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When to Consider Aircon Chemical Wash Over Regular Cleaning

Air conditioning units make our homes and offices cool and comfortable. But, just like any other machine, they need regular cleaning to work well. There are two main types of cleaning: general cleaning and chemical wash cleaning.

General cleaning takes less time and costs less money but may not always be enough. Chemical wash uses special cleaners to deep clean the air conditioner parts, even though it takes longer and costs more.

Sometimes your air conditioner might stop cooling properly or start making strange noises or smells; this is when you might need a chemical wash instead of just a regular clean. This article explores why and when an aircon chemical wash becomes necessary for maintaining your unit’s optimal performance over basic cleaning methods.

Let’s look deeper into this topic.

Understanding Aircon Cleaning Services

Aircon cleaning services ensure your air conditioning system runs smoothly and efficiently. They range from general cleaning to a more thorough chemical wash, catering to different needs.

General Cleaning

General cleaning of your air conditioning system is crucial for maintaining its performance and efficiency. This type of service should be carried out every one to three months if you live in a residential area, and more frequently, either monthly or once every two months, for commercial spaces.

The process is straightforward and doesn’t require much technical knowledge, typically taking between 20 to 30 minutes. During a general clean, key components like the fan coil cover, air filter, air blower, and drainage tray are carefully removed and cleaned offsite.

This routine maintenance helps prevent dirt build-up which can hamper air flow and decrease energy efficiency.

Cleaning protects not only the parts themselves but also ensures that the indoor environment remains healthy by minimising mold growth and other contaminants that can affect air quality.

By keeping these elements in check through regular cleans, you’re doing preventive maintenance which extends the lifespan of your air conditioning unit while ensuring it runs smoothly.

Whether you use heat pumps or rely on traditional cooling methods in a tropical country where A/C systems work harder due to climate conditions this preventive approach saves money on repairs down the line by catching potential issues early.

Chemical Wash Cleaning

Moving from general cleaning to chemical wash cleaning, it’s important to understand the latter’s role in comprehensive aircon maintenance. Chemical wash involves a deep-clean process that targets the internal components of air conditioning systems, such as fan coils, compressors, and tubing.

This method is highly effective for units plagued by extreme dirt accumulation or those experiencing inefficient cooling performance. During a chemical wash, technicians dismantle the unit to thoroughly clean each part with specially formulated solutions.

This not only enhances heat exchange efficiency but also prevents refrigerant leaks and clears blocked drainage pipes.

Citicool’s service highlights how chemical washes are integral for preventing frequent cooling breakdowns and eliminating unusual noises or smells from the unit. Though this service comes at a higher cost—about five to six times more than regular cleaning—it’s essential half-yearly or yearly as part of proper preventive care for your air conditioner.

By opting for this service, users ensure their systems operate smoothly while extending their lifespan significantly.

Indicators for Considering Chemical Wash Over Regular Cleaning

Identifying the right time to choose a chemical wash for your air conditioner over regular cleaning involves observing certain signs. These indicators help determine when your unit requires more than just surface cleaning to function efficiently.

Inefficient Cooling Performance

Your air conditioner might not cool your room as it should. This is a sign that dirt and debris are blocking its parts. Over time, dust can clog the air conditioning compressors and capacitors, reducing efficiency.

A chemical wash cleans these components thoroughly with special solutions.

Regular cleaning might miss some areas inside your aircon unit. Chemical washing uses hot water and specific chemicals to reach deep into the system. It removes all the buildup without leaving any residue, unlike improper cleaning practices that may damage the fan coil.

This ensures your aircon cools effectively again.

Occurrence of Unusual Noises or Smells

Moving beyond just inefficient cooling performance, another clear sign that your aircon may require a chemical wash is the presence of unusual noises or smells. These could indicate that dirt and debris have accumulated too much within the system.

A chemical overhaul can effectively tackle these issues by deeply cleansing each part of the unit, ensuring no foul odours or strange sounds disturb your peace.

If you hear rattling, buzzing, or whistling from your air conditioner, it might mean parts are either obstructed or on the verge of breaking down due to dirt build-up. Similarly, a musty smell often points towards mould and bacteria flourishing in hidden corners.

Such problems go beyond what regular cleaning can fix, pointing towards the need for a comprehensive chemical wash to restore optimal functionality without replacing any parts unless they are faulty.

Frequent Cooling Breakdowns

After addressing the issue of odd smells and sounds, it’s crucial to turn our attention to another significant problem: frequent cooling breakdowns. These are not just inconvenient but also indicate a deeper issue within your aircon unit.

If your air conditioner stops working properly over and over again, this might mean that regular cleaning methods are no longer effective. In such cases, considering a chemical wash becomes essential.

Chemical washing cleans more thoroughly than general methods, reaching parts of the system that usual cleaning can’t.

This approach helps tackle stubborn dirt and mould build-up which is often the root cause of persistent breakdowns. It ensures every component works smoothly without any blockages that could lead to malfunctions.

Keep in mind, proper preventive maintenance involves both standard cleaning services for lighter upkeep and chemical washes for more serious issues revealed by recurring breakdowns.

Know how pricing affects your decision but remember investing in a chemical wash can save costs related to constant repair work on an inefficiently running air conditioning system.


Deciding between aircon chemical wash and regular cleaning comes down to specific needs. If your unit shows poor performance, emits odd smells or sounds, or frequently breaks down, a chemical wash might be necessary.

This deep-cleaning approach tackles issues that general cleaning cannot fix. Consider the condition of your aircon and opt for chemical washing when vital signs indicate it’s time for a thorough clean.

It ensures your system operates efficiently and extends its lifespan.


1. What is an aircon chemical wash?

An aircon chemical wash involves using special chemicals to clean your air conditioner’s internal parts deeply.

2. How do I know if my aircon needs a chemical wash instead of regular cleaning?

If your aircon smells bad, doesn’t cool as well as before, or uses more energy, it might need a chemical wash.

3. Can I do an aircon chemical wash by myself?

It’s best to have professionals do the chemical wash because they have the right tools and knowledge.

4. How often should I get a chemical wash for my aircon?

Usually, getting a chemical wash once a year is enough to keep your aircon running smoothly.

5. Will a chemical wash make my aircon last longer?

Yes, regular deep cleans like a chemical wash can help extend your unit’s life by keeping it in good condition.

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