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Sharp Inverter 1.5 HP Air Conditioner AHA12WCD


Sharp 1.5 HP AHA12WCD Air Conditioner

Meet the Sharp Air Conditioner AHA12WCD, a powerful cooling machine that keeps your space comfortable. This air conditioner can cool down a room fast with its 11,500 BTU capacity. It uses only 1,035W of power and works efficiently, as shown by its CSPF rating of 3.45 Wh/Wh and a three-star rank.

This model is friendly to our planet too because it uses R32 refrigerant which does not harm the environment much. You won’t have to worry about noise either since it runs quietly both inside and outside your house.

Some cool parts of this aircon include Turbo Mode for quick cooling, Sleep Mode for quiet nights, and even a Self-Cleaning function. Plus, it comes with tech features like AIoT and Plasmacluster Ions that clean the air around you.

For bigger rooms or halls, it sends out cool air up to 15 metres away! And if you need to fit it in specific spaces, its flexible pipe options make installation easy.




* Price does not include the installation fee.

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Product Features

Check out the SHARP R32 Non-Inverter Air Cooler – AHA12WCD2 for staying cool. This machine packs enough power to keep your space just right, even on hot days.

Cooling Capacity: 11,500 BTU

This Sharp air conditioner packs a punch with its cooling power of 11,500 BTU. It can cool your room quickly even on the hottest days. This means you get to enjoy a cool and comfortable space without waiting too long.

With this powerful cooling capability, it’s great for medium-sized rooms. The unit works hard but also smartly uses energy. You won’t have to worry about big electricity bills while staying cool.

Power Input: 1,035W

The Sharp Air Conditioner AHA12WCD needs 1,035 watts to work. That is like using a few small electric heaters at once. It plugs into a normal wall socket with 220-240V and works on a 50Hz cycle.

This amount of power helps it cool down rooms fast but does not use too much electricity. This balance ensures your room gets cold without lowering your electric bill.

Using this much power, the air conditioner also has smart features that help save energy. For example, it can turn itself off when you don’t need it or clean itself to keep running well.

These features make sure every watt counts towards cooling your space in an efficient way.

Running Current: 4.5A

This Sharp air conditioner needs 4.5A to run. It pulls this current from a power supply of 220-240V at 50Hz, which is pretty normal for homes. With a power input of 1,035W, it’s efficient and does not use too much electricity.

Its CSPF rating is 3.45 Wh/Wh. This means the aircon uses energy well to cool your room. It has a three-star rank for energy use and needs about 1,691 kWh in a year. This shows it’s made to keep you cool without high electric bills.

CSPF (Cooling Season Performance Factor): 3.45 Wh/Wh

CSPF, or Cooling Season Performance Factor, measures how well an air conditioner uses power to cool. For the SHARP R32 Non-Inverter Air Conditioner – AHA12WCD2, this number is 3.45 Wh/Wh.

It means for every watt of electricity used, the aircon offers 3.45 watts of cooling power.

A higher CSPF value shows more efficiency. With a rating of 3.45 Wh/Wh, the SHARP model is quite good at turning electricity into cold air without wasting much energy. This helps you stay cool while keeping electric bills lower.

Star Rank: 3

The Sharp Air Conditioner AHA12WCD has a Star Rank of 3. This means it does well in saving energy. Each year, it uses 1,691 kWh of electricity. With a power input of 1,035W and running on a supply of 220-240V at 50Hz, this air conditioner balances good cooling with efficient use of power.

A three-star rating shows the unit is middle-of-the-road for energy efficiency. It’s designed to keep costs down while keeping you cool. The Cooling Season Performance Factor (CSPF) stands at 3.45 Wh/Wh, highlighting its ability to perform reliably over time without using too much energy.

Good for both your wallet and the environment.

Annual energy consumption: 1,691 kWh

This Sharp air conditioner uses 1,691 kWh of power every year. This number tells us how much electricity it needs to keep running over twelve months. A star rank of 3 shows that the device is designed to be efficient, ensuring you get good cooling without using too much electricity.

Keeping in mind its cooling ability and power input, the yearly energy need helps you understand what to expect on your electric bill.

Using R32 refrigerant means this air cooler doesn’t harm the ozone layer as much as older types might. This detail is vital because it points out that while it keeps spaces cool, it also cares for the environment by reducing potential damage.

So when you pick this air cooler, you’re choosing a gadget that cools efficiently and supports keeping our planet safe.

Power Supply: 220-240V, 50Hz

The Sharp Air Conditioner AHA12WCD works with a power supply of 220-240V and a frequency of 50Hz. This fits well with homes in many countries, ensuring it runs smoothly everywhere.

The unit needs the right voltage and frequency to cool your room without issues.

With this energy source, the aircon uses 1,035W and handles an annual energy use of 1,691 kWh. It shows how efficiently the machine operates over a year. Keeping your space cool won’t be hard with this setup.

Air Volume and Noise Level

This air conditioner moves a lot of air quietly, making your room cool without much noise. Check out more on this amazing feature.

Air Volume: 9.2 m3/min

The Sharp Air Conditioner pumps out 9.2 cubic meters of air every minute. This means it can fill a room with cool, fresh air quickly and efficiently. With such a high airflow rate, you feel the coolness faster, making your space more comfortable in no time.

It’s designed to move a lot of air without making much noise. Even when working hard to keep you cool, it stays quiet. This feature is perfect for nights when you want to sleep without noise but need to stay cool.

Noise Level: 40/28.5 dB(A) indoor, 52.5 dB(A) outdoor

This Sharp air conditioner keeps things quiet inside your home with a noise level of only 40 dB(A). It’s almost as silent as a library. So, you can relax or work without loud sounds disturbing you.

Outside, it works harder but still keeps noise down at 52.5 dB(A). This means your neighbours won’t be bothered by its sound either.

It’s great for everyone who loves peace and quiet while staying cool. With this air conditioner, you don’t have to worry about loud buzzing or humming noises interrupting your day or night.

It ensures a calm environment inside and out.

Dimensions and Weight

The Sharp Air Conditioner AHA12WCD fits well in most spaces with its compact indoor unit size of 805 x 285 x 194mm and a heavier outdoor unit at 770 x 555 x 300mm. It’s light inside but a bit heavy outside, making it easy to fit and stable once placed.

Find out more about this cool machine!

Dimensions – Indoor: 805 x 285 x 194mm

The Sharp AHA12WCD air conditioner fits well in most rooms with its size of 805mm long, 285mm tall, and 194mm deep. It’s not too big or too small, making it just right for cooling your space efficiently.

This unit weighs only 8.4kg, which makes it easier to handle during installation. You can make your room cool without worrying about taking up too much space or having a heavy unit that’s hard to move around.

With these dimensions, setting up the air conditioner where you need it becomes a simple task.

Dimensions – Outdoor: 770 x 555 x 300mm

The outdoor part of this air conditioner has a size. It measures 770mm wide, 555mm tall, and 300mm deep. This means it needs some space outside your house to fit well. You might want to measure the spot where you plan to put it before you add it to the cart.

This unit’s weight is also important. The outdoor piece weighs 28.2kg, so it’s pretty heavy. Two people might need to help each other lift and install it in the right place outside your home.

Net Weight – Indoor: 8.4kg

The indoor unit of this Sharp air conditioner weighs just 8.4kg. This makes it easy to mount on most walls without special support. It’s lighter than many others, offering a smooth setup process.

You won’t have trouble moving it if you decide to change its place indoors.

This lightness is part of its design for quiet operation and efficient cooling. Less weight means the machine can work well without making much noise or using too much power. So, you get a comfortable room with lower energy bills and less noise to worry about during hot days or nights.

Net Weight – Outdoor: 28.2kg

The outdoor part of the SHARP R32 Non-Inverter Air Conditioner AHA12WCD2 weighs 28.2kg. This weight matters for installation. You need a safe place that can hold this weight. It also shows the air conditioner’s size and quality.

Good materials often weigh more.

Moving or setting up this unit needs care due to its weight. Make sure you plan with professionals who understand how to securely fix it in place, ensuring it operates well without risk of falling or damage.

Choosing the right spot is key for both safety and the best air conditioning system performance.


Additional Features

The Sharp Air Conditioner AHA12WCD stands out with its advanced coolant, the R32. This makes it safer for the environment. It also comes with handy sizes for tubes and flexible lengths to fit different rooms.

This means you can easily set it up in any space without trouble.

Refrigerant: R32

The Sharp Air Conditioner AHA12WCD uses R32 as its coolant. This choice shows care for the environment because R32 has a lower effect on global warming and doesn’t harm the ozone layer much.

It’s more efficient than older coolants, which can cool better using less energy. This makes air conditioners with R32 better for both your wallet and the planet.

R32 is also known for its excellent heat transfer abilities. This means air conditioners like the Sharp AHA12WCD can work more efficiently, cooling spaces faster with less power. Its growing popularity comes from these benefits, making it a smart pick for modern air conditioning systems that aim to reduce harmful emissions and improve performance at the same time.

Pipe Diameter: 1/4, 1/2 inch

This Sharp air conditioner uses either 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch wide pipes. These sizes allow the R32 refrigerant to flow well between the indoor and outdoor units. The right pipe size ensures your aircon runs efficiently.

Your system can have pipes as short as 3 metres or as long as 20 metres. This flexibility means you can place your outdoor unit far from the indoor one if needed. A maximum height difference of 8 metres between the units helps in homes with several floors.

Pipe Length: 3-20m

The Sharp Air Conditioner AHA12WCD has pipes that can be as short as 3 or 20 metres. This range lets you set up your cooling system in many different places, no matter the room size.

You can make sure the unit fits well and works right because you have many options for laying out the pipes.

Having a choice between shorter and longer pipes is key for making installation easy and keeping your air conditioner running smoothly. Whether your space is big or small, these pipe sizes offer great flexibility.

This means you can put your air conditioner exactly where it needs to go without worrying about the distance from one part of the system to another.

Maximum Height Difference: 8m

This air conditioner can work well even if it’s placed 8 meters above or below its other parts. This means you can fit the inside part in your room and the outside part much higher or lower without trouble.

It makes installation easier in tall buildings or houses with several floors.

With an 8m maximum height difference, this model gives more freedom for where you can put both sections of the air conditioner. You don’t have to worry about finding a close spot for both parts.

This feature helps in making sure your home stays cool and comfortable no matter the layout.

Special Features

The Sharp Air Conditioner comes with cool extras like Turbo Mode and Sleep Mode. It also cleans itself, has a timer for 24 hours, can start again after power cuts, and lets you choose where to drain water from.

Turbo Mode, Sleep Mode

Turbo Mode helps your room get cool or warm quickly. It is great for when you need to change the temperature fast for comfort. Sleep Mode makes sure you stay comfy while sleeping by adjusting aircon settings on its own.

This way, your sleep is never too hot or too cold, making it ideal for a good night’s rest. Both these settings are easy to use with the LCD wireless remote control, giving you control over your comfort anytime.

Self-Cleaning, 24-Hour On/Off Timer

This Sharp air conditioner comes with a self-cleaning feature. This means it keeps the unit clean on its own. You won’t have to clean it as often. It also has a timer that you can set for any time, day or night.

This makes sure your room is cool when you need it to be without leaving the AC running all the time.

The 24-hour on/off timer lets you choose when the aircon turns on and off. You can save energy by setting it to work only when needed. Both features make this model easy and efficient to use, keeping your home comfortable while cutting down on electricity use and maintenance tasks.

Auto Restart, Dual Drain Setting

The Sharp Air Conditioner AHA12WCD comes with an Auto Restart feature. After a power cut, it turns back on by itself. This means you don’t need to reset or start it manually every time the electricity goes out.

It makes sure your room stays cool without hassle.

It also has a Dual Drain Setting. This setup allows for two ways to connect the drain pipe during installation. You can choose the best option that suits your space. This flexibility helps you set up your air conditioner in various places easily and quickly.

Advanced Features

The Sharp Air Conditioner AHA12WCD packs smart technology and strong air cleaning features. It has AIoT for easy control, Plasmacluster Ions to cleanse the air, Super Jet Mode for quick cooling, and a motion detector to save energy.

AIoT, Plasmacluster Ions

Sharp Air Conditioner AHA12WCD comes with AIoT, a blend of artificial intelligence and internet-connected devices. This feature lets your air conditioner learn from your habits. It adjusts its settings to make your room cooler or save energy when you’re not around.

Think of it as having a smart assistant that knows just what you want, before you even say it.

Plasmacluster Ions is another cool thing in this air conditioner. It shoots out ions that clean the air inside your room. These ions grab onto dust, bacteria, and bad smells, breaking them down.

Your room doesn’t just stay cool; it stays fresh too. Imagine walking into a room that feels like a breath of fresh air every time.

Super Jet Mode, 14m Long Airflow

The Sharp Air Conditioner AHA12WCD has a Super Jet Mode that quickly cools your room. It pushes cool air up to 14 meters away. This feature makes sure every corner of the room gets cold air fast.

This model also uses less power while giving strong airflow. The long reach of this air means you feel cooler, no matter where in the room you are.

15m Long Airflow, Motion Sensor

This air conditioner has a 15m long airflow feature. This means it can send cool air up to 15 meters away. It’s great for large rooms because everyone feels the cool air, no matter where they are sitting or standing.

Also, this machine comes with a motion sensor. This smart tool notices when people are in the room and how they move. So, it can adjust how much cold air it sends out or where it sends it.

If nobody is there, it won’t waste energy cooling an empty space.

These advancements make sure you stay comfortable without using too much power. The motion sensor helps cut down on electricity bills by working only when needed. It makes this air conditioner powerful and wise in saving energy and keeping costs low.

130V Operation, 14°C Temperature Setting

The Sharp Air Conditioner AHA12WCD can work with 130V power. This is great for places where the voltage might be lower than usual. You won’t need extra tools or gadgets to make it fit your home’s electric system.

It also has a cool feature that lets you set the temperature to as low as 14°C. This setting is perfect if you like your room really cold or if it’s very hot outside.

Using this low temperature, your room will feel refreshed quickly without using too much energy. The air conditioner makes sure of that by adjusting how hard it works to keep the coolness just right.

You get comfort and save on bills at the same time, thanks to these smart features built into the Sharp aircon model AHA12WCD.


Sharp Air Conditioner AHA12WCD packs a lot into one machine. It cools your room fast and uses less power, saving you money on bills. With cool features like Turbo Mode and Sleep Mode, it makes sure you’re always comfortable.

The smart tech in this air conditioner even cleans itself and can sense where you are to adjust the cool airflow. This air conditioner is a great pick for those who want their rooms just right without hassle.

Horse Power

1.5 HP

Inverter Type



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