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Sharp Inverter 1.5 HP Air Conditioner AHXP13WMD


Sharp 1.5 HP AHXP13WMD Air Conditioner

The Sharp AHXP13WMD 1.5HP Air Conditioner is a machine that cools your room. It’s strong and does a great job making the air clean with something called Plasmacluster ions. This machine uses less power, which is good for saving money on bills, and it keeps your place cold without wasting energy.

Its design makes cleaning easy so you can keep dust away without much trouble. It also has many cool features like jet mode to make the room cold fast and a quiet mode for when you need things to be more peaceful.

This cooler can really push air far in your room, thanks to a special technology called Coanda Technology, so everyone feels nice and cool even if they are far from the machine. And it works smartly – adjusting how it runs to save energy while keeping everything right.

It needs certain kinds of power and stuff inside it (called refrigerant) to work well. Also, this model is pretty big but should fit nicely in most rooms.

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Product Features

The Sharp AHXP13WMD Air Conditioner comes packed with top features to cool your space fast and keep it fresh. From a strong jet mode that quickly lowers room temperatures to plasma cluster ions that clean the air, this air conditioner does more than just chill your room.

It also has an easy-to-wash mesh filter, makes decisions on its own for optimal cooling, and ensures a gentle breeze without harsh cold blasts. With tech like Coanda for farther-reaching airflow and inverter control for less energy use, it’s smart about saving power too.

Plus, settings tailored for babies ensure even the little ones stay comfortable, while its quiet operation means you won’t be bothered by loud noises. The self-cleaning function keeps maintenance low as well.

Powerful Jet Mode

Powerful Jet Mode lets out strong air blasts downwards. This feature cools your room fast, making it comfortable in no time. It’s perfect for those hot days when you need quick relief from the heat.

With this mode, the Sharp AHXP13WMD Air Conditioner swiftly ensures your space reaches the ideal temperature, using less energy thanks to its smart design.

This mode also works well with the air conditioner’s eco-friendly features. It uses energy wisely while keeping you cool, which helps lower your electricity bills. So, if you want a cool breeze and a way to save on costs, Powerful Jet Mode has got you covered.

Plasmacluster ions

Plasmacluster ions are a cool feature of the Sharp AHXP13WMD Air Conditioner. They send out high-density ions into the air. These ions are good at cleaning the air fast and well. They make sure your room has clean and healthy air to breathe.

This technology uses Plasmacluster ions to better air purify your home or office. It’s one of the main reasons this air conditioner is great at keeping indoor air fresh. With these ions, you get powerful and quick cleaning of the air around you, making it safer for everyone inside.

Easy clean mesh filter

The Sharp AHXP13WMD/AUX13WMD 1.5HP Air Conditioner comes with an easy clean mesh filter. This means you can quickly get rid of dust. Cleaning is simple and doesn’t need special tools.

You’ll save time and keep your air conditioner running smoothly.

This feature is key for keeping the air in your room clean. Since the mesh traps dust, the air that flows through is fresher. Your cooling device works better because it’s not clogged with dirt.

Plus, it helps in saving energy as your air conditioner doesn’t have to work too hard to cool your space.

Auto operation mode

Auto operation mode on the Sharp AHXP13WMD/AUX13WMD 1.5HP Air Conditioner is smart. It looks at the room’s temperature and picks the best setting without you having to do anything.

This means your living space always feels just right, saving you effort and making sure you’re comfortable quickly.

This feature is great for energy saving too. Since it adjusts settings based on what’s needed, it uses less power than keeping a constant setting that might be more than necessary.

You get a cosy room with lower electricity bills, making this air conditioner a wise pick for both comfort and cost-effectiveness.

Gentle cool air system

The Sharp AHXP13WMD Air Conditioner has a special feature that makes the room cool without making you feel cold air directly. This system sends cold air up to the ceiling first. Because of this, the whole room gets cool gently and evenly.

You won’t feel a strong blast of cold air on you. Instead, the temperature in the room drops smoothly and stays comfortable.

This way of cooling is better for everyone in the room. It helps maintain steady climate control without sudden changes that can make you feel too cold or not cool enough. The air spreads out well, reaching far corners with ease.

Everyone can stay comfy, no matter where they sit or lie in the space.

14m Long Airflow with Coanda Technology

This Sharp air conditioner uses Coanda technology for its 14m long airflow. This smart method makes sure cool air moves up towards the ceiling and spreads evenly, avoiding direct blasts of cold air.

It helps the room stay comfortable without harsh cool spots or noise.

The design aims to improve your experience by making the room uniformly cold in a quiet way. Thanks to Coanda technology, this feature fits well in different places, whether it’s your home or an office, providing efficient cooling everywhere without disturbance.

Inverter-Controlled Operation

The Sharp AHXP13WMD/AUX13WMD 1.5HP Air Conditioner uses inverter technology for better energy efficiency. This means it adjusts power use based on the room’s needs. It makes the aircon more efficient and eco-friendly because it uses less electricity.

This tech keeps your room at a steady temperature, making you feel more comfortable.

The inverter-controlled operation also cuts down on noise, giving you a quieter place to relax or work in. It helps your air conditioner run smoother and last longer since it doesn’t turn off and on as much.

You enjoy cool air without big electric bills or loud sounds.

Eco Mode

Eco Mode on the Sharp AHXP13WMD Air Conditioner is a smart choice for saving power. It cuts down energy use, making the air cooler work in a way that’s better for the planet. This mode meets strict green standards and rules.

Because of this, using Eco Mode can lower bills and help keep the Earth clean.

Choosing Eco Mode means caring about how much electricity we use and trying to lessen our mark on nature. It shows a promise by the air cooler to be kinder to our world while still keeping homes cool and comfy.

People who pick this setting are doing their part in making a big difference for our environment.

Baby Mode

Baby Mode on the Sharp AHXP13WMD/AUX13WMD 1.5HP Air Conditioner is all about keeping little ones happy and comfortable. This setting makes sure the room stays at a perfect temperature for babies to rest well.

It keeps air flow soft and steady, so it doesn’t upset them.

Parents love Baby Mode because it turns their rooms into safe spots for infants. With this mode, the air conditioner adjusts its cooling power gently. This care shows how Sharp looks after families, making life easier for those with small children.

Quiet Operation

The Sharp AHXP13WMD Air Conditioner works quietly. This means it makes very little noise. People love this because it’s perfect for sleeping in bedrooms or getting work done in study rooms.

It keeps places peaceful, making sure everyone is comfortable.

This air conditioner uses special cooling technology to stay quiet while running. You won’t even know it’s on! This helps make your home nicer without the loud sounds you might hear from other cooling machines.

It’s great for keeping things calm and letting you relax or focus easily.


The Sharp AHXP13WMD comes with a self-cleaning function that makes it stand out. This feature keeps your air conditioner working well and smelling fresh. It stops mould and dirt from building up inside the unit.

You won’t have to clean it by hand as often, saving you time.

This air cooler also uses Plasmacluster ions to clean the room’s atmosphere quickly and effectively. These high-density ions tackle impurities in the air, making your space healthier for everyone.

With these features, maintaining clean indoor air becomes effortless.


Additional Features

The Sharp AHXP13WMD Air Conditioner packs a powerful punch with its cooling ability of 12,000 BTU and operates quite efficiently using only 1010 watts. Its Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) stands at 12.3, proving it’s both strong and smart in saving power.

Cooling Capacity (BTU): 12,000 (3070 – 13000)

This air conditioner has a cooling power of 12,000 BTU. This means it can cool a room quickly, whether as small as 3,070 BTU or as big as 13,000 BTU. It works well for both tiny rooms and larger areas.

Using less energy to give off more cool air makes it very efficient.

Its wide range in cooling ability ensures your room gets to the right temperature fast. You won’t waste electricity on overcooling or feel warmth because it’s under-cooling. This AC adapts to what you need, making it perfect for keeping your space comfortable without high bills.

Power Input (W): 1010

The Sharp AHXP13WMD Air Conditioner needs 1010 watts to run. This shows it’s powerful yet designed for energy efficiency. With a five-star rating, this air conditioner proves it can cool your space while keeping electricity use low.

It works well in homes and places where saving power matters.

Using only 1010 watts, the machine does a lot. It cools areas fast without using too much power. This makes it great for people who want their rooms cold but also care about their bills and the planet.

The Sharp air conditioner mixes strong cooling ability with smart power use, making it an excellent choice for hot days.

EER (BTU/W): 12.3

The Sharp AHXP13WMD Air Conditioner has an EER of 12.3. This means it is very good at using power to cool your room. It can give you a lot of cold air while using less electricity.

This makes it great for saving money on energy bills. The high EER score shows this air conditioner works well and is friendly to the environment.

This model uses R32a refrigerant, which is better for the planet than older types. With a star rank of 5, it’s among the best in its class for efficiency and performance. Its smart design helps keep homes comfortable without wasting energy or harming nature.

Star Rank: 5

The Sharp AHXP13WMD Air Conditioner boasts a top grade of 5 stars for energy efficiency. This means it uses power wisely to cool your space, saving you money on electricity bills. A high star rank shows that this air conditioner works well without wasting energy.

Its smart use of power makes it kind to the environment too. By choosing this air conditioner, you’re picking a device that does its job while being gentle on our planet. Its efficient performance is good for both your wallet and the Earth.

Power Supply (V-Hz): 220-240V / 50Hz

This air conditioner needs a power source of 220-240V and operates on a standard frequency of 50Hz. It fits well with most home electric systems, making it easy to set up without special wiring.

Its design for this voltage range ensures efficient use of electricity, cutting down costs.

Using this voltage and frequency means the air conditioner runs smoothly. It also makes less noise compared to other models. This is good for both saving money on your electricity bill and keeping your home quiet and comfortable.

Dimension (mm) – Indoor (W×H×D): 877 × 292 × 222

The Sharp AHXP13WMD Air Conditioner has a compact indoor unit. Its size is 877 mm wide, 292 mm high, and 222 mm deep. This makes it fit well in most rooms without taking up much space.

The air conditioner cools your room fast while being small enough to blend into the background.

It also fits neatly on walls above furniture or other home appliances, like ceiling fans. Since it’s not too big, you won’t have trouble finding a spot for it in your room. Its smart design helps make sure every corner of your space gets cool air efficiently.

Dimension (mm) – Outdoor (W×H×D): 598 × 495 × 265

The outside part of the Sharp AHXP13WMD Air Conditioner fits well in many spaces. It measures 598 mm wide, 495 mm high, and 265 mm deep. This size means it doesn’t need too much room outside your house or office.

It’s designed for easy fitting against walls or on balconies without taking up too much space.

With these dimensions, the outdoor unit can work efficiently to keep you cool. Its size supports good air flow and heat exchange outside, which helps the air conditioner save energy.

Even with its compact form, this part plays a big role in making sure you get cool and comfortable air inside.

Refrigerant: R32a

The Sharp AHXP13WMD Air Conditioner uses R32a as its coolant. This choice marks a step towards more energy-efficient and eco-friendly air conditioning. R32a boasts a strong cooling capability, hitting 12,000 BTU.

It’s pretty good at turning electricity into cold air, having an EER of 12.3. Not only does it work well, but it’s also kind to the planet and gets five stars for being top-notch in efficiency.

R32a runs on a typical power supply of 220-240V / 50Hz. With just 1010 watts needed for power input, it shows how this air conditioner doesn’t waste much energy. So if you’re looking to keep your space cool without spending too much on electricity or hurting the environment, this model with R32a is a smart pick.


This Sharp AHXP13WMD Air Conditioner stands out with its features. It throws strong, cool air and cleans the room with advanced tech. Its mesh filter is easy to clean, making your life simpler.

With energy-saving modes, it’s kind to your bills and the planet. This cooling device is a smart choice for comfort and health at home.

Horse Power

1.5 HP

Inverter Type



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