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Samsung 2.0 HP Inverter Air Conditioner AR18TGHQABUNME


Samsung 2.0 HP S-ESSENTIAL Inverter AR18BGHQABUNME Air Conditioner

Meet the SAMSUNG AR18TGHQABUNME Air Conditioner, a game-changer in keeping your space cool. This air conditioner stands out with its strong cooling powers, smart features, and energy-smart design.

It’s priced at RM2,539.00 but is so popular it’s currently out of stock! With a mighty 17600 Btu/hr cooling capacity and using R32 gas, it makes sure your room stays at the perfect temperature.

Plus, it ensures the air you breathe is clean thanks to its HD filter.

This air conditioner knows how to keep things quiet too, with noise levels as low as 40/30 dBA indoors – that means it’s super quiet. From Fast Cooling mode that cools down rooms quickly to Good Sleep mode ensuring you’re comfortable all night long; this AC has got you covered.

And don’t forget about the DuraFin+ technology that fights corrosion for longer-lasting performance.

For those who love techy details: this machine works efficiently with an EER of 3.47 while consuming 1520 W of power from a standard outlet. And for added convenience? It pairs up with the SmartThings App so you can control settings right from your phone!

Stay cool, stay smart and get ready for comfort like never before.




* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

The SAMSUNG AR18TGHQABUNME Air Conditioner packs exciting features like quick chill, a high-definition cleaner, sleep-friendly settings, dual swing action for better air spread, and tough outdoor unit protection.

For more details on how it keeps your room cool and clean, keep reading.

Fast Cooling mode

Fast Cooling mode makes your room cold quickly. It reaches the desired temperature in no time, making you comfortable faster. This feature is great for hot days or when you come home to a warm house and want it cool immediately.

This mode uses rapid cooling and heating techniques that save energy while still getting the job done swiftly. With Fast Cooling, you don’t have to wait long for your space to become pleasant.

It’s efficient and quick, perfect for those who value comfort and energy saving.


The HD filter in the SAMSUNG AR18TGHQABUNME Air Conditioner does a great job of trapping dust, harmful particles, and things that make allergies worse. This feature means your room’s air stays clean and fresh.

The best part? You can wash and use the filter again, making it handy and saving you money.

Having this filter helps keep the air quality in your room high. It picks up even fine dust that you can’t see with your eyes. This addition to the air conditioner makes it more useful and improves how happy users are with their purchase.

Good Sleep mode

Good Sleep mode makes sure you get a comfortable night’s rest. It adjusts the room’s climate without using too much power. This means you can sleep well and save on your energy bills at the same time.

It’s smart because it senses what’s needed to keep you cosy all through the night.

This feature also comes with a timing device and will start again by itself if there’s a power cut, ensuring uninterrupted comfort. Even better, it stays quiet at 53 decibels, so nothing will disturb your sleep.

With Good Sleep mode, staying comfy and cutting down on electricity use goes hand in hand.

2-Way Auto Swing

The SAMSUNG AR18TGHQABUNME Air Conditioner comes with a special feature called 2-Way Auto Swing. This function moves air in two directions to make sure cool air reaches every corner of the room.

It’s smart because it knows how to spread air evenly, so everyone feels comfortable.

Thanks to 2-Way Auto Swing, you won’t have spots that are too cold or too hot. The device changes the way air flows, making rooms feel just right. This feature is one reason why this air conditioner stands out.

It works well and makes sure your space stays cool and fresh.


DuraFin+ uses a material that fights rust. This keeps the cooling system from rusting and helps it work well. It passes the salt spray test. This means it can handle sea air without getting damaged easily.

This feature is key for locations near the ocean or in humid places. It ensures your air con stays strong against water and keeps working smoothly for a long time.

Technical Specifications

For those who want to get into the nitty-gritty, the technical specifications section tells you all about how much cool air the SAMSUNG AR18TGHQABUNME Air Conditioner can pump out, how quietly it does its job, what kind of power it needs to run, and which settings you can play with.

Dig in to learn more.

Cooling capacity and EER

The SAMSUNG AR18TGHQABUNME Air Conditioner has a cooling capacity of 17600 Btu/hr. This means it can remove a lot of heat from your room quickly, making it cool quickly. Its EER, or energy efficiency ratio, is 3.47.

A higher EER number shows the aircon uses less power to cool down spaces, saving you money on electricity bills.

This model needs 1520 watts to run well. It’s designed with smart tech like inverter technology that helps adjust how much energy it uses without losing its ability to keep your space comfortable.

Plus, thanks to this tech and its efficient design, your indoor air feels perfect while using less energy and reducing costs.

Noise level and power consumption

This air conditioner keeps things quiet inside with a noise level of 40/30 dBA, and a bit louder outside at 55 dBA. It’s like the hum of a fridge or a soft conversation. This makes it good for homes where peace is key.

The machine uses 1520 watts to cool down your space. This is similar to using several laptops at once.

It runs on a power source that fits with most homes, having specs of 1 / 220-240 / 50. Thanks to its thoughtful design, the energy use stays low while still keeping you cool. So, even during hot days, it won’t make your electric bills soar too high.

Power source and operating modes

The Samsung AR18TGHQABUNME Air Conditioner needs a power source of 1 / 220-240 / 50 to work. It uses up to 1520 W of electricity. There are several ways this air conditioner can run.

You can pick from Auto Mode, Fast Cool, Good Sleep, Dehumidification, and Fan Mode. Each mode changes how the air conditioner works to fit what you need at that time.

For example, Auto Mode adjusts cooling based on the room’s temperature. Fast Cool makes the room cold quickly. Good Sleep keeps the room at a comfy temperature for sleeping. Dehumidification takes moisture out of the air without making it too cold.

Lastly, Fan Mode circulates air without cooling it down too much. With these options, you can control your comfort and indoor climate all year round.


Additional Features

The SAMSUNG AR18TGHQABUNME Air Conditioner also comes with extra perks that make your life easier. You can set it to turn on or off at any time within 24 hours and it will remember its settings even after a power cut, thanks to the Auto Restart feature.

If you like using apps, you’ll enjoy controlling your air conditioner with the SmartThings App.

24-Hour Timer

You can program the SAMSUNG AR18TGHQABUNME Air Conditioner with a 24-hour timer. This lets you choose when it turns on or off within a day. It’s great for saving energy and keeping your place comfortable without constant adjustments.

The timer also means you can have your air conditioner work around your schedule, making sure it’s cool when you need it and off when you don’t. You set this up once, and it takes care of cooling or heating on its own, adding ease to how you manage indoor climate control.

Auto Restart

The Auto Restart function is handy for those times when power cuts happen. After the electricity comes back, this feature makes sure your air conditioner starts working again on its own.

You don’t need to reset it or turn it on manually. This saves you from waking up in the middle of the night to a hot room because your air conditioner will kick right back into action without you having to do anything.

This smart trait also keeps your settings just as they were before the power went out. That means, if you had set a specific temperature or mode, the unit remembers and returns to those same settings.

It’s like nothing ever interrupted its operation, ensuring comfort and convenience stay uninterrupted too.

SmartThings App support

You can control your SAMSUNG AR18TGHQABUNME Air Conditioner with the SmartThings App. This app lets you turn on your air cooler, set temperatures, and check its status from far away.

It’s handy because even if you’re not home, you can make sure your room will be cool when you arrive. The app doesn’t need WiFi built into the air cooler to work.

SmartThings App makes using your air conditioner easy. You get alerts on your phone if something’s wrong or it’s time for a clean-up. This way, keeping indoor air fresh is simple, ensuring everyone breathes easily at home.

Plus, adjusting settings from wherever you are adds convenience to keeping cool during hot days or warm nights.


The SAMSUNG AR18TGHQABUNME Air Conditioner packs a punch with its mix of features. With fast cooling, an HD filter for cleaner air, and DuraFin+ for longer life, it tackles heat and dirt well.

Its energy-saving modes cut costs while sleeping better. Despite being hard to find now, this model’s blend of power and efficiency makes it worth waiting for.



Horse Power

2.0 HP

Inverter Type



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