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Sharp Inverter 2.0 HP Air Conditioner AHXP10YMD


Sharp 2.0 HP AHXP10YMD Air Conditioner

Meet the Sharp Air Conditioner AHXP10YMD, a cutting-edge solution for staying cool and healthy. This air conditioner uses Plasmacluster technology to keep the air free of bad things you can’t see, ensuring your home feels fresh and safe.

It has modes like SuperJet and eco, letting you choose how to chill or save power. Plus, it’s smart enough to clean itself with its special tech and has a remote that fights germs.

With long airflow tech, it makes sure cold air reaches far without making anyone too chilly. If it’s hot outside, this machine can cool down to 14°C. Its 4-way auto swing spreads coolness all over the room evenly.

It doesn’t waste much energy and is highly rated for being kind to the environment while keeping bills low. Small inside but big in power, this air cooler talks softly but does a lot – perfect for peaceful nights.

Also included are neat features like ions from Plasmacluster tech and dual drain settings for easy care.

Sharp ensured this model looks good in your space while doing its job well so you won’t mind having it around.

See what else there is about cooling off with style!




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Product Features

The Sharp J-Tech Inverter Plasmacluster Air Conditioner – AHXP10YMD makes your room cool and fresh. It uses special tech to clean the air and has a sleek design that fits well in any home.

Stylish and simple indoor appearance

Sharp’s AHXP10YMD air conditioner brings style right into your living room or bedroom, thanks to its sleek front panel and cleverly hidden filter. It fits perfectly with any home decor.

The design is modern and understated, ensuring it adds a touch of elegance without overwhelming the space. This aircon keeps things looking cool and clean, blending seamlessly into your home environment.

The seamless panel does more than look good; it makes cleaning easy too. You won’t find yourself struggling to keep this unit spotless. Its simple yet sophisticated look is matched by effortless maintenance, making it an ideal choice for busy homeowners who value both form and function in their cooling devices.

Plasmacluster technology for healthy cooling

Plasmacluster technology uses ions to clean the air in your room. These ions attack and remove microbes like bacteria and viruses, making the air healthier. This means you breathe cleaner, fresher air every time you use your Sharp Air Conditioner AHXP10YMD.

This technology also helps with self-cleaning the unit and comes with an anti-bacterial remote controller. You get not just cool but pure air without doing much. Plus, it keeps your air conditioner working well for longer by fighting off germs that can cause damage.

Self-clean with Plasmacluster and anti-bacterial remote controller

The Sharp Air Conditioner uses Plasmacluster technology to keep the air you breathe clean. This tech fights microbes in the air, making sure your cooling is healthy. The air conditioner also comes with a remote that stops bacteria from growing on it.

So, you get not just cool but also clean air at home.

This model has a self-cleaning feature too. It means less work for you and a longer life for the air conditioner. Plus, the anti-bacterial remote is a smart addition, keeping germs away every time you use it.

Together, these features make sure your room stays fresh and clean without you having to exert extra effort.

Various operation modes

Sharp J-Tech Inverter Plasmacluster Air Conditioner AHXP10YMD comes with a range of modes to suit different needs. These modes help in saving energy while keeping the room comfortable.

  1. SuperJet Mode: Cools your room quickly by running at full speed. Perfect for when you come home to a hot room and want to cool it down fast.
  2. Sleep Mode: Adjusts the temperature during the night for a pleasant sleep without getting too cold or too warm. It’s like having someone watching over your comfort as you sleep.
  3. Eco Mode: Reduces power consumption without sacrificing cooling performance. This is great when you want to save on electricity bills while staying cool.
  4. Baby Mode: Keeps the room at a gentle temperature, which is ideal for babies. Ensuring they stay comfortable, this mode helps create a perfect environment for them.
  5. Breeze Mode: Simulates a natural breeze by varying the fan speed, offering a refreshing feel similar to being outdoors on a cool day.
  6. Quiet Operation: Minimises noise from the air conditioner, making it barely noticeable. This mode is great for studying or sleeping without any disturbance.

Each of these modes is designed with specific situations in mind, ensuring that there’s an option available for you no matter what your needs are.

Comfortable long airflow coanda technology

This air conditioner uses Coanda technology for cooling. This tech sends the air in a way that creates an even and comfortable room temperature, ideal for people who find cold air hard on their bodies.

Even during very hot days, this system can cool the space to 14°C without making it too cold for anyone.

Also, the machine swings the cooled air in four directions. This ensures every corner of your room gets cooled down equally. No more hot spots or uneven cooling with this technology around.

You get a nice, evenly-cooled space to relax in.

Lowest temperature setting and 4-way auto air swing

The Sharp J-Tech Inverter Plasmacluster Air Conditioner – AHXP10YMD stands out with its cooling abilities. It can go as low as 14°C, perfect for hot days. This setting makes sure you stay cool and comfortable no matter the heat outside.

It also has a feature called a 4-way auto air swing. This means it sends cool air to every corner of your room. No spot gets left out, making sure everyone feels the breeze. With these two features, this air conditioner not only brings down the temperature but also spreads comfort evenly across the room.



Included Features

The Sharp Air Conditioner AHXP10YMD comes packed with features to make your life cooler and easier. Its Plasmacluster technology blasts away bacteria, while the 14°C setting keeps rooms ultra cool.

You can also enjoy air coming in from all directions thanks to its 4-way auto-swing, which makes sure to clean itself too. With these options, you’re set for a comfortable time at home or work.

Plasmacluster Ions

Plasmacluster Ions work magic in your air conditioner. They break down harmful microbes floating around, like bacteria and viruses. This technology ensures the air you breathe is clean and healthy.

Sharp’s clever use of Plasmacluster Ions means you’re not just getting cool air but a safer living space too.

Your Sharp Air Conditioner with Plasmacluster technology goes beyond standard cooling. It acts like a guardian, cleaning the air from invisible threats that could harm your health.

With every breath, you get peace of mind knowing your home is more protected against tiny invaders that cause sickness.

14°C Temperature Setting

The Sharp Air Conditioner AHXP10YMD lets you set the temperature as low as 14°C. This feature is great for very hot days. It helps keep your room cool and comfortable, making sure you can relax even if it’s really warm outside.

This setting is easy to use with just a few clicks on the remote control. The air conditioner works fast to cool down your space to 14°C, ensuring you stay cool and comfy quickly.

You won’t have to wait long to feel the difference in your room.

4-Way Auto Air Swing

The Sharp Air Conditioner AHXP10YMD comes with a 4-way auto air swing. This means it sends cool air in every direction in your room. It ensures each corner gets an even amount of cold air, making the whole place comfortable.

This feature uses little noise while working. The indoor part is very quiet at 21dB(A). Even outside, it’s not loud at 38dB(A). So, you get a nice cool room without any annoying sounds.

Operation modes

Operation modes on the Sharp Air Conditioner AHXP10YMD offer flexibility and comfort to suit different needs. These settings help you control how you cool your space.


  1. SuperJet mode – Quickly cools the room by blowing strong, chilled air. It’s perfect when you need to cool down fast after coming in from the heat.
  2. Sleep mode – Lowers noise and adjusts temperature while you sleep. This gives you a comfortable night without cold wakes.
  3. Eco mode – Saves energy by adjusting cooling power. Great for when you want to be cosy without a high electric bill.
  4. Baby mode – Keeps the room at a gentle, safe temperature for babies. Ensures the little ones are comfy and safe.
  5. Breeze mode – Mimics a natural breeze. This setting makes your room feel like there’s a soft wind flowing through it.
  6. Quiet operation – Reduces the sound of the air conditioner to almost silent levels. It is ideal when you need quiet, like studying or reading.


Each of these modes adds value to your daily life, making sure that your home stays comfortable in various conditions without wasting energy or disrupting your peace.

Self-Cleaning and Dual Drain Setting

The Sharp Air Conditioner AHXP10YMD has a great feature, Self-Cleaning, and it also comes with a Dual Drain Setting. This makes your air conditioner not only cool the room but also keeps it clean and running efficiently.


  • The Self-cleaning feature uses Plasmacluster technology. This sends ions into the air to break down bacteria and viruses. It helps in keeping the indoor unit clean.
  • When you turn on the Self-cleaning function, it dries up any moisture inside the indoor unit. Moisture can make mould grow, so keeping it dry stops mould from forming.
  • The Dual Drain Setting means you can choose where the water drains from your air conditioner. You can pick from two different spots depending on what works best for your space.
  • Having two options for drainage makes installation flexible. It helps in places where one side might be harder to reach or doesn’t have proper drainage.


This system ensures that not only does your room stay cool with efficient energy use, but it stays cleaner too.


Sharp’s AHXP10YMD air conditioner blends style with cutting-edge cooling technology. Its seamless design and top filter make it a sleek addition to any room, while Plasmacluster technology ensures the air stays clean and fresh.

With features like long airflow Coanda tech and a range of operation modes, this unit meets diverse needs easily. The 4-way auto air swing spreads cool air evenly, making hot days more bearable.

For those who value both design and function in home gadgets, this air conditioner is a standout choice.




Horse Power

2.0 HP

Inverter Type



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