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Samsung 1.5 Inverter Air Conditioner AR12BGHQABUNME


Samsung 1.5 HP S-ESSENTIAL Inverter AR12BGHQABUNME Air Conditioner

Meet the Samsung Air Cond 1.5HP AR12TGHQABUNME, a cooling system that changes how we stay cool. This air conditioner is not just any unit as it brings together speed, cleanliness, and savings in one sleek design.

For instance, its fast cooling mode can quickly make your room comfortable on hot days. With a washable HD filter, it traps dust and harmful things in the air, making sure you breathe clean air.

This model stands out for being kind to both your wallet and the environment thanks to its three-star energy rating and use of R32 refrigerant which uses less power. It also boasts an impressive cooling ability with low noise levels so you can enjoy peace while staying cool.

With various modes like auto, fast cool, good sleep, dehumidification, and fan mode – this air conditioner meets all needs while keeping operation quiet indoors and out.



* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

The Samsung Air Cond 1.5HP AR12TGHQABUNME comes packed with features that make your room cool quickly and keep the air clean. It uses less power, making it kinder to both your wallet and the planet.

Fast cooling

Fast cooling mode makes sure you don’t wait long to feel cool. It quickly brings the room to your chosen coldness. This feature is great for hot days when you need quick relief from the heat.

This air conditioner has the power to make areas cold up to 11500 Btu/hr. It uses energy wisely, with an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 3.20 W/W and drinks just 1053 W of power. Even while working hard to cool fast, it keeps its buzz low at 38/27 dBA inside and 51 dBA outside, letting you enjoy peace along with the chill.

HD filter

The Samsung Air Cond 1.5HP AR12TGHQABUNME comes with an HD filter. This special filter catches dust, airborne nasties, and stuff that might make you sneeze. It’s a shield against particles in your home’s air.

You can also wash the filter without much trouble. Keeping it clean means your air stays fresh and healthy to breathe.

Cleaning this reusable HD filter is easy too. Just give it a rinse under water to get rid of the trapped fine dust and contaminants. This way, your air conditioner works well without working too hard, saving you money on electric bills over time.

Plus, everyone in the house breathes easier with less worry about what’s floating around in the air they breathe.

Good sleep mode

Good sleep mode adjusts the temperature for each part of your sleep cycle. This makes sure you stay comfortable all night. It also uses less power than usual cooling modes, making it a smart choice if you want to save on energy bills.

This feature is part of why this air conditioner got a three-star energy efficiency rating.

With good sleep mode, your room stays at the perfect warmth or coolness without using too much electricity. It’s like having someone watch over your comfort and your wallet while you rest.

The cooling ability of 11500 Btu/hr along with indoor noise levels as low as 27 dBA means your sleep will be undisturbed and peaceful, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed every morning.

Energy saving

The Samsung Air Cond 1.5HP AR12TGHQABUNME uses less power, making it kind to your bills and the planet. Its energy star rating of 3 stars means it’s efficient. With a power use of 1053 W, this air conditioner does more but uses less electricity.

Features like good sleep mode adjust the temperature to make sure you’re comfortable at night without wasting energy.

This model also has a fast cooling function that gets your room cool quickly, so the machine doesn’t have to work as hard for as long. This way, you save money on running costs over time.

The use of R32 refrigerant helps in this too—it’s better for keeping your room cool while being friendlier to the environment than other types might be.

2-way auto swing

The Samsung Air Cond 1.5HP AR12TGHQABUNME comes with a 2-way auto swing feature. This tech controls the direction of airflow automatically. It makes sure air spreads evenly across the room.

With this, you get better airflow and your space stays comfy.

This auto-swing tech is smart because it moves air in two directions. This means it can send cool air to every corner, making the whole room feel good quickly. Plus, it keeps the temperature steady, so you always feel just right.


DuraFin+ is a smart feature that makes your air conditioner last longer. It uses special materials that don’t let rust and corrosion touch the condenser. This part of your air conditioner works hard, and when it stays free from damage, your machine can cool your room better for more years.

DuraFin+ keeps the heat exchanger safe, ensuring that you get great performance without worrying about wear and tear.

This technology not only saves the day against rust but also enhances how well your air conditioner works over time. By guarding the condenser with a corrosion-resistant shield, DuraFin+ promises durability.

You won’t have to stress about changing parts too often or losing cooling power as seasons pass. This means peace of mind for you knowing that one small component greatly boosts the longevity and efficiency of your cooling system.

R32 refrigerant

The Samsung Air Cond 1.5HP AR12TGHQABUNME uses R32 refrigerant, a cooler medium that helps save energy. This type of coolant is kinder to the environment than older ones used in other air conditioners.

It makes your AC unit more efficient and reduces electricity bills by not using much power.

R32 also has another benefit; it needs less coolant for the same cooling effect, making air conditioners lighter and more compact. This leads to easier installation and maintenance.

Plus, as it contributes to reducing global warming potential, choosing this air conditioner supports a greener planet.


This mode pulls water from the air inside your room. It makes the space more comfortable during wet seasons. This setting is perfect for days when it’s not too hot but feels sticky inside.

Your room feels cooler and drier with this function. Dust, contaminants, and allergens get trapped by the HD filter. The R32 (refrigerant type) helps in making this process efficient without using a lot of energy.

The Samsung Air Cond 1.5HP AR12TGHQABUNME stands out for saving power. It gets a three-star energy grade and uses only 1053 watts, making it both efficient and light on the bill.

3-star energy rating

This Samsung air conditioner comes with a 3-star energy rating. This means it saves power while keeping you cool. Its Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) is 3.20 W/W, which shows how well it uses electricity to cool your home.

Also, it only needs 1053 W of electrical data to run. This is good for your bills and the planet.

The unit’s SVC valve and technical information point towards efficiency too. A higher EER like this one cuts down on wasted energy, making the air conditioner a smart choice if saving money matters to you.

Plus, its power use tells us that it balances comfort with care for the environment.

EER of 3.20 W/W

The EER, or Energy Efficiency Ratio, of 3.20 W/W shows how well the air conditioner uses power to cool a space. A higher EER means the device is more efficient at turning electricity into cold air.

This Samsung model, with its EER of 3.20 W/W, does this job well. It combines good use of energy with strong cooling action. This makes it not just kinder to your wallet but also better for the planet.

This air conditioner’s efficiency comes from smart design choices like corrosion-resistance tech and an R32 refrigerant which is kinder to the environment. The mix of these features helps it achieve its three-star energy rating, marking it as a choice that saves both energy and money over time.

So every time you turn it on to escape the heat, you can feel good knowing you’re using something made to be effective and eco-friendly without wasting resources.

Power consumption of 1053 W

This Samsung Air Cond 1.5HP AR12TGHQABUNME uses 1053 W of power. It shows the machine works hard to cool your space but keeps an eye on energy use. With a rating of 3 stars for energy efficiency, it balances cooling power and saving on your electricity bills.

Knowing this air conditioner needs 1053 watts helps you understand its energy demands. This figure is key when comparing it to other models or checking how much it might add to your monthly expenses.


The Samsung Air Cond 1.5HP AR12TGHQABUNME stands out for its cool features and energy-saving ways. It quickly makes rooms cold, filters the air well, and uses less power than many others.

This aircon also works quietly, making it great for any room. With a good price now, it’s a smart pick for those wanting comfort without spending too much on bills.



Horse Power

1.5 HP

Inverter Type



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