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Sharp Inverter 1.0 HP Air Conditioner AHX9VED


Sharp 1.0 HP AHX9VED Air Conditioner

Meet the Sharp Air Cond 1.0HP AHX9VED, a top-notch air cooler with J-Tech Inverter technology. This tech makes it good at saving energy while keeping you cool. It costs RM1,399.00 and comes packed with features that stand out in the cooling world.

For example, its powerful jet mode pushes air as far as 14m using Coanda Technology. Imagine your room getting cool quickly without waiting too long.

It also has an Eco mode, which reduces your electricity bills by adjusting power use to avoid overcooling. Plus, it can go down to a chilly 14°C – the lowest setting you might find around.

The machine’s specs include a cooling ability of 9700 BTU and use only 890W of power and 5A current when running.

This cooler is quite efficient, earning a five-star rank for its low power needs (220-240V at 50Hz). It doesn’t take up much space either; the inside part is compact and light while still being mighty.

But there’s more than just cold air on offer here! Things like diagnosing itself when something’s wrong, cleaning itself up, an easy-to-understand LED screen, and smart controls from afar thanks to an LCD wireless gadget control unit make life easier.

Also important: it’s kinder to our planet because it uses R32 refrigerant which has a lesser impact on warmth trapped in our atmosphere.

Sharp ensured this model would fit nearly anywhere comfortably—the inside unit hardly takes any room, and even the outside component isn’t bulky or heavy.






* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

The Sharp Air Cond 1.0HP AHX9VED (J-TECH INVERTER) offers powerful jet mode and a 14m long airflow with Coanda Technology, energy-efficient J-Tech Inverter for reduced electricity costs, an industry-lowest temperature setting at 14°C, and additional features such as self-diagnosis and 24-hour on/off timer with an LCD wireless remote control, making it the perfect choice for your cooling needs.

Read more about its exceptional features!

Powerful jet mode and 14m long airflow with Coanda Technology

Sharp Air Cond 1.0HP AHX9VED uses Coanda Technology to give you a cool room fast. This tech sends air far, up to 14m away. It means your room gets cold quickly, even in hot weather.

The jet mode is strong and spreads the cool air all around. This makes sure every corner of the room feels nice and chilly.

The energy-saving features don’t stop there. With this air conditioner, you also get great use of power which helps keep your bills low. Imagine not worrying about turning up the AC on those really hot days because this system works smart, not hard, to chill your space efficiently and save on energy costs at the same time.

Energy-efficient J-Tech Inverter

The J-Tech Inverter helps the air conditioner use power wisely. It cuts down on energy use, making it an energy-saver. This technology matches cooling needs and doesn’t waste electricity.

Your bills get lower without giving up comfort.

Using Eco mode, further slashes power costs by avoiding too much cooling. You enjoy a nice environment and save money at the same time. This smart feature is good for both your wallet and the planet.

Eco mode for reduced electricity costs

Eco mode on the Sharp Air Cond 1.0HP AHX9VED helps you save money on energy bills. This setting reduces power use by managing how much cooling is needed to keep the room comfortable, stopping too much cooling.

It’s great for people looking for an energy-saving option in places like Selangor, West Malaysia, and Putrajaya.

This feature adjusts how much electricity the air conditioner uses based on what’s needed for cooling. So, your aircon works smarter, not harder, using just enough power to cool the room without wasting energy.

This way of running ensures you pay less monthly for electricity while still enjoying a cool home.

Lowest temperature setting in the industry (14°C)

The Sharp Air Cond 1.0HP AHX9VED stands out with its cool features. It can go as low as 14°C, setting a record for coldness in air conditioners. This is perfect for hot days or if you love your room extra chilly.

Its energy-efficient operation means it doesn’t waste power to reach this low temperature.

This model’s design focuses on saving money while keeping you cool. With a cooling capacity of 9700 BTU and using only 890W, it’s both powerful and economical. Its five-star rank shows top performance without high costs.

The air conditioner uses standard power supply settings (220-240V 50Hz), ensuring compatibility and ease of use in many homes.

Cooling capacity, power input, and running current

Understanding the efficiency and power requirements of the Sharp Air Cond 1.0HP AHX9VED is crucial for users. This model showcases a balance between cooling performance and energy consumption, making it an attractive option for those mindful of their electricity bills.

Here’s a brief overview of the key specifications in a straightforward table format:


Cooling Capacity9700 BTU
Power Input890W
Running Current5A


These specifics indicate the air conditioner’s ability to cool efficiently while highlighting its power needs. A cooling capacity of 9700 BTU means it can adequately cool a medium-sized room. It balances performance with energy use with a power input of 890W and a running current of 5A. This balance is essential for those looking to keep their living spaces comfortable without incurring high electricity costs.

Star rank and power supply specifications

You need to know the key details about the Sharp Air Cond 1.0HP AHX9VED’s star ranking and power supply specifications. This unit is designed to offer great performance while mindful of energy use.

Star Rank5
Power Supply220-240V 50Hz
Power Input890W
Running Current5A


This table succinctly conveys the air conditioner’s energy efficiency and power requirements. With a 5-star rank, it stands out as a leading choice for those prioritizing energy saving. Its power supply needs are standard, fitting most homes without the need for special adjustments.

Dimensions, weight, refrigerant, and pipe details

To ensure your Sharp Air Cond 1.0HP AHX9VED runs smoothly, you must know its size, weight, coolant, and tubing info. We have summarised these details in a simple table below:

DetailsIndoor UnitOutdoor Unit
Dimensions877 × 292 × 222 mm598 × 495 × 265 mm
Net Weight8kg20kg
Refrigerant UsedR32
Pipe Diameter1/4, 3/8 inches
Maximum Pipe Length15m
Maximum Height Difference7m


This information is vital for installation and maintenance. Knowing the correct dimensions helps to plan where to install both units. The weight tells you how sturdy the mounting needs to be. The coolant type is crucial for environmental and efficiency reasons. Finally, tubing details ensure you have the right fit and length for optimal performance.

Additional Features

The air conditioner comes with a self-diagnosis and self-cleaning feature, providing ease of maintenance. You can also take advantage of the 24-hour on/off timer and utilize the LCD wireless remote control for convenient operation.

Self-diagnosis and self-cleaning

The Sharp Air Cond 1.0HP AHX9VED comes equipped with self-diagnosis and self-cleaning features, making maintenance hassle-free. The self-diagnosis function detects any issues in the air conditioner’s operation and displays error codes for easy troubleshooting.

This enables quick identification of problems, saving time on repairs. Additionally, the self-cleaning feature helps to prevent mould growth and maintain a healthy environment by drying out the indoor unit after use.

These two functions streamline maintenance efforts while ensuring optimal air conditioner performance, enhancing its durability and efficiency.

24-hour on/off timer and LCD wireless remote control

The Sharp Air Cond 1.0HP AHX9VED comes with a convenient 24-hour on/off timer, allowing you to schedule the unit’s operation according to your needs. Its LCD wireless remote control ensures easy and user-friendly operation from across the room.

With these features, you can effortlessly customise the cooling experience to suit your preferences and daily routine without any hassle.

Additionally, the micro-computer control included in this air conditioner enables precise temperature adjustments for enhanced comfort within your living space. The LCD wireless remote control adds an extra layer of convenience by allowing you to manage settings without having to manually interact with the unit itself, making it suitable for all users, including those less familiar with advanced technologies.


The Sharp Air Cond 1.0HP AHX9VED (J-TECH INVERTER) is a fantastic choice for cooling your space efficiently and cost-effectively. With its powerful jet mode and Coanda Technology, it ensures a long airflow that reaches every corner of the room.

The energy-efficient J-Tech Inverter significantly reduces electricity costs while maintaining optimal performance. Additionally, features like the lowest industry temperature setting, self-diagnosis, self-cleaning, and LCD wireless remote control make it convenient to use and maintain.

This air conditioner’s top-notch performance and user-friendly features make it an excellent addition to any home or office.



Horse Power

1.0 HP

Inverter Type



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