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Sharp Inverter 1.0 HP Air Conditioner AUX10VXD


Sharp 1.0 HP AUX10VXD Air Conditioner

The Sharp AUX10VXD Air Conditioner is a machine that keeps your room cool. It has a 1.0HP capacity and uses something called R32a refrigerant to do its job without harming the environment.

People used to buy it for RM2,498.00, but now it costs less at RM1,816.00, although you can’t get it right now because it’s sold out. This air conditioner weighs 30 kg and measures 53.5 × 62.8 × 29.8 cm in size.

It comes with a promise from the maker to fix or replace parts for free if something goes wrong within the first year of use. The machine doesn’t consume too much power – just 710W – so it won’t sky-high your electricity bills while keeping you cool with strong airflow and avoiding blowing cold air directly on you.

This model also cleans the air in your room with Plasmacluster ions and makes itself easy to clean thanks to an easy-clean mesh filter system.

Plus, there’s no need to find the perfect setting; this smart air con determines what’s best based on how warm or cold your room is.

Stand by as we dive deeper into why this could be your next choice for staying cool!




* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

The Sharp AUX10VXD Air Conditioner, weighing 30 kg and with dimensions of 53.5 × 62.8 × 29.8 cm, uses R32a refrigerant for improved energy efficiency and cooling performance. Its powerful jet ensures strong airflow while the gentle cool air system prevents direct airflow for better comfort, and its plasma cluster ions provide high-density ion cleaning for better indoor air quality.


This model costs RM1,816.00, down from RM2,498.00. It’s a bit heavy at 30 kg and has sizes of 53.5 × 62.8 × 29.8 cm. With a one-year local maker guarantee, it uses less power (710W) and cools rooms well without hitting you directly with cold air.

It can clean the air in your room using high-density ion technology and comes with an easy-to-clean mesh filter. The unit picks the best temperature and mode on its own by checking how warm or cool your room is, making sure you use energy wisely and keep your indoor air fresh without fussing over settings.

Availability: Out of stock

The Sharp AUX10VXD Air Conditioner is not in stock right now. You might have to wait or look for another model. This happens with popular items. They sell out quickly because many people want them.

Keep checking back, as stores often restock their shelves.

Price: RM1,816.00 (discounted from RM2,498.00)

You save a lot when you buy the Sharp AUX10VXD Air Conditioner now. It’s priced at RM1,816.00, down from its original RM2,498.00. This deal means more money stays in your pocket.

Right now, this air purifier isn’t available to buy. Keep an eye out for it to come back in stock so you can grab it at this great price and enjoy cleaner air at home without spending too much.

Weight: 30 kg

The Sharp AUX10VXD Air Conditioner weighs 30 kg. This makes it easy for you to move and install in your home or office. Its design means you can handle it without too much trouble during setup.

This air conditioner’s weight reflects its quality build and the technology inside, like the AIOT inverter and plasma cluster ions for air cleaning. The compact design does not weigh down on performance but ensures it fits nicely into different spaces.

Dimensions: 53.5 × 62.8 × 29.8 cm

This air conditioner fits well in small rooms. Its size is 53.5 cm by 62.8 cm by 29.8 cm. It’s light too, weighing just 30 kg. Easy to move and install wherever you need cool air.

You won’t worry about space with these dimensions. Perfect for homes or offices needing clean, fresh air without taking up too much room. Plus, its powerful jet sends strong airflow across the area, making hot days comfortable quickly.

Warranty Type: Local Manufacturer Warranty

The Sharp AUX10VXD Air Conditioner comes with a local manufacturer warranty. This means if something goes wrong within the first year, you can get help from where it was made. The warranty lasts for 1 year after purchase.

It covers problems that aren’t your fault.

With this in mind, air purification and keeping your air conditioner working well is easy. You won’t have to worry about extra costs for repairs or parts that stop working too soon.

Make sure to keep your installation guide safe. This will help if you need to claim the warranty. Getting support directly from those who built your air conditioner makes solving issues simpler and faster.

Warranty Period: 1 Year

You get a 1-year local manufacturer warranty with this Sharp air conditioner. This means if anything goes wrong due to factory faults within the first year, you won’t have to worry.

Just reach out, and they’ll help sort it out without extra charges. It’s like having a safety net for your air conditioner, ensuring you’re covered from unexpected troubles that might arise in the first year of using it.

1.0HP capacity

The Sharp AUX10VXD Air Conditioner has a 1.0HP capacity, suitable for efficiently cooling small to medium-sized rooms. This makes it ideal for bedrooms, small living spaces, or offices.

With its 1.0HP capacity, the air conditioner can provide fast and effective cooling without consuming excessive energy.

Moreover, the 1.0HP capacity ensures that the air conditioner delivers adequate cooling while maintaining an optimal balance in power consumption, making it an energy-efficient choice for your space.

Uses R32a refrigerant

The Sharp AUX10VXD Air Conditioner uses R32a refrigerant, known for its lower environmental impact and energy efficiency. R32a has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 675, making it more eco-friendly compared to other refrigerants.

This aligns with Sharp’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Using R32a refrigerant, the air conditioner reduces its carbon footprint while still providing efficient cooling, contributing positively to environmental preservation.

Power consumption: 710W

The Sharp AUX10VXD Air Conditioner consumes 710W of power. This means it uses 710 watts of electricity to run, making it an energy-efficient option for cooling your space. With lower power consumption, you can enjoy cool comfort without worrying about a significant increase in your electricity bill.

The 710W power consumption of the Sharp AUX10VXD Air Conditioner aligns with modern energy-saving trends, giving you efficient cooling while being mindful of electricity usage.

Powerful Jet for strong airflow

The Sharp AUX10VXD Air Conditioner is equipped with a powerful jet that ensures strong airflow throughout your space. This feature helps in quickly circulating cool air, ensuring even distribution and efficient cooling.

By utilising this powerful jet for strong airflow, the air conditioner can effectively reach all corners of the room, providing you with a comfortable and refreshing environment during hot days.

Moreover, the powerful jet for strong airflow maintains consistent temperatures across the room while enhancing overall air quality by preventing stagnant pockets of warm or stale air.

Gentle cool air system for cold air travelling up the ceiling during cooling operation to avoid direct airflow

The Sharp AUX10VXD Air Conditioner has a gentle cool air system that helps to direct the cold air towards the ceiling during operation. This prevents direct airflow, creating a more comfortable cooling experience.

By avoiding direct airflow, this system can prevent discomfort and help maintain an even distribution of cool air in the room.

This feature is part of how the 1.0HP capacity air conditioner offers powerful yet gentle cooling using R32a refrigerant. With its ability to keep the air circulating without causing drafts, it provides effective cooling while maintaining a comfortable environment for everyone in the room.

Plamacluster ions for high-density ion cleaning of room air

Plasmacluster ions, used in this air conditioner, effectively clean the air in your room. These ions are designed to eliminate various airborne particles and allergens, creating a healthier indoor environment for you and your family.

By producing high-density ion clusters, it helps to reduce odours and neutralise harmful substances in the air.

The Plasmacluster ions work diligently within the unit to continuously sanitise the air that passes through, ensuring a cleaner and fresher atmosphere inside your home. This innovative feature adds an extra layer of protection against pollutants, keeping the air you breathe pure and healthy.

Easy clean mesh filter for simple cleaning

The Sharp AUX10VXD air conditioner is equipped with an easy clean mesh filter designed for simple maintenance. This feature improves indoor air quality, ensuring your environment remains clean and fresh.

The mesh filter is part of the air conditioner’s cleaning system, providing a hassle-free way to keep the appliance in top condition without complex procedures or specialised tools.

This mesh filter allows you to easily maintain the cleanliness of your air conditioner, making it more convenient and efficient for users. It ensures that the unit functions optimally by keeping dust and debris at bay without requiring intricate cleaning methods.

Auto Operation Mode: Temperature setting and mode are automatically selected according to room temperature

The Sharp AUX10VXD Air Conditioner comes with an Auto Operation Mode that cleverly picks the right temperature and mode based on your room’s temperature. This handy feature helps keep you comfortable without having to adjust settings constantly.

With a power consumption of 710W, a 1-year warranty, and a discounted price, this air conditioner keeps you cool and saves energy.


Looking for a powerful, energy-efficient air conditioner? The Sharp AUX10VXD Air Conditioner could be your solution. With a discounted price of RM1,816.00 and a weight of 30 kg, it’s designed with high-density ion cleaning and an easy-clean mesh filter for simple maintenance.

This 1.0HP capacity air conditioner is equipped with plasma cluster ions to ensure the highest level of cleanliness in your home.

Ready to experience efficient cooling and clean air?



Horse Power

1.0 HP

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