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Sharp Inverter 1.5 HP Air Conditioner AHXP13YMD


Sharp 1.5 HP AHXP13YMD Air Conditioner

If you’re thinking about making your home cooler and fresher, the Sharp 1.5HP J-Tech Inverter Plasmacluster Air Conditioner – AHXP13YMD is a choice to consider. This air conditioner has a stylish look that fits nicely inside your house.

It looks good and makes sure your room stays cool and fresh, thanks to its advanced airflow system. The machine has a special feature that cleans itself to keep running smoothly.

Plus, it’s built with a strong blue fin condenser for even better performance.

This model is great for saving energy too because it has a 5-star rating for using less power. You also get peace of mind with its one-year warranty from the maker if anything goes wrong because of how it was made.

Plus, if buying this air conditioner feels like a big expense right now, some banks offer payment plans that let you pay monthly without extra interest.

Expect more comfort at home with this smart option ready to battle the heat all year round. Read on to discover why this could be the perfect addition to your space!






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Product Features

The Sharp 1.5HP J-Tech Inverter Plasmacluster Air Conditioner AHXP13YMD comes with a stylish and simple indoor appearance, powerful airflow, self-clean functionality, blue fin condenser, 5-star energy efficiency rating, and a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.

It offers an anti-bacterial remote controller, seamless front panel, top filter, super jet mode for quick cooling or heating, sleep mode for comfortable nights, eco mode for energy savings, baby mode for gentle temperature control in nurseries or bedrooms and quiet operation to avoid disturbance.

Stylish and simple indoor appearance

This air conditioner has a sleek look that fits well in any room. Its seamless front panel is easy to like because it blends with home decor. The design is not just about looks; it also makes the unit easy to clean.

This means you can keep your space looking good without much trouble.

The top filter adds to its simple beauty, making sure the air that flows through is clean and fresh. This feature ensures that style does not take away from functionality. With such a design, the Sharp 1.5HP J-Tech Inverter Plasmacluster Air Conditioner stands out as an attractive and practical choice for cooling your home.

Clean and powerful airflow

The Sharp 1.5HP J-Tech Inverter Plasmacluster Air Conditioner – AHXP13YMD gives you fresh and strong breezes. It’s built to make your room cool and keep the air clean. The advanced plasma cluster ion technology in this AC unit kills bacteria and keeps the air in your home safe to breathe.

This means every breath you take is free from harmful particles, thanks to its smart tech.

Its self-clean feature also plays a big role by keeping the airflow uninterrupted and mighty at all times. Plus, with a blue fin condenser, this air conditioner ensures that the cooling effect is quick and lasting.

You don’t have to worry about energy costs, as it comes with a high energy efficiency rating, making sure your bills stay low while delivering powerful cooling performance whenever you need it.

Self-clean functionality

This air conditioner comes with a special feature called self-clean. This means it can clean itself using plasma cluster technology. It kills bacteria and keeps the air fresh. You don’t need to clean it as often, making life easier.

With this function, you also use less power over time. It’s smart for your wallet and good for the planet. Plus, you breathe cleaner air every day without extra work.

Blue fin condenser

The Sharp 1.5HP J-Tech Inverter Plasmacluster Air Conditioner comes with a blue fin condenser. This part is key for keeping the unit running well in tough conditions. It fights off rust and salt damage, making it perfect for homes near the sea or in humid areas.

Plus, this condenser helps your air conditioner work longer without trouble.

The design of the blue fin condenser also makes sure that heat gets moved away fast. This means your room cools down quickly, saving energy and money on bills. With this smart feature, you get clean and cool air every day without worrying about high costs or early breakdowns.

5-star energy efficiency rating

This air conditioner with a 5-star energy efficiency rating uses less power. This means you save money on electricity bills. It’s good for our planet too because it cuts down on energy use.

With this high rating, the Sharp Air Conditioner shows its strong commitment to saving energy and helping the environment. Customers get to enjoy cool air at home without worrying about high costs or harming nature.

12-month manufacturer’s warranty

The Sharp 1.5HP J-Tech Inverter Plasmacluster Air Conditioner AHXP13YMD has a strong promise from the maker. You get a full year’s warranty. This means if anything goes wrong because of how it was made, you can ask the maker for help.

They got your back.

With this one-year guarantee, peace of mind is yours. No need to worry about defects or problems coming up with your air conditioner. The company ensures you’re getting something that works well and lasts long.

If trouble comes, they offer support to fix it without hassle.



This air cooler gives your home a modern touch and keeps it comfy. It’s easy to use and clean, making life simpler every day. With its energy-saving features, you save money too. The warranty offers peace of mind for a whole year.

Consider this machine for cool, fresh air at home.




Horse Power

1.5 HP

Inverter Type



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