to keep your room cool and comfortable. This air cooler has features like Fast Cooling mode for quick chill, an HD Filter that cleans the air, Good Sleep mode for better sleep at night, and a 2-Way Auto Swing that makes sure cold air reaches every corner of the room.

Made with DuraFin+ material, its condenser fights rust and corrosion well, even passing a tough test where it was sprayed with salt water for 480 hours.

This cooling device can make up to 9000 Btu/hr of cold air and is very power-efficient with an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 3.20 W/W. It’s also pretty quiet, making only 41/28 dBA noise indoors which is good news if you are sleeping or working.

For its power needs, it uses standard electricity supply configurations and doesn’t eat up much energy.

You won’t have to worry about figuring things out on your own because it comes packed with handy features like a timer you can set for 24 hours, auto restart during power cuts, moisture removal to keep the air dry on rainy days, and different modes including fan mode for when you just want some breeze without too much cold.

While this model doesn’t come with Wi-Fi built-in, getting help or learning how to use all its functions is easy thanks to downloadable guides and SmartThings integration for more control over settings.




* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

The Samsung AR13TYHYDWKNME Air Conditioner packs great features. It uses smart tech to change its speed for less power use, cools rooms quickly, and saves energy with an ECO mode. A special sleep mode keeps you comfy at night.

It’s built strong to last, resists rust well with a special coating, and has an easy-to-clean filter. Also, it uses a type of gas that’s better for the air we all breathe. This AC is good at using less electricity and doesn’t make much noise.

For all the details on what makes this air conditioner stand out, keep reading!

Digital Inverter Boost technology

Digital Inverter Boost technology makes your air conditioner smart. It cuts down noise and uses up to 73% less energy. This tech lets your room get cold 43% quicker than usual. Think of the inverter as the brain of your aircon, working harder when needed and saving power when it can.

This Samsung model also blows stronger cool air across longer distances, up to 15 meters away. With a 15% bigger fan, an 18% larger opening, and blades that are 31% wider, you get fast and efficient cooling without wasting extra electricity or creating too much sound.

It’s like having a gentle giant cool down your space quickly yet quietly.

Fast Cooling mode

The Samsung AR13TYHYDWKNME Air Conditioner’s Fast Cooling mode beats the heat right away. With this feature, your room gets cool 43% faster than usual. It uses Digital Inverter Boost technology to make this quick cooling happen.

This means you won’t have to wait long to feel cooler in hot weather.

This air conditioner also sends cool air up to 15 meters away. So, even if you’re not right next to it, you’ll still feel the cold air. The fast cooling is especially good with the 1.0 HP model and has a top energy star rating of 5 stars for making rooms chilly quickly without using too much power.

ECO mode

ECO mode on this air conditioner helps you use less power while still keeping cool. It’s smart because it tracks how much electricity you use and finds ways to cut down. This means lower bills for you and less harm to the environment.

You can enjoy a comfy room without worrying about energy costs.

With ECO mode, your unit gets an energy star rating of 5 stars in cooling, which is top-notch. This rating shows it’s good at saving power compared to other air conditioners.

So, using ECO mode not only makes your home cooler but also supports looking after our planet by lowering your carbon footprint.

Good Sleep mode

The Good Sleep mode on the Samsung AR13TYHYDWKNME Air Conditioner helps you fall asleep quickly. It keeps your room in the perfect warmth for sleeping. This function makes sure you sleep deeply and wake up feeling fresh.

It is great for your health because it gives you a peaceful place to rest all night.

This model is special because it focuses on making your sleep better. The air conditioner adjusts itself to keep the temperature just right for sleeping, without using too much power.

This way, you save energy and enjoy a comfortable sleep environment every night.

Triple Protector Plus technology

Triple Protector Plus technology makes sure your air conditioner stands strong against tough conditions. It defends the unit from harm caused by sudden power increases and changing electric currents, keeping performance stable.

This tech boosts the air cooler’s life by fighting off damage in rough weather and environments.

It also adds an extra layer of protection to enhance how well and reliably the cooling device works. With Triple Protector Plus, you get more security for your investment, ensuring it keeps running smoothly despite challenges like power fluctuations and harsh climates.

DuraFin technology

DuraFin technology makes the heat exchanger in your air conditioner work better. It does this by fighting off rust, which is great news because it means the parts won’t wear out as quickly.

This tech also keeps bacteria and mildew from growing, keeping your air clean and safe to breathe.

This smart feature is built to last, even in tough weather or when electricity acts up. It guards against sudden power increases that could harm your system. By doing so, DuraFin ensures your air conditioner works smoothly for a long time, saving you money on fixes and energy bills.

Easy Filter Plus

The Easy Filter Plus sits on top of the outside part of your air conditioner. This spot makes it simple to reach and clean. You can quickly take it out, clear away any dirt, and put it back in no time.

This filter is key in keeping your air cooling machine running smoothly.

Having the Easy Filter Plus means less worry about upkeep for you. It plays a big role in making sure your machine doesn’t work too hard, which helps keep energy use down. This feature adds to the overall handiness and performance of your air cooler, making indoor air fresher while saving on power costs.

Environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant

The Samsung AR13TYHYDWKNME Air Conditioner uses R32 coolant, which is kind to our planet. This type of refrigerant does not hurt the ozone layer as much as older types do. It also doesn’t make global warming worse like some other coolants can.

R32 has another big benefit – it needs less energy to work well. This means your air conditioner doesn’t use as much electricity. With this, you save money on power bills and help reduce energy use at home.

Plus, R32 is safer because it’s not likely to catch fire easily compared to some older refrigerants used in cooling systems.


Technical Information

The Samsung AR13TYHYDWKNME Air Conditioner has specific technical details like how long and high the pipes can be, what sizes the service valves are, how much air it moves around, and ways to control where the air goes.

It uses a certain type of gas that is kind of in nature and talks about what makes its compressor special, plus features of the unit that sits outside your house. Check out more to see why this might be a great fit for your home.

Piping length, height, SVC valve sizes

Installing the Samsung AR13TYHYDWKNME Air Conditioner requires clear details. Let’s focus on piping length, height, and valve sizes for a smooth setup.

  • The system allows for flexible piping length but does not specify exact measurements in the article. This means you have room to work according to your space needs.
  • For installing this aircon unit, there are height requirements. These ensure the unit works well and fits in your chosen spot with no trouble.
  • SVC valve sizes matter for connecting the refrigerant pipes. The article doesn’t give exact sizes, so check with the manufacturer or your installer for this detail.

Understanding these aspects will help install your air conditioner correctly. Make sure to follow guidelines for a successful setup.

Air circulation and airflow control

The Samsung AR13TYHYDWKNME Air Conditioner uses smart tech to manage airflow. This keeps your room cool or warm, fast. It mixes indoor air well, making sure every corner feels the same.

You’ll find its noise low too, with levels at 39/20 dBA inside and 48 dBA outside.

This AC’s design helps a lot in cutting down power use. Thanks to good air movement and control, it has an EER of 3.77 W/W and CSPF of 5.50. These numbers mean it does more but uses less energy.

It also cleans the air as it works, making your space healthier to be in.

Refrigerant type and charging

This air conditioner uses R32 refrigerant. This type is kinder to the planet than old coolants. It helps in fighting against climate change because it has less impact on global warming.

Knowing how much refrigerant to put in is key for good performance. Every unit comes with details on how much R32 needs to go inside.

For charging, you must follow the exact steps. Putting in too much or too little can hurt the system’s efficiency and could lead to damage over time. Always check the manual for how much coolant your model needs.

This ensures your air conditioner runs well and keeps energy use low.

Compressor type and outdoor unit features

The Samsung AR13TYHYDWKNME Air Conditioner uses Digital Inverter Boost technology in its compressor. This tech makes it energy-efficient, lowering power use while still giving you strong cooling.

It adjusts power based on the temperature needed, so it saves more electricity than non-inverter air conditioners.

The outdoor part of this air conditioner has Triple Protector Plus technology. This gives it a shield against tough weather and keeps it running without issues. It’s made to resist corrosion better than many others, thanks to DuraFin technology.

This means even in salty or humid places, your air conditioner stays strong and lasts longer. Also, the R32 refrigerant used is kinder to the environment compared to older types like R410a or R22, making this choice a smart one for both your home and the planet.


Samsung AR13TYHYDWKNME Air Conditioner stands out with its high-tech features. It saves energy and cools rooms quickly. This air cooler comes in different sizes to fit your needs. Its advanced technology keeps it running smoothly in tough weather.

Choose this air cooler for a comfy, eco-friendly home solution.



Horse Power

1.5 HP

Inverter Type



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