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Sharp Inverter 1.5 HP Air Conditioner AHX13BED


Sharp 1.5 HP AHX13BED Air Conditioner

Meet the Sharp AHX13BED J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioner, a game-changer in cooling technology. This split air cooler comes equipped with J-Tech Inverter Technology, ensuring it uses energy wisely to keep your space cool without running up your electric bill.

With a powerful 13000 BTU cooling capacity and needing just 1000W of power input, it’s both strong and smart.

This air chiller also cares for the planet by using R32 refrigerant, making it an eco-friendly choice. You’ll find its indoor unit nicely sized at 877 x 292 x 222 mm, while the outdoor part fits snugly into spaces with dimensions of 598 x 495 x 265 mm.

Beyond keeping you cool, this model boasts features designed for everyone in your family – from Baby Mode that runs quietly to not wake the little ones, to Sleep Mode for uninterrupted night rest.

It scores high on energy efficiency too, with a CSPF value of 5.34 which ranks it amongst the best in conserving power.

With user-first features like long-distance airflow up to 15m and handy options like auto restart after power cuts, this air conditioner adds comfort to your life without hassle.

Plus, getting help is easy thanks to live chat support and product registration services provided directly by Sharp.

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Product Features

The Sharp AHX13BED J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioner comes packed with cutting-edge features for cooling your home more efficiently. Its advanced inverter tech and long-reach air breeze technology ensure you stay cool without wasting energy.

J-Tech Inverter Technology

J-Tech Inverter Technology saves energy and helps the environment. It changes how much power it uses to cool a room. This way, you use less electricity. The technology lets your air conditioner blow cold air far and wide in a room.

Plus, it can make the room very cold, down to 14°C.

This smart tech means you get fast cooling when it’s very hot outside without using too much power. Your bills go down and you stay comfortable all summer long. With J-Tech Inverter Technology, your air conditioner works better and keeps the Earth happier by saving energy.

Comfortable long airflow coanda technology

The Sharp AHX13BED J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioner uses a cool airflow method. This tech ensures air reaches far and wide in your room, keeping everyone comfortable. It doesn’t blow directly at you, so it feels nicer.

This system is smart because it moves air up and around the room in a smooth path. That means every corner gets cold air evenly. You won’t have spots that are too hot or too cold. Plus, this tech helps save energy by working efficiently.

Eco mode

Eco mode on the Sharp AHX13BED J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioner makes it use less power. It cuts down on how much energy it uses every year. This helps both your wallet and the planet.

Using Eco mode, the air conditioner works in a way that’s better for the environment.

With this feature, you save money on your electric bills. It also means the air conditioner does its job without wasting energy. So, Eco mode is great for people who want to keep their home cool while being kind to Earth.

14C lowest temperature setting

The Sharp AHX13BED J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioner offers a unique feature that sets it apart: the 14°C lowest temperature setting. This cold setting is perfect for hot days, fast cooling your room to a very low temperature.

It’s also great for people who prefer cooler sleeping conditions.

With this air conditioner, you can save energy while staying cool. The 14°C setting works with eco mode to decrease power use. You won’t have to worry about high electric bills even on the most severe hot weather days.

This makes the Sharp Air Conditioner powerful and efficient at keeping your home comfortable.

Super Jet Mode

Super Jet Mode on the Sharp AHX13BED J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioner is perfect for fast cooling. It cools a room quickly, giving relief from heat right away. This mode is handy when you need to cool down fast.

With just a push of a button, your room becomes cool and comfortable.

This air conditioner also comes with other useful modes like Baby Mode, Sleep Mode, and Breeze Mode. But Super Jet Mode stands out for its advanced speed in making rooms cold. It’s great for very hot days when you want quick comfort without waiting.

The 12-Hour On/Off Timer and Auto Restart make it even more convenient to use anytime.

Technical Specifications

The Sharp AHX13BED J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioner packs a punch with its cooling ability and energy use. It cools at 13000 BTU and only needs 1000W to run, making it efficient.

Cooling capacity: 13000 BTU

This Sharp AHX13BED air conditioner has a cooling power of 13000 BTU. This means it can cool big rooms quickly, even in severely hot weather. The strong cooling ability makes sure you stay comfortable.

It uses 1000W and needs a current of 5.4A to run. With an energy use of 1184kWh per year, this model is good at saving power while keeping you cool. Its high CSPF of 5.34 shows it’s efficient, making it a top choice for those wanting to cut costs on bills and reduce energy waste.

Power input: 1000W

The Sharp AHX13BED J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioner needs 1000W to work. This means it uses less electricity to cool your room well, helping you save on energy bills. Such power input matches its cooling ability without wasting energy.

It’s smart for those who want good cooling but also care about using less power.

It pulls only a 5.4A running current, making it efficient in power use. This low current draw contributes to its gentle impact on your electricity usage while ensuring advanced cooling speed.

The air conditioner keeps running costs manageable and is friendly for the environment too with lower energy consumption over time.

Running current: 5.4A

This air conditioner uses 5.4A while running. This shows it’s efficient and doesn’t use much power. Such a low current keeps bills down. It also hints at the machine’s smart design for saving energy.

The AC provides cool air without wasting electricity. A sharp focus on reducing power consumption makes this model stand out. With a running current of just 5.4A, users enjoy cool spaces economically.

CSPF: 5.34

The Sharp AHX13BED J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioner scores high with a CSPF of 5.34. This puts it in the top category for energy efficiency. A high CSPF means the air conditioner uses less power to cool your home, saving you money on electricity bills.

It’s a smart choice if you want to keep costs down and care for the environment.

With an annual energy consumption of 1184kWh, this model is both powerful and economical. The number shows how much energy the air conditioner needs over a year to work well. Because of its efficient design, it does more cooling using less energy.

Choosing this air conditioner helps you use less electricity without sacrificing comfort or performance.

Energy consumption: 1184kWh

The Sharp AHX13BED J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioner uses 1184kWh of power each year. This amount shows how much energy it needs to cool your home. It’s a key number for understanding if this air conditioner fits your wish to save on electric costs.

With a 5-star rank for energy efficiency, choosing this model means you’ll use less power compared to others. This is because its smart design helps it work well without wasting electricity.

Keeping rooms cool doesn’t have to cost much in bills with the right choice like this one.


Choosing the Sharp AHX13BED J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioner brings many perks. Its cutting-edge tech saves power while keeping homes cool. Thanks to its long airflow and special modes for every need, you’ll enjoy fresh air, from babies to sleep time.

With efficient energy use and clever features like auto restart after a power cut, life gets easier. This air cooler stands out as a smart pick for comfort all year round.



Horse Power

1.5 HP

Inverter Type



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